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                IRONY AND IDENTITY  in Modern Irish Drama      ONDŘEJ PILNÝ                        þ  Litteraria Pragensia  Prague 2006    Copyright © Ondřej Pilný, 2006      Published 2006 by Litteraria Pragensia  Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University  Náměstí Jana Palacha 2, 116 38 Prague 1  Czech Republic      All  rights  reserved.  This  book  is  copyright  under  international  copyright  conventions. Except for provisions made under “fair use,” no part o
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    IRONY   AND   IDENTITY   in    Modern   Irish   Drama   OND Ř EJ   PILNÝ   þ   Litteraria   Pragensia   Prague   2006      Copyright   ©   Ond ř ej   Pilný,   2006   Published   2006    by   Litteraria   Pragensia   Faculty   of   Philosophy,   Charles   University   Nám ě stí    Jana   Palacha   2,   116   38   Prague   1   Czech   Republic   All   rights   reserved.   This    book   is   copyright   under   international   copyright   conventions.   Except   for   provisions   made   under   “fair   use,”   no   part   of   this    book   may    be   reproduced,   stored   in   a   retrieval   system,   or   transmitted   in   any   form,   electronic,   mechanical,   photocopying,   recording   or   otherwise,   without   prior   written   permission   from   the   copyright   holders.   Requests   to   publish   work   from   this    book   should    be   directed   to   the   publishers.   The   publication   of   this    book   has    been   supported    by   research   grant   MSM0021620824   “Foundations   of   the   Modern   World   as   Reflected   in   Literature   and   Philosophy”   awarded   to   the   Faculty   of   Philosophy,   Charles   University,   Prague,    by   the   Czech   Ministry   of   Education.   Cataloguing   in   Publication   Data   Irony   and   Identity   in   Modern   Irish   Drama,    by   Ond ř ej   Pilný.—1 st   ed.   p.   cm.   ISBN   80 ‐ 7308 ‐ 126 ‐ 1   (pb)   1.   Drama.   2.   Irish   Studies.   3.   Post ‐ Colonialism.   I.   Pilný,   Ond ř ej.   II.   Title   Cover   image:   Pietà   /   Il   Commendatore   ©   Anna   Chromy,   2000   Printed   in   the   Czech   Republic    by   PB   Tisk   Typesetting   &   design    by   lazarus      Contents   Introduction   1   I.   VISIONS   The   Home   of     Ancient   Idealism   W.B.   Yeats   and   the   Irish   Dramatic   Movement   11    Man   is   not   Fashioned   as   are   the   Swine   and   Stars    J.M.   Synge   36   II.   REJECTIONS   Not   a   Theme    for   Poetry   Sean   O’Casey   and   The   Silver   Tassie   71   Up   the   Living   Departed!   Denis    Johnston’s   The   Old   Lady   Says   “No!”   85   III.   REVISIONS    Mythologies   of    Fantasy   and   Hope   Brian   Friel   and   Field   Day   105   Comedy   of    Terrors   Stewart   Parker   135   Disconcert   and   Destabilise   the   Prisoner   Martin   McDonagh   154   Bibliography   170   Index   182  


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