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Southern University at New Orleans College of Business and Public Administration Department of Business Entrepreneurship Principles of Finance BADM 301 Online 3 Credit Hours Instructor: Office: Email: Office Phone: Office Hours: F.K. Moussa, Assistant Professor of Finance NSC Room 210, New Business School Room 105 (Best way to contact me) (504) 286 - 5143 T: 9:00 AM 11:00 AM and 12:15 PM 1:15 PM W: 10:50 AM 5:50 PM Or By Appointment Course Description: This course covers the
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    Southern University at New OrleansCollege of Business and Public AdministrationDepartment of Business EntrepreneurshipPrinciples of Finance BADM 301 Online  3 Credit HoursInstructor: F.K. Moussa, Assistant Professor of Finance Office: NSC Room 210, New Business School Room 105 Email: ( Best way to contact me ) Office Phone: (504) 286 - 5143 Office Hours: T: 9:00 AM  11:00 AM and 12:15 PM  1:15 PMW: 10:50 AM  5:50 PMOr By Appointment Course Description: This course covers the principal of managing of finance function of business firms with emphasison asset acquisition and management and financial structure planning and management. Prerequisites: ECON 211, ECON 222 and ECON 295, ACCT 201 Required Materials: y   Fundamentals of Financial Management, Concise 7th Edition, Brigham/Houston.Published by Business Higher Education 2012, ISBN: 9780538477116 y   A financial calculator. Examples include Texas Instruments BA II Plus (StronglyRecommended), Hewlett Packard 10B. Course Goals and Objectives: y   Students will understand the role of time value of money in finance andbe able to calculate both the future value and the present value of astream of cash flows y   Student will understand the meaning and fundamentals of risk, return andrisk preferences. y   Students will understand the key inputs and basic model used in thevaluation process of stocks and bonds. y   Students will understand the role of capital budgeting techniques in thecapital budgeting process y   Students will understand the key assumptions, the basic concept and thespecific sources of capital associated with the cost of capital. Online Material: I will run a Blackboard web page to accompany this class. I will post all announcements, grades,and other relevant information on Blackboard.  Attendance Policy: You are expected to discuss the questions that your class-mates posted in the discussion board.(I will monitor the discussion board) Grades: The final course grade will be based on your performance on the quizzes using the followingweights:Evaluation PercentageQuizzes 100%Total 100% Q  uizzes: y   Questions in the quizzes will be Objective, i.e. multiple-choice and true/false, and will becomputer graded. y   The quizzes are not cumulative. y   There is no final exam. y   The quizzes are typically presumed you have thoroughly studied the text, lecturematerials and the review questions. y   T here will be NO make-up quizzes . Grading Policy: The following grading scale will be used in determining your final grade:100-90 A89-80 B79-70 C69-60 DBelow 60 F Student Accommodations: Qualified students with disabilities will be provided reasonable and necessary academicaccommodations if determined eligible by the appropriate disability services staff at their homeinstitution. Prior to granting disability accommodations in this course, the instructor mustreceive written verification of a student's eligibility for specific accommodations from thedisability services staff at the home institution. It is the student's responsibility to initiatecontact with their home institution's disability services staff and to follow the establishedprocedures for having the accommodation notice sent to the instructor. CBAs Plagiarism Policy: The College of Business & Public Administration (CBA) requires its students, faculty and staff toabide by SUNOs anti Plagiarism policy. Plagiarism at SUNO (see page 92-108 of the SUNO 2009-2011   Student Handbook) is defined as:1.   Directly quoting the words of others without using quotation marks or indented formatto identify them;2.   Using sources of information (published or unpublished) without identifying them;3.   Presenting or paraphrasing information without identifying the source; or4.   Submitting reports, essays, term papers, tests, etc., of another person as if it were thework of the presenter.  Plagiarism is considered a Code Three Offense (Major Violation) and as such a faculty memberhas the authority to grant a failing grade in case of such academic misconduct, as well as to referthe case for disciplinary action, including the maximum sanction of expulsion. How to study for the BADM 301 online Class: 1.   Y ou read the chapter from the text book (Schedule is posted under course information)2.   Y ou go over the power point for the chapter (posted under course documents).3.   Y ou solve the questions and the problems in the end of the chapter (Answers are postedunder course documents).4.   If you have a question you post it in the discussion board and you e-mail me and theother students that you posted a question.5.   Y ou are expected to discuss the questions that your class-mates posted in the discussionboard. (I will monitor the discussion board Q  uizzes:  The Quizzes will be available during the week after we cover the materials. Y ou can take the exam any time during that week.Each quiz will consist of 20 questions (plus one or two extra credit questions).The time for each quiz will be 2 hours. Y ou have to take the quiz in one time session. Y ou will need your financial calculator. Y ou should save each question after you choose the answer.After you done, you click submit.
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