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BADM 7050 Class Project Final Jenkins Eron

BADM 7050 Class Project Final Jenkins Eron
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  1 BADM 7050 Class Project  Information Systems at City Year An examination of the alliance of IT and business strateg at Cit !ear  Eron M.R. Jenkins Im"act Manager Cit !ear Baton #ouge$$$ %& Third 'treet Baton #ouge( )ADecember *0$5  2 Introduction  Information Technology at City Year Baton Rouge In *0$*( I joined an organi+ation called Cit !ear& I ,or-ed on a team in .rlando( /lorida( as a fulltime 1 th  grade math inter2entionist& The high school I ,or-ed at ser2ed an entirel ,or-ingclass and minorit communit( and a""roximatel 50 "ercent of 1 th  graders dro""ed out annuall& In an attem"t to target students ,ith some intentionalit( ,e loo-ed at their test scores and selected students ,e felt ,ere 3on the bubble&4 Meaning( ,e felt these students ,ould either decline in 1 th  grade( and thus li-el dro" out( or( the ,ould succeed ,ith some hel" and "erha"s finish high school& A selected student s"ent $5 hours a semester in one on one tutoring ,ith me& This is essentiall the model of Cit !ear nation,ide& Cit !ear is an education focused non"rofit that ta-es collegeaged students and trains them to tutor students in( for lac- of a clearer term( under"erforming innercit schools& 'tarted in Boston in $1( Cit !ear6s founding thesis is that e2erone ,ho graduates college should ser2e a ear in an underser2ed en2ironment hel"ing to ma-e a "ositi2e difference in the li2es of children& Currentl the net,or- consists of *7 &'& locations and 8 international affiliates& Baton #ouge nati2e 9ennifer :"lett #eill ,as one of the srcinal cofounders at ;ar2ard in $1& After ;urricane <atrina( she hel"ed ensure that Cit !ear o"ened ne, sites in %e, .rleans and Baton #ouge& I am currentl a manager at Cit !ear Baton #ouge& In this assignment( I ,ill ex"lain ,hat Cit !ear does( ho, ,e differentiate oursel2es from other education non"rofits and detail the use of information technolog at Cit !ear Baton #ouge&  3 Section I Our Model and Competition in Baton Rouge /rom a school o"erations stand"oint( Cit !ear ,ould best be understood as an other inter2ention "rogram a school ma bu& /or exam"le( I manage the team of nine inter2entionists at Claiborne :lementar 'chool in %orth Baton #ouge& Along ,ith Cit !ear( the :ast Baton #ouge Parish 'chool 'stem bus inter2ention "rograms and curriculums for Claiborne such as 'uccessMa-er( Ale-s( 'cholastic Math In2entor( :ure-a Math( #ead $0 and 'stems ==& In August of *0$5( Cit !ear6s contract ,ith :B# 'chools ,as rene,ed under ne, :B# 'chools 'u"erintendent >arren Dra-e& Again( Cit !ear is a non"rofit organi+ation ,hereas the aforementioned inter2ention "rograms are all for "rofit& >hen ,e mar-et oursel2es to a school board( a major selling "oint for Cit !ear o2er the other inter2ention "rograms is our cost com"ared to our man"o,er& >ithin the mar-et( Cit !ear stri2es to be a cost leader& >e are able to do this because( as an organi+ation( Cit !ear Inc& does not "a the inter2entionists& .b2iousl( I am a staff member and I ma-e salar that Cit !ear  "as me( but the "eo"le I manage are considered 2olunteers and are not "aid b Cit !ear& %o,( ,e are able to recruit oung "eo"le to s"end one school ear ,ith us because ,e are able to offer them a li2ing sti"end of ?5@= bi,ee-l& The :B# 'chool Board( "ri2ate sector donations and a federall funded "rogram called AmeriCor"s funds our efforts& .ur inter2entionists are "aid through the AmeriCor"s funds( and after their ear ,ith us is o2er( the are a,arded an additional ?5(000 in tuition or tuition loans re"ament& The :B# school sstem "as Cit !ear Baton #ouge ?7$@(00 for @= inter2entionists in six schools across :B#& I ha2e discussed Cit !ear6s com"etition ,ith other inter2ention "rograms or curriculums(  but there is another source of com"etition for Cit !ear ,ithin our mar-et for "ri2ate sector  4 donations and school board mones& Teach for America of ,hich I am also an alum has( b andlarge( the same funding model as Cit !ear"ri2ate sector donations( school board contracts andAmeriCor"s& .f course their o"erations model is 2er different as the sell themsel2es as being able to "ro2ide high ualit teachers to under"erforming schools districts& #egardless of that difference( the net of the com"etition is the same& 'chool district funds and "ri2ate donations are a limited resource in Baton #ouge and the ha2e more than one choice of resources to chose from&Along ,ith Teach for America and Cit !ear those "ri2ate dollars are being di2ided amongst other education reform organi+ations li-e Teach Baton #ouge( The %e, Teacher Project and  %e, 'chools for Baton #ouge& ;ere again( Cit !ear stri2es to be a cost leader ,ithin a buer6s mar-et& The other education reform "rograms in Baton #ouge offer "otential donors the o"tion todonate to an alternati2e teaching certification "rogram( and( in the case of %e, 'chools for Baton #ouge( a charter school net,or-& ;o,e2er( ,hile there is direct com"etition amongst the organi+ations for mone and "eo"le( the mar-et is not a +erosum game& /or exam"le( donors ma choose to donate to both Cit !ear and %e, 'choolsE data sho,s most of the time the do not as large "ortions of our donations are collected 2ia one time gifts& That seems li-e the definition of com"etition& It is "ossible that one non"rofit ,ill succeed and one ,ill fail& ;o,e2er( the stated goal of both non"rofits are essentiall the same"ro2ide excellent educational o""ortunities to students in Baton #ouge regardless of their +i" code or the conditions of their current neighborhood and close the achie2ement ga" & /ree the mar-et and let the best resources ,in& 'o( %e, 'chools and Cit !ear see it in their best interest to su""ort one another& %e, 'chools funds m team at Claiborne ,ith undisclosed gift of more than ?$0(000( and Cit !ear is ,or-ing to become a teacher "i"eline into %e, 'chools6 charters& ltimatel(  5 this ,ill change the ,a ,e mar-et oursel2es to donors and recruit ne, members( but school based o"erations ,ill remain largel the same& Another factor that should be discussed in terms of ho, Cit !ear differentiates themsel2es isin our "olitics& %e, 'chools and alternati2e teaching certifications li-e Teach for America are contro2ersial& %e, 'chools( as the name ,ould suggest( is in direct com"etition ,ith the :B# 'chool 'stem& Parochial schools ha2e a much longer tradition in this state than that of ,hat ,e considered to be the 3traditional4 "ublic schools& ;o,e2er( charter schools are often seen as a threat to "ublic education and a ,a to circum2ent more democratic forums& Alternati2e teachingcertifications are sometimes seen as a ,a to circum2ent teacher unions and create a race to the  bottom& Cit !ear attem"ts to be a"olitical in the matter& >e chose to "artner ,ith charter schools& In addition to our six :B# school teams( ,e ha2e a team at Celerit Crest,orth Charter 'chool& Cit !ear acti2el stri2es to be the least contro2ersial& .nce ,e are in a school( ,e are not seen as a threat to current teachers6 jobs or the school administration6s autonom& >e mar-et oursel2es as a resource( not as ,holescale change& Cit !ear has differentiation in terms of cost( o"erations and "olitics& ;o,e2er( ultimatel thename of the game is undeniable results& This is ,here information sstems come into "la for us&In this cit( ,ithin education reform discussions( it 2er much seems that no one is succeeding the majorit of our schools are still rated b the state as a D or an /and no one is failingall the different organi+ations ,ould tell ou the are hitting their goals and meeting their "ur"ose& >e ha2e to find the best ,a of measuring and "ro2ing our success to both the school board and donors& .r( ,e ha2e to -no, ho, ,e are failing as soon as "ossible and ma-e a strateg to fix it as soon as "ossible& :ither ,a( ,hether ,e are succeeding or failing( the most im"ortant thing is
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