Badminton CARTER

Badminton CARTER
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  Badminton A.CARTER  Intrduction • Badminton is a racquet sport played by either two opposing players (singles) or two opposing pairs (doubles) can be women or men who ta!e positions on opposite hal"es o# a rectangular court di"ided by a net.  History • Badminton is said to ha"e been played centuries ago in China$ the earliest written records o# the game date bac! to the twel#th century. %owe"er the game that we !now today as badminton was &rst played in England in '* by soldierds returning #rom military ser"ice in +ndia. There the game was called ,-oona. • +n '/0* the &rst international badminton competition was played in +reland. The +ternational Badminton 1ederation was #ounded in '/*2. the +B1 claims that today more than 3* countries participate in international b4dminton competitions. Badminton is not 5ust a local or national acti"ity. +t is an 6lympic sport.  Rules • '3 points are required to win a set. • 7 sets won are required #or "ictory in a game. • 8hile ser"ing the rac!et must hit the shuttle under the players waist le"el and the #eet are not allowed to mo"e. •  The shuttle is allowed to 9touch9 the net but the rac!et is :6T. •  The shuttle landing on the line is considered +:. • 6ne must ser"e with one continuous 9swing9 i.e. you are not allowed to stop the mo"ement o# the rac!et once you;"e began the ser"e until the rac!et hits the shuttle.  Competition • +t<s an olympic game but there is internal competitions or cups organi=ed by 8B1 li!e>  Thomas Cup (men<s) ?ber Cup (women<s) adn ta!e place once e"ery two years.
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