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Badminton - Individual Activities Course Notes

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  Origins of Badminton  Badminton is a development of a game once played in India called Poona.  It was brought to England by English army officers in the 1860s.  It was once known as Battledore and also Shuttlecock  The Duke of Beaufort introduced the game in the Town of “Badminton”    England is principal home of Badminton.  Indonesia is highly ranked in the world.  Tennis vs. Badminton  Tennis, 3 hours + vs Badminton,1 hour +  Time in Play:Tennis, 18 min. vs 37 min.  Match Intensity: Tennis, 9% vs 48 %.  Rallies:Tennis 299 vs. Badminton, 146.  Shots: Tennis, 1,004 vs Badminton, 1,972.  Shots Per Rally:Tennis, 3.4 vs.13.5.  Distance Moved:Tennis, 2 miles vs 4 miles  Badminton Safety  Racquet can injure when swung randomly.  Goggles are recommended for doubles.*  Shuttle achieves initial high speed  Shuttle end size can cause eye trauma  Caution for collisions during mass practice  Draw attention to badminton posts risk  Badminton Court & Net  Singles court is long and narrow  Doubles court short and wide.  Service area is about 2 meters from net.  The net is five feet 1 inch from the floor.  20 feet ceiling is minimum recommended.


Jul 26, 2017
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