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bahan 1 calcifilaksis

Bab 1 kalsifilaksis
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  Search UpToDateView Outline ToolsCalciphylaxis (calcifc uremic arteriolopathy)Authors:Sagar U igwe!ar #D ##Sc$a%i & Tha'hani #D #Sec*on +'itors:Stanley ,ol'-ar. #D/ Darryl 0uarles #DDeputy +'itor:Al.ert 0 /am #D$+1+$+C+Sigwe!ar SU Tha'hani $ 2ran'en.urg V#3 Calciphylaxis3  +ngl 4 #e' 56789 ;8:7;6<31ine A =acharias 43 Calciphylaxis is usually non>ulcera*ng: ris! -actors outcome an' therapy3 ?i'ney &nt 56659 @7:557632ran'en.urg V# ?ramann $ $othe  et al3 Calcifc uraemic arteriolopathy (calciphylaxis): 'ata -rom a large na*onwi'e registry3 ephrol Dial Transplant 567;9 5:75@3#cCarthy 4T +l>Ahary $A atelt #T et al3 Sur%i%al $is! 1actors an' +Bect o- Treatment in 767 a*entsith Calciphylaxis3 #ayo Clin roc 567@9 7:78<3igwe!ar SU ol- # Sterns $ ix 4?3 Calciphylaxis -rom nonuremic causes: a systema*c re%iew3 Clin 4 Am Soc ephrol 56689 :773S+/E+  ,A22&A& , ST$+2+/ $3 Sensi*a*on to calciphylaxis .y en'ogenous parathyroi' hormone3 +n'ocrinology 7@59 ;7:FF<3Chen TE /ehman 4S ,i.son /+ et al3 istopathology o- Calciphylaxis: Cohort Stu'y ith Clinical Correla*ons3 Am 4 Dermatopathol 567;9 :;F34eong S Domingue A$3 Calciphylaxis: Contro%ersies in athogenesis Diagnosis an' Treatment3 Am 4 #e' Sci 567@9 F7:57;3Au S Craw-or' $&3 Three>'imensional analysis o- a calciphylaxis plaGue: clues to pathogenesis3 4 Am Aca'Dermatol 56659 <;:F3?ramann $ 2ran'en.urg V# Schurgers /4 et al3 o%el insights into osteogenesis an' matrix remo'elling associate' with calcifc uraemic arteriolopathy3 ephrol Dial Transplant 5679 58:8F@3igwe!ar SU 4iramong!olchai  un'erer 1 et al3 &ncrease' 2one #orphogene*c rotein Signaling in the Cutaneous Vasculature o- a*ents with Calciphylaxis3 Am 4 ephrol 567;9 <@:<53  Tian 1 aHerson AT Da%ic! 44 et al3 The cutaneous expression o- %itamin ?>'epen'ent an' other osteogenic proteins in calciphylaxis stra*fe' .y clinical -eatures an' war-arin use: A case control stu'y3 4 Am Aca' Dermatol 567@9 ;F:8<63#agro C# #omtahen S agen 43 Osteopon*n expression in .iopsies o- calciphylaxis3 +ur 4 Dermatol 567F9 5F:563Ahme' S OIeill ?D oo' A1 et al3 Calciphylaxis is associate' with hyperphosphatemia an' increase' osteopon*n expression .y %ascular smooth muscle cells3 Am 4 ?i'ney Dis 56679 ;:75@;3eenig $3 athogenesis o- calciphylaxis: ans Selye to nuclear -actor !appa>23 4 Am Aca' Dermatol 56689 F8:<F83Chen J OIeill ? A!l ? #oe S#3 A'ipocyte in'uce' arterial calcifca*on is pre%ente' with so'ium thiosul-ate3 2iochem 2iophys $es Commun 567<9 <<:7F73Selye  Somogyi A #Kcs &3 Calcergy inhi.ite' .y calciphylac*c challengers3 Science 7@89 7F:7@73Arch>1errer 4+ 2een!en S $ue / et al3 Therapy -or calciphylaxis: an outcome analysis3 Surgery 5669 7<:<73igwe!ar SU 2han & Turchin A et al3 Sta*n use an' calcifc uremic arteriolopathy: a matche' case>control stu'y3 Am 4 ephrol 5679 ;:5F31loege 4 ?u.o E 1loege A et al3 The +Bect o- Cinacalcet on Calcifc Uremic Arteriolopathy +%ents in a*ents $ecei%ing emo'ialysis: The +VO/V+ Trial3 Clin 4 Am Soc ephrol 567F9 76:8663+VO/V+ Trial &n%es*gators Chertow ,# 2loc! ,A et al3 +Bect o- cinacalcet on car'io%ascular 'isease in pa*ents un'ergoing 'ialysis3  +ngl 4 #e' 56759 @;:5<853igwe!ar SU =hao S enger 4 et al3 A a*onally $epresenta*%e Stu'y o- Calcifc Uremic Arteriolopathy$is! 1actors3 4 Am Soc ephrol 567@9 5;:<573?eHeler # 2iggar 3 +%ol%ing calciphylaxis>>what ran'omie' controlle' trials can contri.ute to the capture o- rare 'iseases3 Clin 4 Am Soc ephrol 567F9 76:;5@3rice A illiamson #? guyen T# Than T3 Serum le%els o- the -etuin>mineral complex correlate with artery calcifca*on in the rat3 4 2iol Chem 566<9 5;:7F<3rice A Omi'  Than T illiamson #?3 The amino .isphosphonate'ronate pre%ents calciphylaxis in the rat at 'oses that .one resorp*on3 Calci- Tissue &nt 56659 ;7:F@3$othe  2ran'en.urg V aun # et al3 +cto>FI >ucleo*'ase CD; (TF+) %itamin D receptor an' 1,15 gene polymorphisms may play a role in the 'e%elopment o- calcifc uremic arteriolopathy in 'ialysis pa*ents > Data -rom the ,erman Calciphylaxis $egistry3 /oS One 567;9 75:e67;5<6;3  eiss A DuChesne A Denec!e 2 et al3 Structural .asis o- calcifca*on inhi.i*on .y alpha 5>S glycoproteinL-etuin>A3 1orma*on o- colloi'al calciprotein par*cles3 4 2iol Chem 5669 5;8:73Scha-er C eiss A Schwar A et al3 The serum protein alpha 5>eremans>Schmi' glycoproteinL-etuin>A is a systemically ac*ng inhi.itor o- ectopic calcifca*on3 4 Clin &n%est 5669 775:F;3Coolino # ,alassi A 2ion'i #/ et al3 Serum -etuin>A le%els lin! inMamma*on an' car'io%ascular calcifca*on in hemo'ialysis pa*ents3 Am 4 ephrol 566@9 5@:<53?eHeler # 2ongart  esten-el' $ et al3 Associa*on o- low -etuin>A (AS,) concentra*ons in serum with car'io%ascular mortality in pa*ents on 'ialysis: a cross>sec*onal stu'y3 /ancet 5669 @7:85;3/e.reton 4 4oisel 1 $aoult 4 et al3 Serum concentra*on o- human alpha 5 S glycoprotein 'uring the inMammatory process: e%i'ence that alpha 5 S glycoprotein is a nega*%e acute>phase reactant3 4 Clin &n%est 7;9 @<:77783allin $ Cain D Sane DC3 #atrix ,la protein synthesis an' gamma>car.oxyla*on in the aor*c %essel wallan' proli-era*ng %ascular smooth muscle cells>>a cell system which resem.les the system in .one cells3 Throm. aemost 79 85:7;@<3/uo , Ducy  #c?ee #D et al3 Spontaneous calcifca*on o- arteries an' car*lage in mice lac!ing matrix ,/A protein3 ature 7;9 8@:;83ayashi # Ta!amatsu & ?anno E et al3 A case>control stu'y o- calciphylaxis in 4apanese en'>stage renal 'isease pa*ents3 ephrol Dial Transplant 56759 5;:7F863Coates T ?ir!lan' ,S Dymoc! $2 et al3 Cutaneous necrosis -rom calcifc uremic arteriolopathy3 Am 4 ?i'ney Dis 789 5:8<3#ar!ello TC a! /? St ilaire C et al3 Vascular pathology o- me'ial arterial calcifca*ons in TF+ 'efciency: implica*ons -or the role o- a'enosine in pseu'oxanthoma elas*cum3 #ol ,enet #eta. 5677976:<<3eenig $ Sewell /D Da%is #D et al3 Calciphylaxis: natural history ris! -actor analysis an' outcome3 4 Am Aca' Dermatol 566;9 F@:F@3igwe!ar SU ?roshins!y D aarian $# et al3 Calciphylaxis: ris! -actors 'iagnosis an' treatment3 Am 4 ?i'ney Dis 567F9 @@:73#an'el.rot DA Santos  2urt $? et al3 $esolu*on o- S/+>relate' soN>*ssue calcifca*on -ollowing haematopoie*c stem cell transplanta*on3 ephrol Dial Transplant 56689 5:5@;3Slough S Ser%illa ?S ar-or' A# et al3 Associa*on .etween calciphylaxis an' inMamma*on in two pa*ents on chronic 'ialysis3 A'% erit Dial 566@9 55:7;73igwe!ar SU Soli' CA An!ers + et al3 0uan*-ying a rare 'isease in a'ministra*%e 'ata: the example o- calciphylaxis3 4 ,en &ntern #e' 567<9 5 Suppl :S;5<3  Angelis # ong // #yers SA ong /#3 Calciphylaxis in pa*ents on hemo'ialysis: a pre%alence stu'y3 Surgery 7;9 755:7683#ahar A$ 4ohnson $4 ,illen D et al3 $is! -actors an' mortality associate' with calciphylaxis in en'>stage renal 'isease3 ?i'ney &nt 56679 @6:5<3,alloway A +l>Damanawi $ 2ar'sley V et al3 Vitamin ? antagonists pre'ispose to calciphylaxis in pa*ents with en'>stage renal 'isease3 ephron 567F9 75:7;3igwe!ar SU 2runelli S# #ea'e D et al3 So'ium thiosul-ate therapy -or calcifc uremic arteriolopathy3 Clin 4 Am Soc ephrol 5679 8:77@534anigan DT irsch D4 ?lassen ,A #acDonal' AS3 Calcife' su.cutaneous arterioles with in-arcts o- the*s an' s!in (calciphylaxis) in chronic renal -ailure3 Am 4 ?i'ney Dis 56669 F:F8832leyer A4 Choi # &gwemeie 2 et al3 A case control stu'y o- proximal calciphylaxis3 Am 4 ?i'ney Dis 789 5:;@3Do.ry AS ?o / St 4ohn 4 et al3 Associa*on 2etween ypercoagula.le Con'i*ons an' Calciphylaxis in a*ents ith $enal Disease: A Case>Control Stu'y3 4A#A Dermatol 56789 7F<:7853+l>Ahary $A atelt #T #c2ane $D et al3 Calciphylaxis: A Disease o- annicular Throm.osis3 #ayo Clin roc 567@9 7:7F3Amuluru / igh  iaH ?# et al3 #etal 'eposi*on in calcifc uremic arteriolopathy3 4 Am Aca' Dermatol 5669 @7:;31arah # Craw-or' $& /e%in A Chan Ean C3 Calciphylaxis in the current era: emerging IironicI -eaturesP ephrol Dial Transplant 56779 5@:7731ine A 1ontaine 23 Calciphylaxis: the .eginning o- the en'P erit Dial &nt 56689 58:5@83=hang E Corapi ?# /uongo # et al3 Calciphylaxis in peritoneal 'ialysis pa*ents: a single center cohort stu'y3 &nt 4 ephrol $eno%asc Dis 567@9 :5F3Eu E 2hutani T ?orni! $ et al3 ar-arin>Associate' onuremic Calciphylaxis3 4A#A Dermatol 567;9 7F:631ischer A #orris D43 athogenesis o- calciphylaxis: stu'y o- three cases with literature re%iew3 um athol 7F9 5@:76FF3a-ner 4 ?eusch , ahl C et al3 Uremic small>artery 'isease with me'ial calcifca*on an' in*mal hyperplasia (so>calle' calciphylaxis): a complica*on o- chronic renal -ailure an' .eneft -rom parathyroi'ectomy3 4 Am Aca' Dermatol 7F9 :F<3a-ner 4 ?eusch , ahl C 2urg ,3 Calciphylaxis: a syn'rome o- s!in necrosis an' acral gangrene in chronic renal -ailure3 Vasa 789 5;:7;3
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