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  Writing In this section, you will learn how to: ã develop a paragraph of narrative texts;   ã write main ideas and its supporting ideas;   ã write narrative texts.   Activity 1 Answer the following questions orally.   1. Have you ever written a story? 2. Is it difficult or not? 3. What makes you feel difficult in writing a story? 4. What makes you feel easy in writing a story? Activity 2 Arrange the pictures based on the following story. Shadow Puppet Show: Durna's Trap The story started with Durna who was teaching the art of archery to the children of Hastina Kingdom at the palace's yard. From far away, a young man watched the practice. He was Ekalaya, the crown prince of Parang Gelung Kingdom. Ekalaya wanted to study with Durna but was rejected, since the man promised only to teach children of Pandawa and Kurawa. Still Ekalaya was neither angry nor revengeful. His strong will to study from Durna influenced him go to the forest and create a statue of Durna as a symbol of Durna's presence. With this statue as his imaginative teacher, Ekalaya learned how to shoot arrows by himself. The result was astonishing; Ekalaya turned very skillful in shooting arrows just like Arjuna, Durna's favorite student. Ekalaya finally encountered Arjuna, who was hunting in the forest. Arjuna was surprised to find that an arrow struck the animal he was hunting. It turned out the arrow  belonged to Ekalaya. Innocently, Ekalaya said he was Durna's student. Durna was surprised when Arjuna told him about Ekalaya. When he met Ekalaya, Durna trapped him saying he would admit Ekalaya as his student if he cut off the thumb of his right hand as evidence of his loyalty to his master. Ekalaya followed the request but then rea lised he had been cheated. Angry and disappoin ted, he knew Durna did not want anybody to rival Arjuna. Ekalaya became angrier when he was told by his wife that Arjuna was in love with her and challenged Arjuna to a duel. Adapted from      Activity 3 Study the following explanation. It will guide you in writing a story. A paragraph has a main idea and its supporting ideas. In English, main idea is commonly  placed at the beginning of the paragraph. Look at the following example. Main idea: Durna taught the art of archery. Supporting ideas: ã The students were the children of Hastina Kingdom.   ã There was a young man who watched the practice.   3 2 1 6 5 4 9 8 7   The ideas above are developed into the first paragraph of the text entitled Shadow Puppet Show: Durna's Trap . Activity 4 Study the following stories. One of the stories does not make sense because the sentences are not in the right order. Which one is it? Story A Story B Activity 5   Compare the stories in Activity 4. Rewrite the Story A so that the sentences are in the right order. Then, decide its main idea and supporting ideas. You can use Story B as an example. This made the store owner so angry that he gave him a few blows. In the end, the silly man had not only to pay for the damaged goods but also to return home empty-handed. Worried that he would be cheated, the wife instructed him to test the bowl by filling it with some water and to try the hat on before buying it. He tried to fit the bowl onto his head, breaking the bowl in the process. And he poured water into the hat, destroying it. But the silly man got the instructions mixed up. One day, the wife of a foolish man sent him to buy an earthen bowl and a horsehair hat. In a blacksmith store, one day an old man walked in and asked the blacksmith to show him his best sword. With pride the blacksmith showed a large and shimmering sword. The old man held the sword in his hand and swung it several times. It's a nice sword but the handle isn't very comfortable, I bet that it'll break even when you try to cut wood with it. The blacksmith was very furious. I'm the best blacksmith in this town! he said. But the old man's words kept ringing in his ears. So he immediately tried to cut some wood with the sword. The sword broke instantly. The blacksmith realized that the old man was right. He was not the best blacksmith. He decided to improve his skill in making swords by learning from other people. Taken from 366 and More Fair Tales    Activity 6 Develop a paragraph from the following outline. Taken from  Kancil and Cucumber  , 1994  Main idea: In a very big forest there was a very clever and cunning animal called Sang Kancil.  Supporting ideas: ã Sang Kancil'  s parents and brother were killed by a cruel hunter. ã He was very angry with human beings, especially  hunters. ã One day he stole cucumbers from a farm.   ã The owner of the farm trapped Sang Kancil and put him inside a strong cage. ã Sang Kancil told the farmer's dog that the farmer would let him marry his daughter. ã Sang Kancil offered the dog to take the place of him. ã The dog let Sang Kancil walk out and entered the cage.  
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