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  CHAPTER ( ONE )  NARRATIVE CYCLE 1 : LISTENING/SPEAKING I.   BUILDING KNOWLEDGE OF FIELD Study the picture below, then answer the question orally. Gold fish : “thank you ve helpe me “.  Fisherman : “what have I done for you ?”  Gold fish : “ you escaped me from the jail.  Now, let me go and I promise to repay it “   1. what did the fisheman catch ? Answer ………………………………  2. What did the fisherman talk to? Answer ……………………………  3. Why did the goldfish say thanking for him? Answer ……………….  4. Did the fishferman carry the fish to his house? Answer …………………  5. What did the gold fish promise? Answer ……………………………   II.   MODELLING OF TEXTS Once a man named batara guru sahala lived in batak land. One day caught a fish. To his surprise, he found that the fish could talk it begged sahala to set free. Sahala did it accordingly. As soon as the fish was the fish was free, it changed into a woman. She was so beautiful that the man fell in love with her at once. He asked her to marry him. The woman agree, however, she folds him that he never let out the secret that she was once a fish. Sahala promised her that he would not tell anyone about it. They were happy married and had two daughters. Every morning, sahala went out fishing. His daughters would bring him his lunch. One day , however.,instead of bringing the food to their father the girls ate it. When Sahala learnt what they had done with his meal, he got very angry he shouted at them, saying, „you behave exactly like daughters of a fish.  The girls did not know what their father meant. They went home and asked their mother about it. When they told her what he said she was very annoyed Although Sahala apologized to her later. She would not forgive him for breaking his promise. Then the earth began to tremble, and voicanoes started to erupt.the earth cracked to form a big hole, people said this hole became lake toba. ( take from curriculum English SMA book 3) 1.   what does the text mainly about ? a.   How the earth cracked to form a big hole .  b.   How the volcanoes erupted in batak land. c.   How a fish changed into a beatiul woman. d.   How happy the married couple, Sahala and his wife. e.   How lake toba was srcinally formed in Batak land. 2.   The woman agreed to marry sahala with one condition, that is …  a.   The woman promised to keep their secret.  b.   Sahala has to tell everybody that his wife once was a fish. c.   Sahala should not tell anyone that the woman once was a fish. d.   Sahala never promised anyone to tell the secret about his wife e.   The woman would change into fish again if she broke her promise. 3.   when they told her what he said, she was very annoyed.” ( par ,5 ) what does the underlined word mean ? a.   angry c. relieved e. disappointed  b.   happy d. contented Kompentensi Dasar Memahami monolog lisan terutama dalam wacana berbentuk narrative. Indikator 1.   melengkapi teks dengan kata-kata yang benar berdasarkan teks lisan . 2.   memahami isi teks dengan menjawab pertanyaan- pertanyaan  berdasarkan teks lisan . 3.   mereson berbaai teks berbentuk narrative    THE LOST CATERPILLAR Seven worn are walking happily. Their mother is leading them. They have just had their  breakfast on a big tree near a river. “ Come on, children. Let‟s go home” mama worm says. Suddenly, a cricket says, “ your    last chills is ugly?” asks Mama worm. Then she  looks at the child. He is not the same as her other chil dren. “  hey, ugly!” she says, “ you ar  e not my child Go away !”.  The little brown worm walks away. He is very sad. When he is near a lake, he looks into the water. “ Oh, how ugly I am,” he cries.   “ You are not ugly,” says a voice, ”Oh, I find you, My child.”  The worn looks around. There is a beautiful bid caterpillar and her children. They all look the same as he. “They may call you ugly,” says Mother Caterpillar, ”But you are the most beautiful child  in the world. One day, you will turn into a beautiful butterfly.”  ( taken from fun plus 01 ) Answer the following questions based on the text above. 1.   What is the title of the text ? 2.   What is the tense used in the text ? 3.   what is the setting/orientation ? 4.   what is the complication ? 5.   What is the resolution ? 6.   How does the story end? Is a happy or sad Ending story ? 7.   What moral value you can get from the text DONALD’S NEW HAT   One day, daisy decided to buy Donald a new hat. you hat is so old-fashioned !” she  said „Come on, I‟ ll  buy you a new one.”  Donald know that Daisy was right, so he agreed to go a hat shop. As they went in, Daisy took off his old hat .”Hey, what‟s going on?”   “I‟m taking off your old hat because it‟s so ugly, We don‟t want the assistant to see  you wearing it, do we?” Said daisy, Donald just said,   ”Er…no…. I mean, you‟re right, we   don‟t”   In fact, Donald was very fond of his old hat, although he didn‟t mind getting a new  one if Daisy paid for it. The trouble was this : there wasn‟t any hat in the shop that  Donald liked he tried many hats, he felt that all the hats looked silly on him. The shop assistant was getting tired of serving Donald, but he took another hat and showed it to him.” What about this one, sir? I am sure You‟ll like it.”   “I quite agree!” said Donald happy.  Do you know why ? Because that hat looked Exactly the same as his old one ! poor Daisy, she wasn‟t very happy, But she had to pay  for that hat. She  promised she would buy a new hat for Donald didn‟t she?   (Adapted from Disney‟s time annual )   III.   JOINT CONSTRUCTION. In this stage you are supposed to work in groups. Now, you have to arrange a short story to tell in front of the class. Discuss with your friends what the story is about. You can tell about fairy story, adventure, mystery, or others. You can also use pictures or flash cards to make your story more interesting. Show to your teacher the result you have made. Retell the story individually in your group. Pay attention to the intonation, pronunciation, mimic and gesture to make the story alive. Listen to any constructive comments or advice from your teacher or friends. IV.   INDIPENDENT CONTRUCTION Make narrative story individually and then tell it in front of the class. a.   Purpose of the text ( Tujuan teks ) : To entertain / to amuse the reader and to deal with actual or vicarious experience in deferent ways.  ã   Menghibur / menyenangkan pembaca , pendengar dengan sebuah cerita. ã   Jenisnya : fable, fairy tale, legend, myth, novel dll. b.   Generic structure ( kerangka umum ) ã   Orientation = Pengenalan pada tokoh cerita ( who, when, where ) ã   Complication = Cerita tersebut mengalami masalah / konflik. ã   Resolution = Penyelesaian masalah tersebut. ã   Re orientation = Akhir cerita ( senang atau sedih ). Bagian reorientation bersifat ( Optional ) optional artinya boleh disertakan boleh juga tidak. c.   Gramatical Features ( ciri kebahasaan ) ã   Menggunakan Noun dan Pronoun tertentu. Contoh = King, Priceess, stepsisters, house work dsb. ã   Menggunakan specific participant ( tokoh / pelaku tertentu ) Contoh = Cinderella, Snow white, Aladin dsb. ã   Menggunakan Adjective ( kata sifat ) berguna untuk membentuk Noun phrase frase ( kata benda ). Contoh = Beautiful white skinned lady. ã   Menggunakan time connective dan temporal conjunction Contoh = Then, When, Suddenly ; once upon a time. ã   Menggunakan adverb danadverbial phrase untuk menunjukan lokasi kejadian atau peristiwa. Contoh = Here, There, at home, in the jungle, happily ever after. ã   Menggunakan Action Verb dan past tense ( V2, was, where ) ã   Menggunakan Saying Verb, yang menandai ucapan Contoh = Said, Told, Promised. ã   Menggunakan thinking Verb, yang menandai pikiran, persepsi atau perasaan tokoh. Contoh = Thought, Fert dsb. CYCLE 2 : READING / WRITING I.   BUILDING KNOWLEDGE OF FIELD The first step of the second cycle we will discuss is about the narrative texts in written form. Read the following questions,and discuss the answer with your friend. a.   How is the language used in the narrative written texts?  b.   Mention any kinds of narrative texts; are the languages the same? c.   How is the writer related to his readers? d.   What sorts of the text features are used in the narrative texts? e.   Are there any differences shown between spoken a written form? Based on the model text given by your teacher, read and think all the questions above. Check your answer weather they appropriate with the narrative text above? Cinderella Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella who lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. They were very bossy. They made her do all the housework. One day an invitation to the ball came to the family. Her stepsisters did not let her go, and left her alone. Cinderella was very sad and couldn‟t help cryin g. Fortunately, the fairy godmother came and helped her to get to the ball. Magically she could change a pumpkin into a fine coach and mice into a coachman and two footmen. Her godmother tapped Cinderella‟s ragged dress with her wand, and it became a  beautiful ball gown. Then she gave her a pair of pretty glass slippers. She said, ”Now Cinderella, you must leave before midnight.   ”Then away she drove in her beautiful coach. At the ball. Cinderella was having a wonderfully good time. She danced again with t he king‟s  son. Suddenly, the clock began to strike twelve. She ran towards the door as quickly as she could. In the her hurry, one of her glass slippers came off and was left behind. A few days later the king‟s son proclaimed he would marry the girl whose foot fitted the glass slipper. The king‟s page came to Cinderella‟s house. Her stepsi sters tried on the slipper but it was too small. The king‟s page then let Cinderella try on the slipper and it fitted perfectly.  Finally, she was dried to the palace. The king‟s son was overjoyed to see her again. They  were married and lived happily ever after. EXERCISES 1.   What is the kind of the text? a.   Table  b.   Myth c.   Folk tale d.   Legend e.   Fairy tale  2.   Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text ? a.   Cinderella lived with her stepsisters  b.   Cinderella felt annoyed with her stepsisters c.   Cinderella was helped by fairy to get to ball d.   Cinderella was helped by her stepsisters to do all the housework e.   Cinderella felt happy with her husband 3.   Where did Cinderella meet the king ‟s son at the first time ?  a.   At the market  b.   At the ball c.   On the street d.   At the party e.   At her home 4.   The text above is classified as a/an…story  a.   Sad ending  b.   Happy ending c.   Funny ending d.   Tragic ending e.   Endless 5.   What does the word “ bossy” mean ?  a.   Furious  b.   Arrogant c.   Sensitive d.   Offensive e.   Domineering ESSAY 1.   Who is the main character of the text? 2.   What did the fairy godmother do help Cinderella? 3.   How was the characteristic Cinderella? 4.   What is the communicative purpose of the text? 5.    Name each paragraph by using “Generic Stru c ture” ! PAINTING THE WALL One morning , one of the witch‟s friends came over to vi sit. When she looked around the room, she said “Your house is ugly. My house is more beautiful than you rs, and the walls are brighter. ”The  witch was very angry when she heard fins a nd she shouted, “Get out my house! And don‟t ever   come back here ! “  After her friend left, the witch looked around her house and said to herself,” My friend was right. My house looks ugly and the paint is faded- I have to repaint it. ”Then she went to the shop and  bought a can of paint. After lunch she started to paint, and she work very carefully. In the afternoon she finished the lower part of her house. When she wanted to start painting the upper part she found out that she couldn‟t  reach it. Then she id ea. I will use my magic broom! “ She shouted, “Broom, oh my broom, turn into paint brush and paint my walls ! “  Suddenly the broom turned into a paint brush and it started to paint the upper walls. It worked very fast, and in ten minutes all the job was done. The Witch was very happy. Activity 2. Answer the following question! 1.   What is the text about? 2.   Identify the parts of the generic structure of the above text? 3.   What does‟ this „in line three refer to ? 4.   What does „it‟ in line ten refer to ? 5.   How did the witch solve the problem? WORK ON GRAMMAR Simple Past Tense Study this example: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian musician And composer. He lived from 1756 to 1791. He started composing at age of five and wrote more than 600 pieces of music. He was only 35 years old when he died. Grammar File Pay attention to the verbs in bold. They are past tense which is used to is used state an activity which happened in the past. The pattern of simple past tense is (+) Subject + Verb 2 + Object (  –  ) Subject + did not + Verb 1 + Object (?) Did + Subject + Verb 1 + Object?  
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