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Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

Bahan Ajar Bahasa inggris 8
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   BAHAN AJAR BAHASA INGGRIS KELAS 8 Chapter I IT’S ENGLISH TIME - Asking and Giving Attentin  Asking and giving attentin  Asking attention/Meminta perhatian  adalah ungkapan yang digunakan untuk meminta perhatiandari seseorang. Giving attention/Memberi Perhatian  adalah ungkapan yang digunakan untuk memberikan perhatian/respon. Asking !r attentin 1. May I have your attention2. Can I get the attention3. Exuse me!. ttention please#$. %isten to me Giving Attentin 1. &es 'ir/Ma(am2. )k 3. I see!. *eally$. ll right+he instrutor give an explanation to the partiipants Cnth ia#g$e%Read and pra&tise the !##'ing dia#g$e then ans'er the ($estins  Mrs. 'usi, on(t be noisy. ttention please#'tudents, &es Ma(amMrs. 'usi, )kay next eek e ill do mid-examination.'tudents, 0hat #Mrs. 'usi, %isten to me#'tudents, &es Ma(amMrs. 'usi, +he material that should be learned is rom Chapter 1 until hapter !. on(t orget to enrih you voabularies ith exerise#'tudents, &es Ma(amMrs. 'usi, )kay that(s all or today. ood luk then# )$estins 1. o many person are there in the dialogue4 0ho are they42. 0hat does the teaher tell to the students43. 0hat does the teaher say to get the attention4!. 0hen ill the students have a mid-exams4$. 0hat material should be learned by the students4 E*er&ise% *earrange the dialogue into a good one#'tudents, &es Ma(am+eaher, Everybody may I have your attention please4+eaher, 0e ill use English in our lass. o you understand me 'iti 0hat did Isay4'iti, &es Ma(am 0e ill use English in our English lass.+eaher, ood morning students+eaher, %isten to my explanation'tudents, ood morning Ma(a+eaher, Everybody are you ready to learn English no4'tudents, &es Ma(am -  Che&king +r ,nderstanding  'etelah  Asking for Attention  yang kedua adalah Checking for Understanding  . Cheking or undertanding adalah ungkapan atau ekspresi yang digunakan untuk mengeek pemahamanseseorang atau laan biara kita mengenai apa yang kita sampaikan kepadanya. *espon yangdiberikan bisa positi 5paham6 atau negati 5tidak paham6.  Contoh ialog Cheking or 7nderstanding -.Che&king !r $nderstanding /Menge&ek 0e1aha1an2   o you kno hat I mean4   o you kno hat I am saying   o you ollo me4   o you undertand4   ot it4   Is it lear4   re you olloing me4 3.Sh'ing $nderstanding /Men$n4$kkan kepaha1an2   I see   I understand   I get it   &es   I understand hat you are saying   I kno hat you mean   I(m ith you 5.E*pressing La&k ! ,ndertanding /Men$n4$kkan kek$rang paha1an6tidak paha12   I don(t get it   I(m sorry. 0hat do you mean4   Exuse me but I(m not olloing you   gain please   I don(t understand   0hat do you mean4   I don(t 8uite ollo youContoh ialog, ia#g$e -  Mr. 'hid8i, 0e ill make an advertisement today.  Do you understand  4'tudents, Yes, ir! Mr. 'hid8i, 0hat did I say4'tudents, 0e ill make an advertisement sir. ia#g$e 3 Mother, ear an you help me to ook ish4+iara, &es MomMother, 0ill you buy me some ish in the market irst4+iara, )kay Mom. I ill go there by a motoryleMother, ll right. nd please don(t orget to buy ginger at Mak 'umi(s shop.   Do you kno hat # mean, dear$ +iara,  # don%t &uite fo''o you, Mom! Mother,  p'ease don%t forget to buy ginger at Mak umi%s shop (kay  be areuldear.+iara, thank you Mom. I(ll go no.9erikut adalah ontoh latihan soal untuk dialog 2 5Mother and +iara6 )$estin !r e*er&ise / ia#g$e 32 1.o many persons are there in the dialogue 242.0here does the onversation take plae43.0hat does +iara(s mother ant +iara to do4!.0here ill +iara buy ish4$. o do +iara go to the market4:. oes her mother ant her to buy anything else4;.0here should +iara buy ginger4<.0hat does her mother say to hek hether +iara understands or not4=. nd hat is +iara(s response 41>.o you think that she is happy to go to market4 Complete the dialogues using the words in the box! a. ?o I don(t b. I see. o you undertand4d. ny 8uestione. @lease pay attention4  ia#g$e - Mr. Musto, 0e ill make an greeting ard. . . .516'tudents, &es 'ir  ia#g$e 3 *issa, o you understand the homeork4 ?isa, . . . . 526 o about you4*issa, &es I do.
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