Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII SMP

Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII SMP
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  Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII SMP SELF IDENTIFY  STANDAR KOMPETENSI :Memahami makna dalam percakapan transaksional dan interpersonal sangat sederhana untuk  erinteraksi dengan lingkungan terdekatKOMPETENSI DASAR Merespon makna dalam percakapan transaksional !to get things done dan interpersonal !ersosialisasi #ang menggunakan ragam ahasa lisan sangat sederhana dengan lingkungan terdekat #ang meliatkan tindak tutur$ men#apa orang #ang elum % sudah dienal& Memperkenalkan diri sendiri % orang laind an memerintahkan atau melarang& Listening Acitivy 3 Listen are! lly '& (eru is a ne) ngihour Ar# : (ello$ I*m Ar#  (eru : (ello$ +m (eru Ar# : ,ou are the ne) neighour$ right - (eru : ,es$ I am& I .ust mo/ed 0rom Padang Ar# : 1ell$ nice to meet #ou& (eru 2& RIanti meets her teacher$ Mr& 3aket at the post o00ice Ranti : 4ood a0ternoon$ Sir Mr& 3aker : 4ood a0ternoon$ #ou are 5Ranti : Ranti$ Sir& M# name is Ranti& (o) are #ou -Mr& 3aker : I am 0ine$ thank #ou& And ho) aout #ou -Rianti : I am 0ine$ tooMr& 3aker : 1ell$ Ranti& I ha/e to go no)& Pleased to meet #ou Rianti : Pleased to meet #ou$ too& Sir 6& 7itra is Ari*s 0riend& One night she )ants to see ari at his home$ ut he is not home& Ari*s  rother& Sigit is at home&7itra : 4ood e/ening$ SigitSigit : 4ood e/ening$ 7itra7itra : Is Ari (ome -Sigit : I*m sorr#$ 7itra& Ari is not home 7itra : Oh$ )ell& That*s OK& 4ood night$ thenSigit : 4ood night  8& Anto is Mont#*s est 0riend Anto : (i$ Mont#& Are #ou coming to the asketall game -Mont# : (i$ Anto& ,es$ I*m coming to the game Anto : OK$ then& See #ou there& 3#eMont# : 3#e N#te$reetings 4ood morning 4ood a0ternoon$ M# name is Ari 4ood e/ening$(i I am Nita(ello$ Nice to meet #ou good #e4ood to meet #ou good nightPleased to meet #ou #e 9see #ou ' %es&#nses 4ood morning  4ood a0ternoon m# name is (eru 4ood e/ening(i$ I am mone#(ello$ Nice to meet #ou too good #e4ood to meet #ou$ too good nightPleased to meet #ou too #e 9see #ou 9 S&ea'ingA'tivity 3 %ea( # t The !#ll#)ing (ial#g es '& Reni meets her cousin Romi on his )a# to the ookstone& Romi li/es )ith Reni*s 0amil#&Reni : (i$ Romi 9Romi : (i$ Reni 9 1hat are #ou doing here -Reni : I*m going to the ookstone& Do #ou )ant to come )ith me -Romi : No$ +m going home Reni : Ok$ See #ou at homeRomi : See #ou

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Jul 29, 2017
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