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Bahan ajar certainty kd 1.1Bahasa inggris kelas 9 smp

1. BAHAN AJAR A. Identitas Sekolah Mata Pelajaran Kelas Pertemuan ke AlokasiWaktu : SMP Negeri 3 Padangsidimpuan : Bahasa Inggris : IX :1 : 2 x 40 menit B. Standar…
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  • 1. BAHAN AJAR A. Identitas Sekolah Mata Pelajaran Kelas Pertemuan ke AlokasiWaktu : SMP Negeri 3 Padangsidimpuan : Bahasa Inggris : IX :1 : 2 x 40 menit B. Standar Kompetensi : Mendengarkan 1. Memahami makna dalam percakapan transaksional dan inter-personal lisan pendek sederhana untuk berinteraksi dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari C. Sasaran /TujuanPembelajaran: Setelah siswa mendengarkan ungkapan – ungkapan yg berkaitan materi, maka siswa: Mampu merespon ungkapan meminta dan memberi kepastian 1. Psikomotor Setelah mengikuti proses belajar mengajar diharapkan peserta didik : Mampu merespon ungkapan meminta dan memberi kepastian 2. Afektif Setelah mengikuti proses belajar mengajar diharapkan peserta didik mampu : 1. Resfek pada pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris 2. Aktif dalam kegiatan belajar mengajar 3. Kerapian dan Kelengkapan tugas dan catatan 4. Mengerjakan tugas sesuai dengan petunjuk 5. Tidak terlambat mengikuti pelajaran D. Topik Materi Ungkapan meminta dan memberi kepastian (Certainty) E. Uraian Materi Ajar : How to ask for and respond to certainty Asking for certainty Responding to certainty Really? Are you sure? Are you certain? Are you certain about … Is that right? Are you really certain about that, Sir / Mam? Yes, sure. Of course. Absolutely. Certainly. I’m very certain Positive Definitely I’ve no doubt about…. F. Rangkuman Materi : People are sometimes sure or not sure about something and they convey it by using certain expressions. You say “I am sure that I will pass the test” when you are sure that you will pass a test. When you want to ask whether someone is sure that he or she will pass a test, you may say to him or her “Are you sure that you will pass the test”. 1
  • 2. Certainty: 1. I’m sure about it. 2. I’m quite sure that he told the truth. 3. I’m absolutely sure about the news. 4. I’m no doubt about it. 5. I’m absolutely certain that he told the truth. 6. I’m sure/certain about ….. 7. I’ve no doubt about …… 8. I’m sure/certain about ….. 9. I’ve no doubt about …… Asking for certainty: Part A Are you certain /sure Part B that Bambang will come to the meeting on time? that there will be no classes tomorrow? that she will keep her promise? about that? Dialogue I Nur : I’m not in a good mood today. My white shirt is stained. I think it’s better to use it for a cloth or something. Nayla : No! Don’t do that. Try my hints. First, put a paper towel under the stain. Then, spray the stain with hair spray. After that, rub the stain gently with a clean cloth. Continue rubbing until the stain is completely gone. Nur : Are you sure? Nayla : Positive!I’ve already tried this tip several times and it works for me. Nur : OK then, I’ll try it. Thanks so much, Nayla. Dialogue II Nona : I haven’t slept well lately. I don’t know why. Ardi : Don’t worry if you’re the kind of person that does not sleep easily. First, don’t think too much. Then, drink a glass of hot milk before sleeping. You will sleep really well. Nona : Are you certain about it? Ardi : Definitely. Dialogue III Fadli : Do you know how to get rid of a cold easily and quickly? Cinta : When I get a cold, First, take medicine. Next, I go to sleep. Finally, when I get up, I feel fresh again. Fadli : Really? Cinta : I’ve no doubt about it. 2
  • 3. VOCABULARY (KATA- KATA SULIT) 1. White shirt : Kemeja Putih 2. Stained : kotor / kena noda 3. Cloth : pakaian 4. Hint : petunjuk / tips 5. Towel : handuk 6. Spray : semprot / percik 7. Rub : gosok 8. Clean : bersih 9. Drink : minum 10. Get rid : menyingkirkan 11. Cold : pilek 12. Medicine : obat 13. Fresh : segar PENILAIAN Complete the following dialogue after the teacher read the dialogue 1. Roni : It’s good to see you, Kiki. I just remind you about the meeting after school. Kiki : Yeah, of course. I’ll be there. Roni : ……………….. that Rina will come to the meeting? Kiki : ………………… about that. She called me this morning. 2. Fatimah : Anisa, do you think that it will be possible to go on holiday to the moon in the next fifty years. Anisa : Well, ……………… it could happen. Why? Fatimah : Well, I was just wondering it would be a great achievement. 3. Anang : Did you do the test very well, Andi? Andi : No, definitely, not. I don’t have a hope of getting even 50. Anamg : But ………………..? Andi :……………... Not a hope! Anang : Don’t worry too much. Next time better 4. Laila : What are you doing Ketut? Ketut Tantri : I’m going to make some ice cream. Laila : You know how to make ice cream? Ketut Tantri : …………………. Laila : …….? Ketut Tantri : …………….. 5. Ali : You look very happy, Fahmi. What has happened? Fahmi : Guess what? Today is the happiest day in my life? Ali : ……………? Fahmi : Yes. Finally, I got 100 on the last mathematics test. 3
  • 4. J. PenutupKesimpulan : K. Rujukan : Buku Erlangga 1. Contextual Teaching and Learning Bahasa Inggris: Sekolah Menengah Pertama/Madrasah Tsanawiyah Kelas IX Edisi 4 oleh Gunarso Susilohadi, 2. Scaffolding: English for Junior High School Students (Grade IX) oleh Joko Priyana, Riandi dan Anita P Mumpuni 3. English in Focus for Grade IX Junior High School (SMP/MTs) oleh Artono Wardiman, Masduki B. Jahur dan M. Sukirman Djusma Mengetahui Kepala SMP Negeri 3 Padangsidimpuan Drs. IBNU HAJAR, M.Pd NIP. 19621230 198403 1003 Padangsidimpuan, September 2013 Guru Mata Pelajaran ZULHAFNI MARIZAH HSB, S.Pd NIP.19820702 200604 2006 4
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