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MEKANIKA TEKNIK OLEH: PRAMONO JURUSAN TEKNIK MESIN FT – UNNES Apa itu Mekanika? Cabang ilmu fisika yang berbicara tentang keadaan diam atau geraknya benda-benda yang mengalami kerja atau aksi gaya Mechanics Rigid Bodies Deformable Bodies (Things that do not change shape) (Things that do change shape) Fluids Statics Dynamics Incompressible Compressible Review Sistem Satuan ã Four fundamental physical quantities. Length, Time, Mass, Force. ã We will work with two unit systems in static
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  MEKANIKA TEKNIK OLEH:PRAMONO JURUSAN TEKNIK MESINFT –UNNES  ApaituMekanika? Cabangilmufisikayang berbicaratentangkeadaandiamataugeraknyabenda-bendayang mengalamikerjaatauaksigaya MechanicsRigid Bodies(Things that do not change shape)Deformable Bodies(Things that do change shape)FluidsStaticsDynamicsIncompressibleCompressible  Review SistemSatuan ãFour fundamental physical quantities. Length, Time, Mass, Force.ãWe will work with two unit systems in static’s: SI & US Customary. BagaimanakonversidariSI keUS atausebaliknya?  SISTEM GAYA


Aug 31, 2017
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