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  1 TMELINE MEETING MATERIALS Page I Study Contract (Negotiation Syllabus) 1 II UNIT 1 Present Time A. Reading & Vocabularies    Translate some words into English    Read a text, then identify grammatical aspect    Discuss the result of identifying 3 III UNIT 1 Present Time B. Grammar Focus    Passive Sentence: 1. Simple Present Tense 2. Present Continuous Tense 3. Present Perfect Tense    Part of Speech 1. Noun (prefix and suffix (affix)) 2. Verb (prefix and suffix (affix)) 3. Adjective (prefix and suffix (affix)) 4. Adverb (prefix and suffix (affix)) 5 IV UNIT 1 Present Time C. Writing    Make a sentence D. Speaking    Discuss your daily activities 7 V UNIT 2 Past Time A. Reading & Vocabularies    Identify the text    Match term with synonym    Discuss the result of identifying 8 VI UNIT 2 Past Time B. Grammar Focus    Passive Sentence 1. Simple Past 2. Past Continuous Tense 3. Past Perfect Tense    Pronoun 1. Subject Pronoun 2. Object Pronoun 3. Adjective Pronoun 4. Possessive Pronoun 5. Reflexive Pronoun 9 VII UNIT 2 Past Time  2 C. Listening, Speaking, & Writing    Listen to your friend’s activities yesterday      Tell about your activities yesterday 10 VIII MIDDLE TEST (first assignment must be collected) - IX REMEDIAL - X QUIZ - XI UNIT 3 Future Time A. Reading & Vocabularies    Identify the text B. Grammar Focus    Passive Sentence 1. Simple Future (will) 2. Simple Future (be going to) 12 XII UNIT 3 Future Time C. Writing    Write about an interesting experience.    Write about plans for the future    Write about how a national holiday is celebrated in your country.    Write a passive sentence by using words in the box. 13 XIII D. Speaking    Deliver speech about kind of trees 14 XIV Additional: Discussion session in each group about all topics. - XV Additional: Discussion session in each group about all topics. - XVI FINAL TEST (second assignment must be collected) -  3 UNIT 1 PRESENT TIME A. READING & VOCABULARIES Prospect of AEC Implementation to Business in the Agriculture Sector ABSTRACT With the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 and its  economic performance, ASEAN has achieved   world-wide recognition for being one of the most dynamic and integrated regions. The growing purchasing power of the 600 million consumers market and the ongoing progress of the regional agenda are offering  an integrated market and production base for both business and consumers. There are some challenges and opportunities  in the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 for both businessmen and government of Indonesia, from the point of view of agriculture, there are some opportunities  in the implementation of AEC in 2015, such as for the increase of performance in agriculture, including plantation, horticulture, livestock, fisheries and forestry, started from the production up to the post harvest and post productions; for the improve of the coordination among the ministries and govern and industry; and for preparing and formulating of the socialization packages regarding the important of AEC and its benefits for the country of Indonesia and her people. Food is the most basic need and the most important element that support our lives. A shortage of food may harm the health and sustainability of human life. Therefore food must always be available in sufficient quantities and at affordable price including for the poor. Since  the Seminar is in the contact of the World Food Day, that for the discussion and presentation focused on the opportunity to get benefit from the implementing the AEC 2015 by producing and supplying the foods to the coming single market of ASEAN starting in 2015. Thanks to its large areas of land and sea, year-round productive climate and extensive manpower, Indonesia has the potential to be a major food producer of a great variety of crops. The country should in fact be fully self-sufficient and even be able to take on some of the burden of supplying food to the world, hence “Feed Indonesia Feed The World. In the  4 year 0f 2010, Indonesian chamber of commerce and industry stated a commitment to boost food production with the vision: “Towards a competitive and sustainable self  -sufficiency and promotion of prime commodities to become the world’s choice. It will be realized when we achieve two main objectives: One, improving the growth of food production to achieve sustainable food self-sufficiency; and Two, improving the productivity and efficiency of production at on-farm and off-farm levels to enhance the competitiveness of domestic food commodities. Considering the limited availability of assets to achieve food security, the development of food sector needs to focus on a number of superior commodities. There were  15 superior commodities that have been decided  , as follows: four strategic food commodities: rice, corn, soybeans, and sugar; Six superior export commodities: oil palm, tea, coffee, cocoa, shrimp, and tuna; Two commodities supporting the improvement of people’s nutrition: meat and milk. Three popular local fruit commodities: mango, banana, and orange. Besides the above commodities, the future development of the food sector needs to pay better attention to commodities supporting the food diversification, such as cassava, tropical fruits (snake fruit, mangosteen, and sour sop) and horticulture to support the people’s nutritional improvement. Base on the above vision and the 15 superior commodities, there are  opportunities for the members of Kadin Indonesia or the businessmen concerned to market of those commodities to the ASEAN single market, including to Indonesian domestic market with high quality and high competitiveness. There are  some recommended strategies to anticipate the coming AEC 2015: The businessmen should take benefit from a big single market of ASEAN with almost 600 million consumers; The businessmen and government of Indonesia should established and strengthened the Domestic Market with almost 260 million consumers; Increased processed products, especially food products for ASEAN single market, the government and the autonomic government should improve the infrastructure to support the businessmen in taking benefit from the ASEAN single market, increasing the result of research and development for agricultural commodities, especially for food commodities for ASEAN single market, and all innovation result and technology from various government institutions and also from private sectors should be disseminated and promoted to all stakeholders, including businessmen.


Dec 16, 2018
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