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  emikalubbyaMateri English Club 1 emikalubbya7 tahun yang laluIklanUNIT 1NUMBERSTujuan pembelajaranPaa akhir unit ini kalian iharapkan mampu !mela alkan kata#kata alam ba$aan terkait engan numbers%mengien&'kasi makna kata#kata yang berhubungan engan numbers%mengien&'kasi berbagai in (rmasi yang terapat alam teks yang berhubungan engan numbers%menggunakan p(la kalimat p(si&)e alam simple present tense%menggunakan p(la kalimat nega&)e alam simple present tensemenggunakan p(la kalimat inter(ga&)e alam simple present tense*% +ET,S +ISTENTask 1 +isten an repeat%  (ne -./n0 ele)en -Ile)n0t.( -tu20 t.el)e -t.el)0three -Tri20 thirteen -T32&2n0 (ur - 20 (urteen - 2&2n0')e - aI)0 '4een - I &2n0si5 -sIks0 si5teen -sIks&2n0se)en -se)3n0 se)enteen -se)3n&2n0eight -eIt0 eighteen -eI&2n0nine -naIn0 nineteen -naIn&2n0ten -ten0 t.enty -t.entI0Task 6 +isten t( y(ur tea$her% Then $ir$le ')e numbers y(u hear%a% 1 b% 6 $% 8 % 9 e% 16 %1: g% 17 h%6;   B% +ET,S RE*<%Task :Rea the te5t an then the =ues&(ns% >hat are they?They $an be p(si&)e (r nega&)e ( (r e)en% They $an be .h(le (r in parts% >ith(ut them y(u .(uln,t be able t( tell the &me% @(u .(uln,t e)en kn(. h(. (l y(u are% *n h(. ab(ut thisA.ith(ut them y(u .(uln,t ha)e any math h(me.(rk >hat are they? They,re numbers% *n y(u use them e)ery single ay%ues&(ns!>hat is the te5t ab(ut?>hat are they (r?>hen ( y(u use them? Di)e s(me e5amples%Men&(n s(me ( numbers%Men&(n s(me e)en numbers%C% DR*MM*R PINTSTask 8%+((k%  a% Se)en is an ( number%b% T.( an (ur are e)en numbers%$% Fi)e plus si5 is ele)en%% Ten minus t.( is eight%e% Three i)ie by three is (ne% % Fi)e &mes ')e is t.enty ')e%g% T.el)e i)ie by three is (ur%h% Ele)en &mes Ger( is Ger(%i% T.enty i)ie by (ur is ')e% j% Fi)e plus si5 is n(t ten%k% Ten minus t.( is n(t se)en%l% F(ur &mes (ur is n(t '4een%m% Is se)en an ( number?n% *re t.( an (ur e)en numbers? >hat senten$e paHern ( y(u see?Task 9%Take turns $hanging these statements t( =ues&(n (rms% The 'rst (ne has been (ne (r y(u%ne an three are ( numbers%*re (ne an three ( numbers?
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