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Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows

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  CHAPTER 5 BALANCE SHEET AND STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS IFRS questions are availale at t!e en o# t!is $!a%ter& TR'E(FALSE )Con$e%tual Ans*erNo&Des$ri%tion F1.Liquidity and solvency.T2.Limitations of the balance sheet.T3.Definition of financial flexibility.T4.Long-tem liability disclosues.F!.Definitions of the balance sheet.F . Land held fo s#eculation.T$.%alance sheet fomat.F&.Disclosue of fai values.F'.Disclosue of com#any o#eations and estimates.T1(.Disclosue of #etinent infomation.F11.)se of the tem eseve.F12.*d+unct account.F13.,u#ose of statement of cash flos.F14.tatement of cash flos e#oting.T1!.Financial flexibility.T1 ./ollection of a loan.T1$.Detemining cash #ovided by o#eating activities.F1&.0e#oting significant financing and investing activities.T1'./uent cash debt coveage atio.F2(.0e#oting othe com#ehensive income. M'LTIPLE CHOICE )Con$e%tual Ans*erNo&Des$ri%tion d21.Limitation of the balance sheet.c22.)ses of the balance sheet.b23.)se of balance sheet infomation.d24.)se of balance sheet infomation.d2!.Limitation of the balance sheet.c  2 .)ses of the balance sheet.b  2$./iticisms of the balance sheet.c , 2&.Definition of liquidity.d2'.Definition of net assets.b3(./uent assets #esentation.b31.#eating cycle.d32.#eating cycle.d33.dentification of cuent asset.d34.dentification of cuent asset.d3!.dentification of cuent asset.d3 ./lassification of shot-tem investments.c3$./lassification of inventoy #ledged as secuity.  Test Ban+ #or Inter,e iate A$$ountin-. T!irteent! E ition M'LTIPLE CHOICE )Con$e%tual /$ont&0 Ans*erNo&Des$ri%tion b3&.dentification of long-tem investments.d3'.dentification of valuation methods.b4(.dentification of cuent liabilities.d41.Definition of oing ca#ital.b42.dentification of oing ca#ital items.d43.dentification of long-tem liabilities.d44.dentification of long-tem liabilities.d4!./lassification of teasuy stoc.d4 .Disclosues fo common stoc.d4$./lassification of investment in affiliate.c4&./lassification of ones equity.d4'./lassification of assets.d , !(.dentification of conta account.d  !1.%alance sheet su##lementay disclosue.d!2.Long-tem liabilities disclosue.b!3.%alance sheet su##lementay disclosue.c!4.Disclosue of contactual situations.d!!.Disclosue of accounting #olicies.d! ./ontingency e#oted in financial statement notes.d!$.5ethods of disclosue.d!&.Disclosue of significant accounting #olicies.d!'.Disclosue of de#eciation methods used.d (.0equied notes to the financial statements.b 1.dentification of geneally acce#ted account titles.c 2.,u#ose of the statement of cash flos.c  3.tatement of cash flos anses.c 4.tatement of cash flos e#oting.b !.tatement of cash flos ob+ective.d .0e#oting issuance of stoc fo machine.d $.dentify a financing activity.b &./lassification of cash ecei#ts.b '.dentify a financing activity.c$(./ash flo fom o#eating activities.a$1.dentify an investing activity.d$2.,e#aing the statement of cash flos.b$3./ash debt coveage atio.b$4./uent cash debt coveage atio.d$!.Financial flexibility measue.c$ ./alculation of fee cash flo.b  $$.Desci#tion of financial flexibility.b , $&./ash debt coveage atio. ,  6ote7 these questions also a##ea in the ,oblem-olving uvival 8uide.   6ote7 these questions also a##ea in the tudy 8uide. 5 ( 1  %alance heet and tatement of /ash Flos M'LTIPLE CHOICE )Co,%utational Ans*erNo&Des$ri%tion c$'./lassifying investments.a&(.dentifying intangible assetsb&1./alculate total stocholdes9 equity.d&2./lassifying investments.a&3.dentifying intangible assets.b&4./alculate total stocholdes9 equity.c&!./alculate beginning stocholdes9 equity.c& ./alculate ending stocholdes9 equity.d&$./alculate net income.b&&./alculate ending cash balance.b&'./alculate ending cash balance.a'(./alculate cash #ovided by o#eating activities.c'1./ash #ovided by o#eating activities.c'2./ash #ovided by o#eating activities.a'3./ash debt coveage atio.b'4.Fee cash flo.a'!./ash debt coveage atio.b' .Fee cash flo. M'LTIPLE CHOICE )CPA A a%te Ans*erNo&Des$ri%tion d '$./alculate total cuent assets.d'&./alculate total cuent assets.a''./alculate total cuent liabilities.c1((./alculate etained eanings balance.b1(1./alculate cuent and long-tem liabilities.c1(2.ummay of significant accounting #olicies.c1(3./lassification of investing activity.a1(4./lassification of o#eating activity.d1(!./lassification of financing activity.b1( ./lassification of investing activity. E2ERCISES Ite,Des$ri%tion :!-1($Definitions.:!-1(&Teminology.:!-1('/uent assets.:!-11(*ccount classification.:!-111;aluation of balance sheet items.:!-112%alance sheet classifications.:!-113%alance sheet classifications.:!-114%alance sheet classifications.:!-11!tatement of cash flos.:!-11 tatement of cash flos atios. 5 ( 3  Test Ban+ #or Inter,e iate A$$ountin-. T!irteent! E ition PROBLEMS Ite,Des$ri%tion ,!-11$%alance sheet fomat.,!-11&%alance sheet #e#aation.,!-11'%alance sheet #esentation.,!-12(tatement of cash flos #e#aation.,!-121tatement of cash flos #e#aation. CHAPTER LEARNIN4 OBECTI6ES 1.:x#lain the uses and limitations of a balance sheet.2.dentify the ma+o classifications of the balance sheet.3.,e#ae a classified balance sheet using the e#ot and account fomats.4.Detemine hich balance sheet infomation equies su##lemental disclosue.!.Descibe the ma+o disclosue techniques fo the balance sheet. .ndicate the #u#ose of the statement of cash flos.$.dentify the content of the statement of cash flos.&.,e#ae a basic statement of cash flos.'.)ndestand the usefulness of the statement of cash flos. 5 ( 7


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