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Balance: The Key to all 21st Century Problems

Balance Change is constant. Even then, we must be reminded that we humans are a stagnant race. You may argue, that we are proceeding by leaps and bounds in the fields of physics, chemistry or biology-but that is just making more use of what nature
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  Balance Change is constant. Even then, we must be reminded that we humans are a stagnant race. Youmay argue, that we are proceeding by leaps and bounds in the fields of physics, chemistry or  biology- but that is just making more use of what nature has to offer. We ourselves are stagnant. et!s wind back the clocks to the beginning of human race. We had different  physical features- taller, shorter... with a different si"e and shape of the skull... different levelsof intelligence and physi#ue, different immunity systems etc. $ut in truth that is just evolution on the physical plane- we have hardly evolved in our psychological, emotional and spiritual planes. Evolution on these planes is certainly the final and most permanent solution to all the problems of this %&st century- corruption, poverty, deception, crime, diseases etc. $ut there are reasons obstructing us on this path to ultimate destiny. 'he prime obstacle- fear.We are so afraid of the future that we refuse to make it different... or even move forward to it.We have advanced a lot scientifically, technologically and medically... and therefore we have,in a way, imprisoned ourselves in this !comfort! "one. We have everything to save us from the immediate future- starting from robots to cures for cancer. We don!t want tot evolve... afraid of what we might become, afraid of what powers and abilities we might possess. We don!t want to take hasty dangerous decisions and therefore fall in a situation which we might not beable to control. We always want control- that!s our problem. We have an apathy towards e(perimentation, discovery, creating new hori"ons, setting new limits... we are afraid of whatever we don!t know. )nce this apathy, this fear and an(iety is removed, the world can move forward into the future.* too myself don!t know what the future might look like, but something * know for sure is that* have no illusionary mental bars barring me from the future... in short, for my part, * have evolved. $ut we will see the contrast of this evolution only if masses do the same. )ne man certainly can!t denote this difference. Even though * may not know anything about the future... * do have a logical hypothesis about its features. *n the beginning of time, we had wild humans- without discipline, rules or leaders. *t was a state of conflict and violence- each one trying to outdo the other. +nd then came the clans andtribes. urvival of the fittest became the universal truth. 'here came tribe leaders, clan leaders- all leading their respective communities. *nstead of each person fighting against the other, groups of people fought against each other- headed by their respective leaders. Women were supressed and tormented. 'ribes and clans grew and came to be categori"ed as nations. 'heir leaders, afraid of losing control and authority, created rules and laws to control its people. Wars were still fought. *t is said change is constant. unny, wars have always e(isted without change- as a constant. *t is indeed an integral part of evolution. ince the beginning of time, nature- the whole world, theuniverse in fact has been engaged in conflict. 'he leaders became kings and their producer of children became #ueens. oon, kings and #ueens received e#ual importance. 'hey controlled vast territories and commanded trillions of men.inally, came the governments- a group of people as rulers instead of a singular king or #ueen. /ow governments were of different kinds- authoritarian, dictatorial, totalitarian, liberal, democratic, communistic, capitalist, socialist etc. 'hey all ruled their kingdoms or  nations in their own typical way. ome of these governments were based on human ideologies- socialism0communism1 and capitalism0liberalism1. 'he founders of these ideologies intended common good and welfare of the people. 'hey wanted the same result  but in different ways- ways which were beneficial to some, while disappointing to others. 'hus the world they always dreamt of became utopias. 'he governments based on these ideologies used them instead for their own selfish and envious purposes- for leverage, money,trust, profit, territory, wars etc.'hose who are desperate to survive in this era of deceit take the invisible staff of religion and 2ods for there support. 'hey wait for the celestial powers to help them, not realising that they must help themselves. Even then, the world today is so corrupted that personal or individual change is not enough. 'he only solution is evolution- not physically, but mentally.*magine a world without laws or territories- where the whole world is an international territory. 'here is no particular nation with a definite territory. 3ore importantly a world without a regulating government- where each person regulates himself, controls his greedy desires with his own sense of e#uity. Where anyone attempting to lead the masses will be assassinated by a secret elusive organisation. *ts the nature of man to be subordinate to someone- man desires to be governed and ruled. 'his mind set has to be eliminated. 4e must learn to govern himself. )f course there will be an increase in crime rate, death, mortality... etc. $ut this is the natural order of nature- the natural order is disorder. 3an himself must learn that for peace to prevail, he must control his own selfish desires. *f centuries of life on this earth has made a conscience in man, and if that conscience is legit, he will certainly, one day be able to keep a balance in his desires.
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