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    Created using Celtx EXT. JOSHUA TREE - NIGHT WIDE/SLOW ZOOM OF BAMBI SITTING ON THE HOOD OF CAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT AT NIGHT, THE CAR AND BAMBI FACING AWAY. SCORED BY THE NAT SOUND OF A CAR AND THE QUIET ECHO OF BREAKING GLASS. CAM GETS CLOSE TO HER HEAD, NOISE INCREASES, CUT TO BLACK WITH TITLE. CUT TO: EXT. BAMBI'S HOUSE - MORNING WIDE SHOT OF BAMBI WALKING UP TO HER CAR, PARKED IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE, THE TRUNK IS OPEN AND SHE'S PACKING HER LUGGAGE. Bambi closes the trunk, revealing her now ex-boyfriend, as they flirtatiously discuss their trip together. Bambi moves to the driver side, alone, starts the car, and drives off to Joshua Tree. CUT TO: INT. BAMBI'S CAR - DAY CLOSE UPS OF BAMBI IN HER CAR ALONE. Bambi reaches into her middle console for a CD, but fumbles with it and it falls in the passenger side. eyeing the road recklessly, Bambi reaches down to retrieve the CD, but the BOY, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, stops her and grabs the CD. BOY Are you trying to kill us?! risking our lives for _album title__ BAMBI Shut uuuup! They're amazing! Boy teases Bambi, dangling the CD out of the window. BAMBI (CONT'D) Stooop you wouldn't! BOY You're right. Maybe _album title__, but _album title__ is too good. Especially this track. Song plays out as we focus on Bambi, now alone.   2. Created using Celtx CUT TO: EXT. GAS STATION -DAY MEDIUM SHOT OF BAMBI FUELING HER CAR UP, LEANING AGAINST THE CAR. CUT TO: WIDE SHOT OF GAS STATION WITH LONELY CAR. Boy gets out of passenger side, walking around to her side. They hold each other and kiss. CUT TO: INT. BAMBI'S CAR - DAY CLOSE UPS OF BAMBI DRIVING ALONE BOY (VO) Hey. I'm going to be at the house around nine. Just letting you know. Um, I'll leave the key under the doormat if you don't show up...Hey...I need to talk to you...can't we just meet up, like-- CUT TO: EXT. JT HOUSE - DAY QUICK CUTS OF BAMBI PULLING UP TO THE HOUSE ABRUPTLY AND PARKING. Bambi retrieves keys from under doormat. CUT TO: INT. LIVING ROOM - DAY MS OF FRONT DOOR, PAN AND FOLLOW BAMBI AS SHE MOVES TO THE BEDROOM TO DROP OFF LUGGAGE. CUT TO: INT. BEDROOM - DAY Bambi plops her suitcase on the bed. looking over the room, a sense of bareness sinks in, with a lonely vase of Sunflowers sitting on the nightstand. She hears his voice in the living room.   3. Created using Celtx BOY You see this record player!? CUT TO: INT. LIVING ROOM -EVENING The boy stands in the living room, admiring the record player on the counter BOY Shit, I didn't even know this came with one! BAMBI Riiight, cause you've got sooo many records to play. Bambi wraps her arms around the boy and they kiss, then gaze at each other, a fresh honeymoon-like aura between them. BOY OH! Have you seen the patio in the back? Looked really cool online. Boy exits the room, leaving Bambi alone to look at the memories they collected through their time together. Pictures of them together line the counter, an awkward space between two photos make Bambi linger on that spot. Snapping out of it, she begins boxing all their belongings. WIDE SHOT OF A COUCH IN THE LIVING ROOM, BOXES SET ON AND AROUND THE COUCH, WITH BAMBI SITTING DOWN. Bambi sits soaking in the solitude and emptiness of the room, scanning the walls and empty tables. She then stands and takes her boxes to her car. Moving out of frame, we hear the front door open. CUT TO: INT. BAMBI'S CAR - NIGHT MS OF THE FRONT OF BAMBI'S CAR, PLACED ON THE HOOD, FRAMING THE DRIVER AND PASSENGER'S SIDE Bambi closes her door and sits in her car, boxes packed in the passenger seat. She sits for bit, looking ahead, then leans back behind the passenger side, pulling out a bottle of Jameson. She takes a swig. [tighten shot onto Bambi] Holding the bottle after drinking, the boy's hand comes from off-   4. Created using Celtx screen in the passenger side, grabbing the bottle from her and taking a swig. BOY It's not your favorite, right? BAMBI Is it anybody's? Bambi snatches back the bottle, takes another drink and winces BAMBI (CONT'D) Why do we keep drinking this? BOY It's tradition [CUTTING BETWEEN MEDIUM SHOTS IN THE BACKSEAT, IN FRONT OF THE CAR, AND BOTH SIDES OF THE FRONT SEATS FROM THE OUTSIDE] (broll indicates passage of time to late in the night) BOY're really a virgin? BAMBI You're really asking this again? I think you just like to hear it. BOY I mean, it's kind of uncommon and I don't get it. Like, why are you waiting? BAMBI It's not like I was waiting on purpose, but after all this time, I might as well wait for someone I genuinely care about. BOY So how will you know who that 'someone' is, and does that even matter?... I mean, you usually end up hating your first anyway. Irritated with his prying and reckless comments, Bambi takes one last swig, drops the Jameson and heads inside.
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