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1. Get connected, anywhere© 2010 Barco Tom Bert – Product Marketing Manager Page 1 2. A day in the life of digital cinema service “My screen is…
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  • 1. Get connected, anywhere© 2010 Barco Tom Bert – Product Marketing Manager Page 1
  • 2. A day in the life of digital cinema service “My screen is black!” “My screen is black!” “I understand that you have an urgent intervention, “I understand that you have an urgent intervention, but we have no seats available on any flight tomorrow” but we have no seats available on any flight tomorrow” “Why doesn’t my setup work anymore: “Why doesn’t my setup work anymore: your guy was here yesterday to do aasoftware upgrade?” your guy was here yesterday to do software upgrade?” “I hate digital: my 35mm projector worked for 20y “I hate digital: my 35mm projector worked for 20y without any major problems” without any major problems” “We’ll come back tomorrow. Hopefully the spare “We’ll come back tomorrow. Hopefully the spare part gets here in time” part gets here in time”Page 2
  • 3. Remote service What it comes down to: enabling users to connect to devices in the field. – real time: up-to-date information on device performance, status, … – automatic: the device can initiate a transfer of data itself. – remote: anywhere and anytimePage 3
  • 4. Remote service: best practicesPage 4
  • 5. WIIFM: service provider Higher service efficiency: Higher number of first time New service revenue opportunities: perform new tasks and fixes: remote diagnosis and e.g. bill service on the actually speed up existing ones. preparation of the repair. consumed time, resources and equipment Visibility into asset performance: instantly check Pro-active maintenance: predict component Prove SLA-compliance: objective evidence of the status of every device, accurate info on the failures and do preventive maintenance to interventions, actions, uptime, … as-is situation increase uptime Enforce service workflow: tuned to cinema service, Security and traceability: of data and actions, with log files existing tools integrated per user and per unitPage 5
  • 6. WIIFM: integrator Combined overview: Global access and control: Strategic tool: Clear overview on All your equipment Central management with the installed base for improved in one dashboard minimum effort sales planning Easy-to-use: Fast setup and Always-on: Optimum asset management Prove SLA-compliance: objective and minimal configuration from anywhere, at any time accurate dataPage 6
  • 7. WIIFM: exhibitor System uptime: preventing Ease of mind: your equipment Guaranteed updates: products are failures, being able to react is being looked after carefully running the latest and compatible quicker, faster problem 24x7 software versions. resolution, … OPEX/TCOS: Less on-site Accuracy of maintenance and licenses: Specialised reporting: both retro-active (How am I personnel required from periodic maintenance to in line with performing?) and pro-active (What should I plan actual usage for?) Security: no need to bring laptop into the theatre, less Problem follow-up: portal access to follow-up, “over the unauthorised personnel walking around site. shoulder” training, …Page 7
  • 8. CineCare Web Guaranteed data and connection security SecureGet more out of your information Intelligent Adding devices Scalable without adding complexity Access to all your data Tuned to cinema Support for multiple brands Open Easy-to-use requirements and use cases Page 8
  • 9. Open Scalable System layout Page 9
  • 10. Secure Security: no changes to existing settings  Plug&play: – Communication over https-port (cfr. online banking) – Browser = only application needed to use – No need to change security settings  Guaranteed security – Outbound-only trigger – Data encryption with 256-bit key  No VPN or Modem Needed – No public IP address on your network – Support for LAN – No costly and unmanageable VPN Page 10
  • 11. Scalable Easy-to-use Setup in 5 easy steps 1. Install gateway PC  Standard windows machine is OK  You decide, you control  Barco can advise and assist 1. Connect DC equipment to your LAN  Standard SNMP is used to communicate  Minimal bandwidth requirements 1. Install agent on gateway PC  Lightweight application  Auto-detects connected devices and server 1. Identify devices  Location (address, auditorium,…)  Contact (FSE, Local admin,…) 1. START! Page 11
  • 12. Open Intelligent Dashboard Helpdesk Team of helpdesk engineers, operating the applications and dashboard wall;   including ticket handling system Business specific applications How the business intelligence is brought to the end user, customisation,   interfacing with existing applications, … Business Intelligence Extra level of intelligence that can be extracted from the data, configuration   management, correlation, reporting, … Storing and structuring data Where and how the data is stored, uptime, accessibility, API   opportunities,… Secure communication How the data from the device travels across the internet, security levels,   bidirectionality, latency, bandwidth, … Device interface How the device interfaces with the agent, supported protocols, amount of available data, … Page 12
  • 13. DemoPage 13
  • 14. Service provider viewPage 14
  • 15. Exhibitor ViewPage 15
  • 16. Theatre ViewPage 16
  • 17. Device viewPage 17
  • 18. Device view – Projector toolboxPage 18
  • 19. Device view – Server toolboxPage 19
  • 20. FAQPage 20
  • 21. Practicalities  What does Barco supply? – CineCare Web is a pure Web software: you login to a webpage and off you go!  Who foresees the gateway PC? – Your choice to introduce specific PC or re-use existing one  What are the requirements on the gateway PC? – You define availability, accessibility and uptime in line with your service contract  How many gateway PC’s do I need? – 1 per site (or one per LAN if multiple sites are connected)  Is all data automatically captured? – All technical data is, Customer information and Theater information is entered during registration  How does the license model work? – You pay a fee per connected device per quarter  Who can access the system? – A set of logins comes with the standard package, more can be orderedPage 21
  • 22. Process One time One time Recurring Recurring Special introduction pricing! Special introduction pricing!Page 22 Sign up before Dec 31st, 2012 Sign up before Dec 31st, 2012 and get free activation! and get free activation!
  • 23. Q&A Please use the chat function in the webinarPage 23
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