Barco Company presentation 2012

Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets: medical imaging, media & entertainment, infrastructure & utilities, traffic & transportation, defense & security, education & training and corporate AV. In these markets Barco offers user-friendly imaging products that optimize productivity and business efficiency. Its innovative hard- and software solutions integrate all aspects of the imaging chain, from image acquisition and processing to image display and management. Barco has its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR) is active in more than 90 countries with about 3,500 employees worldwide. Barco posted sales of 897 million euro in 2010.
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  • 1. Company presentation
  • 2. About BarcoYou will find us where images are critical to professionals NYSE Euronext 90+ 3,507 1.041 International company Presence in more Employees Billion euro Headquartered in Belgium than 90 countries sales in 2011 Stocklisted (BAR) on NYSE Euronext Brussels
  • 3. Company structureFour core divisions, five wholly-owned ventures Control rooms & Defense & Entertainment Healthcare Simulation Aerospace Digital signage Lighting LED ATM software Design services
  • 4. Recent Acquisitions IP Video Systems  JAOtech A leader in hardware and  Designs and manufactures software technologies for real- medical-grade Smart Terminals time, high-definition media for bedside applications. streaming, recording and  Products include an ergonomic management over IP networks. range of mounting solutions and Its product portfolio comprises a accessories. range of encoders and decoders,  The advanced terminals are fully multi-stream clients, digital customizable and feature a host media servers and management of modular options such as systems. barcode scanners, smart card and Main target markets include RFID readers. networked control rooms, healthcare, simulation & training and tele-collaboration.
  • 5. Worldwide presence AMERICAS EMEA APAC NORTH AMERICA Belgium ASIA Denmark China United States France India California Germany Japan Georgia Israel Malaysia Ohio Italy Singapore Oregon South-Korea Poland Texas Taiwan Russia Canada Spain Sweden SOUTH AMERICA Switzerland PACIFIC Argentina Turkey Brazil Australia UAE Colombia Mexico United Kingdom Gray = R&D and/or Manufacturing Red = Sales office
  • 6. Geographical breakdown of sales 2011 NORTH-AMERICA EMEALA APAC 33% 44% 23%
  • 7. Flagship products 500,000+ 25,000+ 500,000+ 40,000+ 10,000+ Medical displays Digital projectors LED pixels for Display cubes Displays in in the field in movie theaters U2’s 360° tour in control rooms air traffic control
  • 8. Technology 43,000 10 million unlimited 10x 10 million:1 71°C Lumens for Pixels of Number of More silent than Contrast ratio in Our ruggedworld’s brightest grayscale sources with competition in its Barco’s displays cancinema projector perfection Barco’s class simulation withstand networked control projectors temperatures rooms concept this high
  • 9. Strengths Technological leadership – Continuous investment in new technologies to anticipate future customer needs – Considerable investment in R&D and innovation – Broad patent portfolio Global presence – Worldwide R&D and manufacturing centers – Strong presence in emerging economies – Global accounts in key markets – Regionally focused sales and service teams Dedicated people – 3,500 skilled employees – One out of five employees is an engineer – Multi-national, multi-disciplinary teams Industrial partnerships – Partnerships with other industry leaders, such as Texas Instruments, Samsung, Hitachi and Dolby – Partnerships that encompass the majority of the world’s leading OEMs and distributors Customer and market focus – Market-oriented business groups with a regional focus – Customer loyalty exceeds the industry benchmark score – ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified company Operational Excellency – Golden Peacock Award : granted to companies that have made the most significant improvement in quality in various business and industry sectors. – Lean Practice Award : awarded the manufacturing excellence in China
  • 10. Company history 75+ years ’50s and’60s ’70s and ’80s ’90s 21st centuryof experience million sales Founded in 1934 Barco one of the Diversification Barco moves into Global leader in as the “Belgian first manufacturers and international professional markets professional American Radio to use printed expansion with (projection, medical visualization Corporation” circuits for its video projection imaging, 3D television sets systems and LED)
  • 11. Healthcare“Supporting healthcare professionals a billion times a year”
  • 12. Product portfolioMammography Diagnostic Clinical review Digital OR Point-of-care displays displays displays systems solutionsHigh-resolution (>5MP) Nio and Coronis Reviewing diagnostic Nexxis digital OR and Smart bedside grayscale displays display families images and clinical high-accuracy surgical terminals and mobile for image creation information displays to meet ever- tablets to enhance and interpretation changing imaging patient comfort and requirements clinical efficiency
  • 13. Where you will find us in the healthcare enterprise Laboratory Intensive care EmergencyRadiology Surgery Dental practicePost-operative care Patient wards Private practice
  • 14. Key facts I-Guard 65,000 Patented automated calibration sensor Display 500,000 controllers Medical displays installed 30,000+ QA software licenses
  • 15. ”Using the latest technology enables us to make accurate diagnosesand confident clinical decisions for our patients”Carlos Yoshihara, Coordinator of the Hospital do Coração PACS program, São Paulo, Brazil
  • 16. ”Microcalcifications, which radiologists are always afraid to miss,are clearly visible on the Coronis 5MP Mammo screens”Dr. Petra Bun, Radiologist, BOBWest Screening Centre, Leiden, the Netherlands
  • 17. ”I am very impressed. The image quality, brightness and contrastratio are excellent for multi modality viewing”Dr. Liang-Kuang Chen, Shin Kong Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 18. ”We knew we wanted to procure the best products, vendor andsupport in a new PACS system. With Barco, we achieved all three”Cathy Taylor, Manager of the Clinical Applications Team, Gwinnett Medical Center, Atlanta, USA
  • 19. ”I am so glad to work with Barco. It really is the most experiencedplayer in the field of medical display devices, worldwide”Dr. Rainer Braunschweig, Head Radiologist, BG Bergmannstrost, Leipzig, Germany
  • 20. ”The combination of Barco’s clinical review displays with MediCalQAWeb software guarantees us DICOM compliant images at all times”Dr. Willy Hummel, Clinical Physicist, Medical Center Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
  • 21. Digital Cinema“Enchanting 50 million moviegoers every day”
  • 22. Product portfolio Projection 3D sound Digital signage CineCare 2K and 4K resolution Auro-3D 11.1 Theater infotainment Training and service
  • 23. Where you will find us in the theater Lobbies & lounges Auditoriums Advertising & POS
  • 24. Key facts 2,000+ Barco-certified 43,000 digital cinema engineers World-record 43,000 lumens25,000+ DLP Long-standing Installed base partnership with Texas Instruments
  • 25. "Barcos projector quality and offer of back up and support was justwhat we wanted."Richard Napper, COO Curzon Cinemas, London, United Kingdom
  • 26. Covering 4000+ screens across the Americas for world’s secondlargest motion picture exhibitorCinemark, Texas, USA
  • 27. ”While good films remain key, our alternative offering attracts newaudiences. Barco greatly helped us move into this exciting digital age”Nicolas Hamon, Projection & Sound Manager Kinepolis, Belgium
  • 28. ”In a post production environment, high quality images and perfectcolor rendering are an absolute necessity; that’s why we chose Barco”Peter Valehrach, Integrator for UPP, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 29. Market leader in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong through partnershipswith reference customers such as China Film Group, Zhujiang JinyiFilm Group and Stellar International Cineplex
  • 30. Official digital projection supplier of the Berlinale61st Berlinale, Berlin, Germany
  • 31. Kinepolis was looking for an out-of-the-box solution that waseasy to handle and modify.Kinepolis, Belgium
  • 32. Control Rooms“Helping over 2.5 billion commuters get home safely every day”
  • 33. Product portfolioRear-projected LCD Networked Control room video walls video walls visualization design platform services LED-based Near-seamless LCD Lamp-based LCD displays
  • 34. Where you will find us in control rooms Security Utilities Traffic Process control Telecom Command & control Broadcast
  • 35. Key facts 50% Monitoring half of the world’s 100,000 electricity transport 100+ hours of LED supporting security ∞ lifetime in 100+ metropolitan areas number of sources you can display
  • 36. ”With the Barco wall, the Oslo Traffic Management Center can providefor a better, safer & more environment-friendly traffic coordination”Kai Gundersen, Oslo Traffic Center, Norway
  • 37. 195m wide display wall for world’s largest refinery siteReliance Petroleum, Jamnagar, India
  • 38. ”The operators praise brightness and flexibility, while the wall meetsour expectations as to eco-friendliness and 24/7 reliability”Rainer Henss, Vice-President Corporate Security Service Branch, Deutsche Post DHL, Bonn, Germany
  • 39. Guaranteeing the safety of 1 million travelers every daySão Paulo Metrô, Brazil
  • 40. ”Once they’d grasped its ease-of-use, our operators really embracedthe Barco video wall”John McClean, Director of Operations, PowerStream, Ontario, Canada
  • 41. ”Boasting outstanding picture quality, reliability and ease of use,Barco had the perfect offering for us”Dimitris Bountolos, Barajas Airport Deputy Director, Madrid, Spain
  • 42. ”Barco’s distribution monitoring has surpassed our expectations of areliable, flexible and scalable solution”Mr. Lian Jintian, Chief Engineer, GDTV, Guangdong, China
  • 43. Media & Entertainment“Setting the scene for over 2,500 gigs and shows every year”
  • 44. Product portfolio Projection LED Lighting ImageRental and staging Full range of LED tiles and Digital lights processing Corporate AV creative LED Automated luminaires Presentation switchers for rental and fixed applications Lighting controllers Matrix switchers
  • 45. Where you will find us in media & entertainment Shopping malls Concerts Car shows Conference & meeting rooms Sport stadiums Houses of worship Branding
  • 46. Key facts 30% 50 Visualizing for Supporting brands 10 x 30% of the in 50 world capitals fortune 100 RLM projector family 10 times more silent than competitors 2 million Barco processes over 2 million LEDs each week
  • 47. ”The transformable LED gave us the chance to create a transparent360° moving video element, unprecedented in this industry”Willie Williams, Show Designer, 360° tour, U2
  • 48. Up to 80% of brands use Barco at car shows81st Geneva Motor Show, Switzerland
  • 49. “The lights are great to use in a big festival. Their extremebrightness brings the most impressive effects to a show.”Kenneth Jakobsen, Bico Professionel, Roskilde Music Festival, Denmark
  • 50. 15,000 square feet of LED on Times SquareAmerican Eagle Outfitters, New York, USA
  • 51. ”Barcos outdoor LED has extremely good viewing angles and willdisplay the live action perfectly even in the bright Abu Dhabi sunlight”Mohammed Al Mubarak, Chief Commercial Officer of Aldar Properties, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • 52. 16 country pavilions used Barco LED and projection at the2010 Shanghai World Expo2010 World Expo, Shanghai, China
  • 53. Press backdrop for 500 million citizensEU Press Room, Brussels, Belgium
  • 54. Simulation & Virtual Reality“Broadening the horizons of 250 research centers”
  • 55. Product portfolio Projection Simulation Collaboration systems platform Simulation projectors 360° dome displays 3D projectors Mini-domes Customized simulators
  • 56. Where you will find us in simulation and virtual reality Ship bridge Driving Simulation Flight Oil & gas 3D Planetarium Research Design & prototyping
  • 57. Key facts 30% 10 mp 10 megapixels, Training over 30% one projector of the world’s military pilots 360° 10m:1 dome projection 10 million:1 contrast ratio
  • 58. 10x more realistic simulation with Barco’s pixel fill factorBOWST Refueling Trainer, Xenia, USA
  • 59. ”Barco’s projectors have greatly helped us to make this one of theUK’s most advanced ship bridge simulators”Peter Woods, Simulator Manager and Lecturer, Lairdside Maritime Center, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • 60. ”Barco offers the sense of realism needed to accurately predict thelook and feel of our products – in 3D as well as 2D”Electrolux, Porcia, Italy
  • 61. 360°, smear-free, fast-moving imagesDaimler Driving Simulator, Stuttgart, Germany
  • 62. Immersing audiences in a million starsDonetsk Planetarium, Ukraine
  • 63. ”Barco has a firm grasp of the needs of todays geophysical industries”Xiong Zhiqiang, Security Supervisor of CNOOC, Beijing, China
  • 64. Defense & Aerospace“Flying aboard 100 types of aircraft every day”
  • 65. Product portfolio ATC Rugged Cockpit displays displays displays Main displays Consoles Control display units Auxiliary displays Computers Mission displays Display servers Workstations Flight critical displays Modular software platform
  • 66. Where you will find us in defense & aerospace Armed forces Air traffic centers & towers Helicopters & airplanes
  • 67. Key facts 10,000+ Boeing ATC displays in the field Silver Supplier 100+ Flying aboard 71°C 100+ airplane types Withstanding 71°C
  • 68. ”Barco is synonymous with high quality, both in its productsand in its services”Bruno Cervia, Head of Engineering New Projects, Pilatus (PC-21 aircraft), Stans, Switzerland
  • 69. 28,000 rugged displays, 14,000 graphic cards, 8,000 consolesUnited States Navy AN/UYQ-7 (Q-70) Program
  • 70. Vital to 1,000 aircraft cockpitsHoneywell Primus Apex Flight Deck
  • 71. “Barco has focused on reliability with regard to product performance,and by their responsive customer support.”Kim Troutman, NAV Canada
  • 72. Reducing carbon footprint by 46,000 tonsAirways New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand
  • 73. Questions & Answers
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