Barco's Final Case

BARCO Projection Systems Presented byo o o o o Manoj Guptha Indrojit Saha Sandeep Rath Vaibhav Ankita BARCO's Product strategy € Becoming leader in variety of markets  Complete knowledge of new market & technology  Vision of being top three manufacturers € Strong commitment to Research & Development  8 to 10 percent of turnover dedicated to R&D € Expansion of international presence  Global expansion campaigns launched Threats Less user friendly projectors € Stiff competition from S
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  BARCO Projection Systems Presented by- o Ma nojGupth a o I ndrojitS a h a o S a ndeepR a th o V a ibh av o A nkit a  BARCO's Product strategy € B ecoming le a der in va riety of m a rkets  Complete knowledge of new m a rket & technology  Vision of being top three m a nuf  a cturers € Strong commitment to Rese a rch &De v elopment  8 to 10 percent of turno v er dedic a ted to R&D € Ex p a nsion of intern a tion a l presence  Glob a l e x p a nsion c a mp a igns l a unched  Th reats € L ess user friendly projectors € Stiff competition from Sony in d a t a  projectors € L ower street price of Sony due to l a rgeno of de a lers in US m a rket. € Dependency upon Sony to obt a in tubes. € The Sony 1270 l a unch  o Sony c a me up with a new model of projector,the 1270. o L a unched in  A ugust,19 8 9. o U.S. m a rket w a s chosen for the kick-off pre v ie w.


Dec 16, 2017
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