Barn Theater Past Productions by Director For the years 1948 to present (in reverse order)

Arrick*, Lawrence October 1950 Papa is All Baker*, Howard December 1948 The Male Animal Bell*, Don Black, Vince May 1964 Sunday in New York H May 1992 Said The Spider To The Fly May
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Arrick*, Lawrence October 1950 Papa is All Baker*, Howard December 1948 The Male Animal Bell*, Don Black, Vince May 1964 Sunday in New York H May 1992 Said The Spider To The Fly May 1990 Light Up the Sky H January 1988 Never Too Late H October 1988 Born Yesterday Blevins, Katie October 2015 Dracula: the Musical? Bockes, Bernie November 1980 The Birthday Party Booch*, Jack January 1959 The Matchmaker October 1958 Teahouse of the August Moon December 1958 A Christmas Carol (Special) Bourne*, William February 1961 An Evening with William Shakespeare November 1960 Rope Page 1 of 17 Bourne, Ralph January 2012 Fearless Dick Bob Merzoian March 2011 Moses Leads the Children Judyann Hellrung May 2010 Calliope January 2006 The Twilighted Zones February 2003 The Twilight Zone February 2000 Amadeus Dick Eckhoff October 1998 Dracula: the Musical? February 1997 The Lion in Winter March 1996 Painting Churches December 1992 Blue River September 1989 Don't Drink the Water December 1987 The Heart Shaped Box February 1986 It's A Scream October 1986 Fearless Dick January 1983 Love, Sex and the IRS December 1983 A Christmas Carol January 1981 Honey and Salt John Holden* September 1978 The Other Woman Boyd, Richard October 2011 Courting Vampires Bradford, Tim April 2006 A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody October 2003 Treasure Island Richard Boyd November 2002 Mr. Scrooge's Christmas Brock, Richard Burgess, Wayne July 1994 Once Upon a Mattress September 1974 Forty Carats Campos*, Helen April 1962 The Robe May 1961 A Few Buttons Missing H June 1961 M'Liss September 1961 The Strong One Carpenter*, Bill April 1958 A Man Called Peter H June 1953 Pygmalion Peter Tewksbury* Page 2 of 17 Cotta *, Larry November 1997 Sylvia H Cox, Wesley March 1993 Lend Me a Tenor H January 1992 Rumors H Cozad, Megan May 1989 Social Security H March 1985 The Gin Game May 1984 The Odd Couple March 1982 Mary, Mary H March 1981 Chapter Two H March 1968 Don Juan in Hell March 1967 Enter Laughing August 2013 The Importance of Being Earnest Caroline Harris * April 2005 Night Of The Living Dead March 2004 The Crucible March 2003 Dracula Deacon*, Richard Demaree *, Michael April 1951 Born Yesterday H February 1999 Fiddler On The Roof October 1999 Lettice And Loveage H February 1998 An Inspector Calls DeVoy, Blue January 1996 The Mikado H May 1994 Private Lives October 1975 Cactus Flower September 1976 Goodbye, Charlie Dobkin*, William March 1964 Marriage-Go-Round Page 3 of 17 Dobson*, Elizabeth October 1970 Goodbye, My Fancy (Special Reading) May 1969 You Can't Take it With You H April 1968 Barefoot in the Park H November 1966 Mary, Mary October 1965 Desk Set October 1964 Pleasure of His Company October 1963 Over September 1962 Janus October 1961 Three Men on a Horse September 1958 White Sheep of the Family December 1958 The Diary of Anne Frank H November 1957 Ladies of the Jury LeRoy King* Driggers*, Richard July 1954 See How They Run August 1954 Spring Time for Henry September 1954 Roadside October 1954 Light Up the Sky November 1954 The Fourposter Driver*, Carl January 1979 Fashion April 1977 The Anderson Trial January 1975 Blood, Sweat and Stanley Poole November 1975 Time of the Cuckoos January 1974 Plaza Suite H June 1974 Inherit the Wind April 1973 Roman Candle September 1973 Butterflies Are Free November 1973 Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf August 1972 Spoon River December 1972 Ten Little Indians Eckhoff, Dick August 1971 Little Hut May 2015 Death of a Salesman May 2004 The Cage/The Academy October 2002 The Insanity Of Mary Girard July 2001 The Taming Of The Shrew Page 4 of 17 Edwards, Nicki January 2015 Lilies of the Field Caroline Harris * January 2014 The Sunshine Boys H Caroline Harris * September 2011 Driving Miss Daisy H Caroline Harris * Emerson, Leca Evans, Salli October 1987 Evita October 1972 The Man Who Came to Dinner January 1971 Star Spangled Girl April 1971 See How They Run H March 1970 Absence of a Cello Forman*, Joanne Friedman*, Art Garlund*, Gareth May 1963 Anniversary Waltz July 1948 George Washington Slept Here March 1983 David and Lisa February 1973 Trial of the Contonsville Nine March 1969 Generation January 1968 The Odd Couple February 1967 A Case of Libel H February 1965 A Thousand Clowns H January 1964 Twelve Angry Men January 1963 Critic's Choice H November 1961 The Royal Family H Givan, Joan October 2010 Our Town Roger Merryman Gorne, Beverly September 1970 The Family Man Gosage, Mel March 2017 Cookin' With Gus November 2014 Christmas Belles Nicki Edwards Grace, Donald October 1968 Persuit if Happiness Graham*, Blaine January 1960 Bad Seed May 1959 The Boy Friend August 1959 The Tender Trap November 1959 Visit to a Small Planet Page 5 of 17 Grant, Pete February 2008 Oliver! Karmen Grant September 2006 Steel Magnolias Gordy Plaisted Hammer, Ian July 2008 Autobahn March 2007 Proof H Pete Grant Harris *, Caroline June 2016 The Mousetrap December 2013 Hide and Seek Nicki Edwards March 2012 The Uninvited Nicki Edwards September 2012 A Flea in Her Ear Nicki Edwards March 2010 The Drunkard Joan Givan February 2009 Love Letters September 2008 B-I-N-G-O Spells Murder January 2005 Love Letters October 1996 Bullshot Crummond January 1991 The 1940's Radio Hour July 1989 Little Shop of Horrors September 1983 The Uninvited January 1982 Arsenic and Old Lace October 1982 The Tavern Haydu, Virginia March 1980 Victoria's House Nicki Edwards June 1976 Annie, Get Your Gun H May 1975 The Rainmaker December 1973 The House of Blue Leaves Hellrung *, Gregory November 1999 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest H June 1993 Man of La Mancha Jim Moeller * July 1992 Li'l Abner Jim Moeller * July 1990 Oklahoma! Leanna Wheetman July 1988 Guys and Dolls Page 6 of 17 Hellrung, Judyann October 2013 Dancing at Lughnasa Mel Gosage May 2012 Forever Plaid Dorothy Rossi November 2012 Christmas Crisis at Mistletoe Mesa Denise Everhart April 2011 State Fair Janet Richey December 2011 Kringle's Window March 2009 Seussical March 2005 The Music Man May 2002 Funny Thing Happened-Way To The Forum May 2000 The Wizard of Oz January 1999 The Glass Menagerie Hernandez, Alphonso December 1989 The Reason for the Season Barbara Worthington* Hickinbotham, Charles Hoerner*, Jeanne May 2014 Headsets March 1959 Cheaper by the Dozen January 1956 Mr. Angel Page 7 of 17 Holden*, John March 1994 Quilters September 1991 Blithe Spirit September 1990 Last Meeting Knights of White Magnolia Eric Kaylor March 1989 Anything Goes May 1987 A Merchant of Venice H May 1986 The Happy Time February 1984 On Golden Pond December 1984 Same Time, Next Year July 1982 Funny Thing Happened-Way To The Forum November 1982 Bedroom Farce June 1981 The Little Foxes April 1980 The Birds March 1979 The Oldest Living Graduate April 1978 The Last Meeting Knights of White Magnolia H January 1976 Finishing Touches November 1976 How the Other Half Loves H February 1975 Prisoner of Second Avenue Hughes, Shirley April 1974 Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well March 1973 The Torchbearers March 1972 The Matchmaker May 1971 The Rape of the Belt June 1999 Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat H June 1998 Grease H October 1994 Oliver Carlynn Turner October 1992 Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat Chris Gammon November 1991 Grease March 1990 West Side Story July 1981 You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown November 1981 Godspell Hunt*, Eldon Josten, Muriel Kaylor, Eric March 1958 The Solid Gold Cadillac February 2001 Arsenic and Old Lace H July 1995 No Sex Please, We're British Page 8 of 17 King*, LeRoy February 1958 Joan of Lorraine February 1957 The Desparate Hours Dave Weaver* January 1955 My Three Angels La Vonne, Edith December 2015 The Hobbit Lawson, John September 1966 No Time For Sergeants Litsey, Alan Lovelace, Wanda June 1978 Gingerbread Lady January 1989 The Foreigner Lundquist, Kristine Lundquist, Richard July 1980 H.M.S. Pinafore H September 1979 The Subject Was Roses H Machado, Tony Manfrini, Josseph May 1976 The Women November 1970 Three Men on a Horse Melton, Pamela January 1980 Bullshot Crummand September 1980 Lovers and Other Strangers November 1977 Man in a Dog Suit Meottel*, Frank Merryman, Roger July 1950 Belvedere March 2014 Send Me No Flowers Joan Givan September 1993 Arsenic and Old Lace Page 9 of 17 Merzoian, Bob January 2017 A Tuna Christmas January 2016 Ten Nights in a Bar Room H March 2015 Greater Tuna H January 2013 Arsenic and Old Lace H January 2011 The Fantasticks H January 2010 Bullshot Crummond H January 2008 Deathtrap H Janie Dignam Vince Black Richard Boyd Ralph Bourne October 2005 Wait Until Dark Karmen Grant October 2004 Bus Stop H January 2003 Rumors January 2002 Love, Sex and the IRS H January 2001 The Tavern March 2000 Jake's Women April 1999 Ten Little Indians April 1997 Prelude to a Kiss September 1997 Harvey September 1995 Sweeny Todd January 1994 The Rainmaker H January 1993 The Cocktail Hour March 1992 I Never Sang For My Father November 1990 The Nerd November 1989 Wait Until Dark September 1988 Nuts September 1987 The Seven Year Itch September 1986 Harold and Maude September 1985 Play It Again Sam October 1984 Dracula November 1983 Harvey Moeller *, Jim May 2002 Addresee Unknown Steve Franklin May 2001 The Boy Friend Carlynn Turner October 2001 Three-Penny Opera Tim Bradford October 2000 Don Juan In Hell April 1998 The Fantasticks September 1998 A Midsummer's Night Dream June 1996 Summer Melodramas Michael Demaree * July 1985 Finnian's Rainbow Page 10 of 17 Moeller, Andrea Moettel*, Frank Mosconi, Thom Munter*, Hal May 1988 Auntie Mame March 1987 The Fantasticks May 1954 The Moon is Blue March 1977 Last of the Red Hot Lovers November 1967 The Gazebo May 1966 It's Never Too Late November 1964 Come Blow Your Horn March 1962 The Mousetrap Newman*, Richard July 1961 Best Foot Foreward October 1971 Luv February 1970 I Found April H January 1969 The Caretaker September 1967 Born Yesterday March 1966 Light Up the Sky H June 1965 Fanny March 1963 Breath of Spring November 1963 Old Lady Shows her Medals February 1962 Dark of the Moon H Newman, Clarence October 1960 Clutterbuck Pennedtri, Lola September 1984 God's Favorite Plaisted, Gordy August 2014 Nunsense Plaisted, Gordy/Wendy April 2016 Psycho Night at the Paradise Lounge October 2016 The Rocky Horror Show September 2009 Alibis Plaisted, Wendy May 2013 The Complete Works of Shakespeare Charles Hickinbotham November 2007 Psycho Night at the Paradise Lounge Gordy Plaisted January 2004 Murder By Misadventure H Page 11 of 17 Pukmel*, Bill Rambo, Neil Ream, Coco May 1967 Guys and Dolls May 1965 Goodbye, Charlie April 1963 The Country Girl April 1966 Li'l Abner November 2010 Let Her Rip Mike Proctor Richey, Janet January 2007 You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Wendy Plaisted Rose*, Beverly July 1987 Kismet July 1986 South Pacific H February 1985 Teahouse of the August Moon H July 1984 The Sound of Music July 1983 Annie H May 1982 Look Homeward, Angel June 1980 On Borrowed Time April 1979 Ten Nights in a Bar Room July 1978 The Student Prince November 1978 The Diary of Anne Frank H Rose*, Ralph July 1977 The Drunkard H March 1976 The Sunshine Boys July 1975 The King and I H May 1974 The Barretts of Wimpole Street July 1973 The Sound of Music H June 1972 The Miracle Worker H January 1987 You Can't Take It With You May 1985 The Good Doctor June 1979 California Suite April Rms Riv Vu March 1974 Play It Again Sam November 1974 All the King's Men May 1972 My Three Angels Page 12 of 17 Ross, Steve May 2017 Is He Dead? March 2013 Norman, Is That You? Edith La Vonne November 2009 A Bad Year For Tomatoes June 2008 George Washington Slept Here Candalyn Ruffa May 2007 Hollywood Arms Coco Ream May 2006 Waiting In The Wings H November 2004 Charley's Aunt Pete Grant November 2003 The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Carlynn Turner September 2002 Norman, Is That You? Ruffa, Candalyn June 2000 Dearly Departed April 1996 Daddy's Duin' Jeanette Van Antwerp * June 2009 The Secret Garden Mike Proctor November 2008 A Salute To Vaudeville III Scheer, Doug November 1993 Nunsense II Scott, Mary July 1991 Nunsense September 2000 Nunsense Silvey, Adam January 2005 A Salute To Vaudeville September 2005 A Salute To Vaudeville II August 2004 Barefoot In the Park April 2003 The Odd Couple H September 2003 The Odd Couple (Female Version) Wendy Plaisted February 2002 Nunsense II Simons, Phil August 2001 You Can't Take it With You February 1971 Owl and the Pussycat Sinyard*, Terry October 1969 The Reclining Figure November 1968 Any Wednesday November 1962 The Male Animal Tanner May 1995 Little Shop of Horrors Page 13 of 17 Tewksbury*, Peter February 1954 Affairs of State March 1954 Mr. Roberts H April 1954 Ah, Wilderness January 1953 Bell, Book and Candle February 1953 Detective Story March 1953 The Passing of the Third Floor Back May 1953 The Happy Time H July 1953 Skin of Our Teeth August 1953 On Borrowed Time October 1953 Life With Father December 1953 The Bat January 1952 Harvey February 1952 Claudia March 1952 Strange Bedfellows H March 1952 Heidi May 1952 What Price Glory November 1952 The Curious Savage January 1951 The Philadelphia Story March 1951 Kind Lady May 1951 Dirty Work at the Crossroads May 1951 The Hasty Heart February 1950 The Wizard of Oz February 1950 Arsenic and Old Lace March 1950 The Dear Sister's Secret April 1950 My Sister Eileen May 1950 Pageant of Porterville May 1950 The Enchanted Cottage July 1950 Guest in the House July 1950 Over 21 August 1950 Androcles and the Lion August 1950 The Women H November 1950 You Can't Take It With You February 1949 The Late Christopher Bean March 1949 Dirty Work at the Crossroads April 1949 Our Town May 1949 Junior Miss June 1949 The Torchbearers June 1949 The Night of January 16 June 1949 The Bishop Misbehaves Page 14 of 17 July 1949 What a Life July 1949 Blithe Spirit August 1949 I Remember Mama H August 1949 Room Service November 1949 Heaven Can Wait December 1949 Sparrow and the Characters June 1948 Petticoat Fever August 1948 The Milky Way H August 1948 Out of the Frying Pan December 1948 Night Must Fall Todd*, Hal February 1951 Magnificent Yankee Turner, Carlynn April 2004 Monky Business H November 2000 School House Rock September 1999 Soup Du Jour December 1998 A Christmas Medley Alphonso Hernandez June 1997 Gypsy H December 1997 Christmas Pageant November 1996 Mr. Scrooge's Christmas November 1995 Mr. Scrooge's Christmas Unser, Doug Unser, Larry March 1978 Sleuth December 1969 Lilies of the Field Unser, Sara French September 1992 Inherit the Wind Van Antwerp *, Jeanette August 2010 Same Time, Next Year April 2002 Pygmalion January 2000 Man Of Destiny September 1996 Lilies of the Field Vaszary, Mike December 1985 A Christmas Carol Page 15 of 17 Weaver*, Dave September 1994 Laura March 1960 Erminegold, The Enginman's Daughter June 1960 We Must Kill Toni September 1959 Private Lives H January 1957 Bus Stop H April 1957 Two Dozen Red Roses May 1957 The Seven Year Itch March 1956 The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial H April 1956 The Rainmaker May 1956 Suds in Your Eye October 1956 King of Hearts November 1956 Dial M for Murder March 1955 Stalag April 1955 Lo and Behold H June 1955 Sabrina Fair October 1955 The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker December 1955 Laura Whatley *, Elfrieda June 2006 Tribute To Cole Porter May 2005 Seven Nuns At Las Vegas Tim Bradford March 1995 Mr. Angel May 1993 See How They Run May 1991 Alone Together December 1988 Barnaby Tim Santry December 1986 The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever November 1985 The Children's Hour May 1977 Strange Bedfellows October 1977 The Curious Savage Wheetman, Leanna January 1995 The Cemetery Club H White, Michelin March 1991 Steel Magnolias H September 2007 The Diary of Anne Frank October 2006 Dear Edwina Junior November 2005 Babes In Toyland Wood, Phil January 1966 The Millionairist Page 16 of 17 Worthington*, Barbara January 1990 A Flea in Her Ear March 1988 Tartuffe March 1986 The Boy Friend March 1984 The Pirates of Pinzance H May 1983 Deathtrap May 1981 A Streetcar Named Desire September 1981 Vanities July 1979 The Mikado November 1979 Pygmalion January 1978 Steambath January 1977 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof April 1976 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Z-Unknown, Z-Unknown January 1997 Of Mice and Men March 1965 Blithe Spirit Page 17 of 17
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