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    © All Rights Reserved, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore   EP101x  –  Do Your Venture | Prof. Suresh Bhagavatula Week 1   The Principle of Equifinality There's a concept called equifinality, which suggests that similar results may be achieved with different initial conditions in many different ways. In our research and interactions with entrepreneurs, we find similar openness and diversity of paths and the means to the end goal of becoming an entrepreneur. While there are as many paths to entrepreneurship as they are entrepreneurs, we find a few recurring paths. The User Entrepreneur Imagine yourself as a user of a particular product or a service. Let us take adventure sport. Say you are an avid mountain biker, however, you realize that the product and services available for mountain bikes in your region are just not up to the standard or the quality that you would like. In some cases, these products and accessories may just not be available. We found that many professionals who are passionate about something find themselves frustrated with what is on offer and decide to take things into their own hands. These are User Entrepreneurs. Priyamvada:  Hi, I'm Priyamvada here. So, thank you very much for introducing me. So as an entrepreneur, I would just like to give you a quick recall about my college days where I started pursuing nutrition as my higher graduation study. So that's when I realized that a nutrition really plays an important role in everyone's life and that's the time when I had always been wanting to pursue in the child nutrition space which is really not in India and been at practiced much in India. So, once I was done with my post-graduation, I had an opportunity to work with the child hospital for a couple of years so that is the time when I realize that nutrition really plays an important role and how it’s  been like addressed in the hospitals and what kind of quality is required when it comes to nutrition in children because its most of the sensitive areas to actually handle and deal with. So, after a couple of years, I moved out of the hospital and I again entered into the child nutrition segment because my passion was towards that. So that ’s  where I felt that you are trying to do something and then you want to justify in the area of children. So that ’s  where I begin my journey but at that time entrepreneur and entrepreneurship was never into my mind. Post which I saw that 'Okay, fine!' Something    © All Rights Reserved, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore   EP101x  –  Do Your Venture | Prof. Suresh Bhagavatula Week 1   needs to be done, I mean some problem needs to solved in India, which really cannot happen only from one end. So, it has to be a collaborative approach that needs to be taken care of. So that is when I saw that 'Okay. Fine!' In the urban India population, I mean right now I'm a mother of a toddler so where I put my son into the school and the parents had too many concerns about my child eating pattern and then the child's eating habits and then my child's growth pattern, so I wanted to solve this problem which existed in every pre-school so nook and corner of the pre-schools and that is how I being my journey and I thought 'Okay. Fine!' I  just took a plunge as an women entrepreneur. Take-A-Break Entrepreneur This is someone who wants to become an entrepreneur but doesn't have a clue as to what sort of venture she wants to start. So, this person decides to take a break and be away from day-to-day hassles that one finds being a part of a regular job and spend some time just reflecting on what is that big problem that they would like to solve. Achitra Borgohain:  ...And I think the first 6 months was one-person picking up waste from individual homes and there is no other thing that I can tell you to make the story any more interesting, but I also wanted to meet customers. I think the whole point was to meet customers every day. Go and pick up waste and understand from them as to what is it they are looking for? There is also the existing network also pays people to get the waste whatever less it is, but there were emails from customers who would say Thank god! That you are here Because people who just take it from my home break it right outside the apartment gate and take away the metal tubes of a tube light because the glass is not useful but the metal fetches him Rs. 5/- Rs.10/- and he would give me some penny or some money and then you just vanish. I don't know what happens to that. So, by meeting those customers in the first 6 months was the first thing that I wanted to do and since I was alone at that point of time it was me going and picking up waste and understanding customers need. So, couple of other things might have happened over that time is I started meeting some people who would now say what is it that they are looking from a problem-solving point of view for a few that you have to ensure that the waste is going to an authorized recycler and the fact that you are    © All Rights Reserved, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore   EP101x  –  Do Your Venture | Prof. Suresh Bhagavatula Week 1   picking it up we should also know that it is so the point they were trying to connect is this where does my ways to answer. Right? So when he say that we work with authorized recyclers and that is what helped doing a back-end tie up with the recycler was something that was useful in that period. If I would have just said that I am picking up waste from your doorstep may not have worked really maybe one or two customers would have given it saying that Okay. Somebody is coming out doorstep and picking it up But what we found out is that people also wants to see where the waste ends up with. So I think those first six months were complete learning for us. Moonlighting Entrepreneur This is someone who has some clarity as to what she would like to do. However, before committing to an idea completely, she chooses to work on it part-time. Thus, they would continue to work full-time in their regular jobs or other activities while tinkering over the idea, seeking feedback on the same, and fine-tuning it during their spare time. Usually in the evenings or over the weekends. Further, the full-time job serves as a source of either skill or networks and the savings and if it will serve them well when she finally starts the venture. Thanmaya:  Brewing for a while so because the industries space that I have been working in. So although, I've always work for technology companies. It actually took us 2 years to narrow that big thing down. Right? Over many discussions. Over many conversations. Right? And in terms of in preparing for that Okay. Since at least for me, for my sake, I knew that okay. I know that I want to be out and I want to start doing this. So I didn't start talking to my co-founders about a year or later. Right? We were talking but we just talk of anything specific so once we started to do that so in that time frame also I realize that technically I had lost a lot of my technical abilities over the years because you are just in a different mode. Right? We are in a corporate, you are in a job, you have people doing stuff for you. So you move away from the fun side of it for some part you know the coding and everything or the technology what is a new thing it is there. So I feel lost touch with that. So I started spending a lot of time in earning those skills again. It is that's the way it was so that is what I spent the time. Right? Trying to preparing myself. Right? So preparing myself, preparing a family, talking to people.    © All Rights Reserved, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore   EP101x  –  Do Your Venture | Prof. Suresh Bhagavatula Week 1   Accidental Entrepreneur An entrepreneur who perhaps has never thought of being an entrepreneur. They start with some action and then A leads to B leads to C leads to D, and before they realize, they have a functional venture. R. Sundar:  Handful of things that sort of came together around the same time. So, a cousin of mine who’s  a lot more adventurous I would say chose to step out of work and then, he said, “I  just want to step back and give some time for myself.”  I used to be a member of a library near MG Road and I used to also buy books regularly from bookstores. So, Crossword and Landmark, and the regular book retailing outlets we used to go to. And then there is this Eloor library which is there on MG road. Its been around for quite some time. We go there and pick up books as well. So, in one of those trips, I remember I had taken my father along, who is also a voracious reader. And then he was just making a casual comment that “If   I could get all the books that is there in Crossword for me to read without actually having to pay for buying these books. If I read it and return it back, it would be such a wonderful experience.”  And then when I took him to the library, the experience, the collection. So he just felt that having a library like how a bookstore looks, access to a similar collection would be a lot more interesting experience for someone like him. And post that, keep having conversations with my wife on what does it mean to run a business, and what does it mean to do a business plan and things like that. And my brother, my sister-in-law, we keep talking about it once in a while. But somebody stepped out of work showing the way that is an option. Somebody is talking money with my wife and others. Father was talking about books and library. Sometimes, just a series of small inconsequential conversations just start leading you onto something. So, I and my wife keep talking about just how much of money would we be willing to spend if we were to do an experiment like this and then it starts getting a little more serious, so there is an idea, there is a conversation on money, there is a conversation on what does it mean to step out of corporate life. So these small, small conversations, kind of eventually come together.
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