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  Peridotite Location: Marquette County, MichiganDescription: term used for course-grained olivine-rich rocks in which olivine is the dominate mineral but is les than ! of the rock#  Sandstone Location: Los $ngeles County, C$Description: a well cemented sedimentary rock consisting of  predominantly quarts#   Bituminous Shale Location: %tica, &'Description: a laminated or fossile mudrock#  Coquina Location: (t# $ugustine, )LDescription: &*$   Phosphorite Location: +arstow, )LDescription: an aphanitic to  phaneritic, typically brown to  black rock that is oolitic, laminated, nodular, or fossiliferous, with more that ! apatite# .aymond, p#/0!  Pyroxenite Location: .ustenburg District, 1ransvaal, .($Description: an ultramafic rock consisting of mostly pyro2ene3s45  possible accessory minerals include olivine, spinel, garnet, hornblende, biotite, feldspar, and nepheline#   Arkose Location: 6ardiner, MontanaDescription: type of sandstone that is rich in feldspars#  Ferruginous Shale Location: Deep .un, 7$Description: a laminated or fossile mudrock# 
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