BBA Cert for ReCo High Adherence Strip and Panel Lug System for Ret Walls & Bridge Abuts (2003)

BBA Cert for ReCo High Adherence Strip and Panel Lug System for Ret Walls & Bridge Abuts (2003)
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  Readers are advised to check the validity of this Certificate by either referring to the BBA’s website ( or contactingthe BBA direct (Telephone Hotline 01923 665400). 1 Requirements 1.1 All proposals for adopting the system shallcomply with current HA design and certificationprocedures and relevant Design Data shall besubmitted in accordance with the requirements ofsection 4 of this Certificate.1.2 The design, materials specification andconstruction methods adopted shall be inaccordance with HA Technical StandardBD70/03 (use of BS8006 : 1995), DesignManual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB 2.1.5) andManual of Contract Documents for HighwayWorks (MCHW), Volume1 (MCHW1), May2001 Edition. Reinforced Earth Company Ltd 6 Hollinswood CourtStafford Park 1TelfordShropshire TF3 3DETel: 01952 201901 Fax: 01952 201753 Roads and Bridges Agrément CertificateNo 99/R106 Second issue* Designated by Governmentto issueEuropean TechnicalApprovals HIGH ADHERENCE STRIP AND PANEL LUG SYSTEM FOR REINFORCED SOIL RETAINING WALL AND BRIDGE ABUTMENTS Product  ã THIS CERTIFICATE REPLACES ROADS AND BRIDGES CERTIFICATE No87/R030 AND RELATES TO THE HIGH ADHERENCE STRIP AND PANEL LUG SYSTEM FOR REINFORCED SOILRETAINING WALL AND BRIDGE ABUTMENTS.ã The system is based on the use of galvanized, hot- rolled steel strips with transverse ridges formed during the rolling process and galvanized, hot-rolled strip panel lugs to be embedded in precast reinforced concrete facing panels.ã The design and construction must be in accordance with the requirements of the Highways Agency (HA),acting on behalf of the Department for Transport, the Scottish Executive Development Department, the Welsh Assembly Government, and the Department for Regional Development, Northern Ireland, and the conditions set out in the Design Data and  Installation parts of this Certificate.ã Marketing, design and supervision of the construction of reinforced soil structuresincorporating the system are carried out by the Certificate holder. Formal training is provided where construction is not carried out by the Certificate holder. CI/SfB (16.9)H2 Highways Agency Requirements Electronic Copy  Regulations 2Construction (Design and Management) Regulations1994 (as amended)Construction (Design and Management) Regulations(Northern Ireland) 1995 (as amended) Information in this Certificate may assist the client,planning supervisor, designer and contractors to addresstheir obligations under these Regulations. See section: 4 Delivery, storage and site handling (4.1). Technical Specification 3 Description 3.1 The High Adherence Strip and Panel LugSystem for Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall andBridge Abutments system comprises:ãHigh Adherence StripsãPanel Lugsãbolts and nuts for attaching the High AdherenceStrips to the Panel Lugsãfrictional fillãprecast concrete facing panels.3.2 High Adherence Strips (see Figure 1) aremanufactured from galvanized, hot-rolled steelstripwith transverse ridges. The steel strip isqualityS355JR with minimum tensile, bearing andshear strength of 510 Nmm –2 having a siliconcontent ofnot less than 0.20% and not more than0.35% complying with the requirements ofBSEN10025 : 1993. Figure 1High Adherence Reinforcing Strip  3.3 The Panel Lugs (see Figure 2) aremanufactured from galvanized, hot-rolled steel strip.The steel strip is quality S355JR with minimumtensile, bearing and shear strength of 510 Nmm –2 ,having a silicon content of not less than 0.20% andnot more than 0.35%, complying with therequirements of BS EN 10025 : 1993. Figure 2Panel Lug 3.4 After fabrication, the High Adherence Stripsand Panel Lugs are hot-dip galvanized toBSENISO 1461 : 1999, except that the averagezinc coating weight for any individual test area isnot less than 1000 gm –2 .3.5 The 12 mm diameter bolts are steel alloygrade 10.9 to BS 3692 : 2001 or BS EN ISO 4014 : 2001 grade A and BS EN ISO 898-1 : 1999, hot-dip galvanized toBSEN ISO 1461 : 1999.3.6 The 12 mm diameter nuts are steel alloy grade 8 to BS 3692 : 2001 or BS EN ISO 4032 : 2001, style 1, grade A and BS EN 20898-2 :1994, hot-dip galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 :1999.3.7 Nominal dimensions and the design strength(T D ) of the High Adherence Strips and Panel Lugsare given in Table 1. Table 1Properties of High Adherence Strip and Panel Lugs TypeNominalNominalDesign strengthwidththicknessstrength, T D(1), (2) (mm)(mm)(kN)Main bodyConnection405HA40538.824.0504HA50437.125.9455HAR45543.942.2 (3) Panel Lug454—42.2 (1) Assumes a design life of 120 years.(2) Includes for partial factor fn = 1.1, to allow for ramifications offailure—see BS 8006 : 1995, Table 3.(3) Connection capacity limited by Panel Lug. 3.8 Manufacturers of High Adherence Strips andPanel Lugs shall be BS EN ISO 9002 : 1994 (orequivalent) registered.3.9 Quality control checks on High Adherence Strips and Panel Lugs during manufacture include chemical analysis, tensile tests and zinc thickness tests. 4 4  5   all dimensions in mm5 (or 4)58405HA504HA(or 50)4045455HARall dimensions in mm 2 Electronic Copy  4 Delivery, storage and site handling 4.1 Components should be handled and stored generally in accordance with HA requirements. 4.2 The High Adherence Strips are supplied inbundles. Each bundle carries a label bearing theBBA identification mark and the number of thisCertificate.4.3 Panel Lugs in bundles or crates, each carryinga label bearing the BBA identification mark and thenumber of this Certificate, are supplied for castinginto the precast reinforced concrete panels beforedelivery to site. Design Data 5 General 5.1 High Adherence Strip and Panel Lugs aresatisfactory for use in providing reinforcement forreinforced soil structures with stability achieved through interaction of the soil particles with the High Adherence Strips. A typical sectional elevation andplan are shown in Figures 3 and 4 respectively.5.2 Design details, including the required length,type and spacing of High Adherence Strips, aresatisfactory when determined in accordance withTechnical Standard BD 70/03.5.3 The arrangement of High Adherence Stripand parapet support structure (as shown on theCertificate holder ’ s drawings Nos S93, S94, S95,and S99) is satisfactory for the requirements of thedesign load case associated with vehicle impacton P1 and P2 parapets for highways structures,where the highway design traffic surcharge is HAor up to 45 units of HB. The strip requirement forother load cases, eg HA and/or HB trafficsurcharge, is to be determined separately and themaximum strip requirement provided. The anchorbeam dimensions shown on the Certificate holder ’ sdrawings are satisfactory for the global stability ofthe anchor beam to prevent overturning andforward sliding, as demonstrated by the results of afull-scale impact test.5.4 High Adherence Strips are easily installed andare able to withstand the forces imposed bycompaction plant provided the composition of thefill and the compaction methods are in accordancewith HA requirements, and this Certificate.5.5 The connection between the High AdherenceStrips and the Panel Lugs is easily made.5.6 To prevent damage, High Adherence Stripsmust not come into direct contact with compactionplant. Strips must be covered and protected with fillprior to any trafficking.5.7 Fill should be placed to a minimum depth of150 mm before each pass of the compaction plantand, to avoid movement of the facing panels,heavy compaction plant should not be employedwithin 2 m of the face.5.8 Prior to the commencement of the work, thedesigner shall satisfy the HA technical approvalrequirements. 3 Figure 3Typical diagrammatic sectional view  Electronic Copy  5.9 Where appropriate to specific projects, thedesigner should provide the main contractor withdetails of: ã  working drawings ã  calculations ã  specification for fill material ã  acceptable moisture content of fill material attime of placement ã  sequence of placing fill material ã  estimated movement of facing units during fillingand compaction operations ã  tolerance on the position of finished line of thewall.5.10 Where appropriate, the reinforced soilstructure should be protected against horizontalimpact loads caused by possible vehicle collisionwith the lower facing units of the wall.5.11 The precast concrete facing units should bedesigned to conform to the requirements of HATechnical Standards BD 24/92. Use ofBS5400-4 : 1990 (DMRB 1.3.3) and BD 57/01(DMRB 1.3.7). 6 Design considerations Reinforced soil structures incorporating the productsshall be designed in accordance with BD 70/03,and other HA requirements. 7 Mechanical properties Design strength (T D ) 7.1 The appropriate design strength, T D , for aparticular combination of High Adherence Stripand Panel Lug, may be taken from Table 1, thisallows for: ã  a design life of 120 years ã  a partial material factor, f m = 1.5 ã  a partial factor, f n = 1.1, dealing withramifications of failure. High Adherence Strip/frictional soil interaction 7.2 The fill material used in the structures shall be6I or 6J frictional fill as described in MCHW1 withelectrochemical properties in accordance with Table4 of BS 8006 : 1995, or frictional fill material as described in clause 7.3 of this Certificate.7.3 Fill material used in structures that complieswith the following grading limits (see Table 2), hasa uniformity coefficient not less than two, and thecharacteristic parameters defined in clause 7.4 of this Certificate can be used in design without furthertests except where the fill is chalk, in which case shear box (300 mm) tests must be carried out. Where fill in the reinforced earth structure is within a vertical distance of 1 m of a trafficked road surface, it musthave a uniformity coefficient not less than 5. Table 2Fill material grading limits BS sievePercentage passing125 mm (1) 10075 mmnot less 7510 mmnot less 1080 µm0 to 15 (1) Particles larger than 125 mm and up to 250 mm may be used at thediscretion of the engineer. 7.4 For frictional fill complying with the gradingrequirements of clauses 7.2 or 7.3 of thisCertificate, shear strength characteristics (1) will beequal to or better than: 4 Figure 4Typical diagrammatic plan view  Electronic Copy
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