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  IBA BBA ADMISSION TEST ENGLISH LECTURE SHEET 4 REVIEW TEST Identify one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. Then circle the letter that corresponds to the answer you have chosen. 1.   (B) correct form: their 2.   (C) correct form: his 3.   (B) correct form: that 4.   (C) correct form: that 5.   (B) correct form: his own Choose the best answer: 6.   (D) that 7.   (B) I 8.   (C) whom 9.   (D) whomever 10.   (C) whose 11.   (A) his 12.   (B) each other 13.   (B) one ’s  14.   (D) have 15.   (A) is Identify the sentences below as CORRECT (C) OR INCORRECT (I). 1.   INCORRECT Correct: My cousin, who keeps track of fashion trends, says the girls are wearing shorter skirts this fall. 2.   CORRECT 3.   CORRECT  4.   INCOORECT Correct: Maureen uses a memory typewriter-printer, a computer, a laser printer, and a multiple-function telephone that has created some confusion. 5.   INCORRECT Correct: Doreen is using a toothbrush to clean the grout between the bathroom tiles, but the toothbrush/the grout is old. 6.   CORRECT 7.   INCORRECT Correct: Harry and Rich will always remember Harry ’s/Rich’s  birthday celebrations. 8.   INCORRECT Correct: If the coiled wire inside a regular light bulb were spread out, the wire would be about two feet long. 9.   CORRECT 10.   INCORRECT Correct: Tailors recommend that suit pants for men be just long enough so that the men ’s  socks don't show when they walk. Fill in the following blanks with the right word from the options below.  1.   (E) complacency 2.   (A) debunked 3.   (B) corroborated 4.   (B) debilitating 5.   (B) conjecture Exercise 1: Choose either the simple present or the  present progressive form for the verbs in parentheses. 1.   play 2.   understands 3.   ends 4.   goes 5.   needs  6.   is wearing 7.   looks 8.   begins 9.   make 10.   are making Exercise 2: Choose the correct form of the verb from parentheses. 1.   smells 2.   goes 3.   is washing 4.   goes 5.   phones 6.   are going 7.   believe 8.   remember Exercise 3: Choose the correct form of the verb from parentheses. 1.   was reading 2.   called 3.   was watching 4.   arrived 5.   was listening 6.   bought 7.   opened 8.   was going Exercise 4: Select either the past simple or the past perfect form for the verbs in parentheses. 1.   felt, had eaten 2.   had examined, had  3.   called, had gone 4.   had finished, came 5.   threw, had read 6.   had spent, asked 7.   gave, had corrected 8.   had risen, started Exercise 5: Use correct future tense of the verbs in parentheses. 1.   will have finished 2.   arrives 3.   will be living 4.   will leave 5.   will have studied/ will have been studying 6.   will buy 7.   will come 8.   will have played/ will have been playing Exercise 6: Most of the sentences contain one mistake. Write CORRECT (C) or INCORRECT (I). Correct mistakes. 1.   INCORRECT Correct: The coffee smells wonderful. 2.   CORRECT 3.   INCORRECT Correct: The ship sank because the engineer didn ’t call for help until it was already sinking. 4.   CORRECT 5.   INCORRECT Correct: How is Jennifer? Has her health improved? 6.   INCORRECT Correct: You ’ re quite right. I completely agree with you. 7.   INCORRECT
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