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  Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)Scheme of Examination  (w.e.f. Session 2016-17) SubjectCodePapersExternalMarksInternalMarksotalMarks!urationSEMESE #I BBA-101Business Organisation80201003 HrsBBA-102Business Accounting80201003 HrsBBA-103Manageria !cono ics-#80201003 HrsBBA-10$Business Mat%e atics-#80201003 HrsBBA-10&Hin'i80201003 HrsBBA-10&-Aenera !ngis%80201003 HrsBBA-106o *uter +un'a entas80201003 HrsBBA-107Se inar-&0&0 SEMESE #II BBA-108,rinci*es of Manage ent80201003 HrsBBA-10Anasis of +inancia State ents80201003 HrsBBA-110Manageria !cono ics-##80201003 HrsBBA-111/n'erstan'ing Socia Be%aiour80201003 HrsBBA-112Business Mat%e atics-##80201003 HrsBBA-113Business o unication-#80201003 HrsBBA-11$ia-oce&0-&0BBA-11&!niron enta Stu'ies7&2&1003 Hrs SEMESE #III BBA-201/n'erstan'ing Hu an Be%aiour80201003 HrsBBA-202Micro Business !niron ent80201003 HrsBBA-203Business Statistics-#80201003 HrsBBA-20$Manage ent Accounting80201003 Hrs  BBA-20&+un'a entas of BMS an' O4A5!80201003 HrsBBA-206Business o unication-##80201003 HrsBBA-207Se inar-&0&0 SubjectCodePapersExternalMarksInternalMarksotalMarks!urationSEMESE #I$ BBA-208Hu an Be%aiour at wor80201003 HrsBBA-20MacroBusiness !niron ent80201003 HrsBBA-210Business Statistics-##80201003 HrsBBA-211Mareting Manage ent80201003 HrsBBA-212+inancia Manage ent 80201003 HrsBBA-213,rinci*es of Materia Manage ent80201003 HrsBBA-21$ia-oce&0-&0 SEMESE #$ BBA-301Business 5aws-#80201003 HrsBBA-302,rinci*es of 4etaiing80201003 HrsBBA-303,rinci*es of Baning80201003 HrsBBA-30$+un'a entas of !-o erce80201003 HrsBBA-30&!*ort ,roce'ure an' ocu entation80201003 HrsBBA-306,rinci*es of ,ro'uction Manage ent80201003 HrsBBA-307raining 4e*ort100-100 SEMESE #$I BBA-308!ntre*reneurs%i* eeo* ent80201003 HrsBBA-30Business 5aws-##80201003 HrsBBA-3105ogistic Manage ent80201003 HrsBBA-311,rinci*es of #nsurance80201003 HrsBBA-312#ntro'uction to +inancia Serices80201003 HrsBBA-313ia 9oce&0 %e *a*er is as *er t%e gui'eines of Hon:a;e Su*re e ourt. %is is ore o'ue sa;us as a**roe' ; /. %e ea ination of t%is *a*er wi ;e con'ucte' ; t%e coege concerne' at its own ee earier t%an t%e se ester ea ination an' eac% stu'ent wi ;e re<uire' to score ini u of 3&= ars eac% int%eor an' *ractica. %e ars o;taine' in t%is <uaifing *a*er wi not ;e incu'e' in 'eter ining t%e   *ercentage of ars o;taine' for t%e awar' of 'egree. Howeer> t%ese wi ;e s%own in t%e 'etaie' arscertificate of t%e stu'ent.) 2& ars s%ort answer an' &0 ars essa t*e wit% in;uit c%oice 2& ars +ie' wor  BBA#%&'#Aeneral En*lish Max+ Marks %&&External Assessment ,&Internal Assessment -&.ote here /ill be ei*ht 0uestions in all+ A candidate is re0uired to attempt fi1e0uestions includin* the 0uestion no+ % /hich is compulsor2+ 3uestion no+ % /illcomprise of six short ans/er 0uestions+ All 0uestions shall carr2 e0ual marks+ ra ar an' /sageA etaie' Stu' of ?ouns> ,ronouns> A'@ecties> Artices> er;s> A'er;s>,re*ositions> on@unctions an' t%eir orrect /sage.ra ar an' /sageenses Actie an' ,assie oice ransfor ation of Sentences fro Si *e too *oun'Co *e Sentences ?arrationC4e*orte' S*eec%.oca;uarAnton s an' Snon s wor's Often onfuse' # *ortant 5atin an' !ngis%,refies an' Affies o on 5ega er s (%eir Meaning an' /sage).o *osition Sisa)+or a 5etter Driting> Driting of Business 5etters> Officia 5etters an's. ;),aragra*% Dritingc),unctuation Su**ested eadin* 1.Dren an' Martin  Hig% Sc%oo !ngis% ra er an' o *osition2.icoo an' Su;ra ania  A +unctiona ra ar wit% /sage an'o *osition3.Mur*%> 4a on'  !ssentia !ngis% ra ar> a ;ri'ge /niersit,ress$.Maison> Margaret M.  !a ine Eour !ngis%&.Aen. D. S. 5iing !ngis% Structure6.+ewings. Hartin  A'ance' ! gis% ra er> a ;ri'ge /niersit,ress


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