BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Scenario Tool

BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Scenario Tool
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  BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Scenario Tool Robert Dingwall, Andy Balmer, Murray Goulden  This report was commissioned by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and was submitted as a final version in August 2011.  i Author Biographies Professor Robert Dingwall Robert Dingwall is a consulting sociologist. He has written extensively on issues in health care, law, science and technology and served on a number of review and advisory panels for BBSRC. Dr Murray Goulden Murray Goulden is a Research Fellow at the Horizon Institute, University of Nottingham. His research interests focus on socio-technical interactions in the domain of energy, and the use of futures in policy making Dr Andrew Balmer Andrew Balmer is Lecturer in Sociology and Simon Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. Andrew works in the field of Science and Technology Studies to understand the development of technology and the generation of scientific knowledge.  iii Contents Introduction 1Innovation and Public Engagement 1The Role of this Document 2Chapter 1 Designing and Using Scenarios 3  Technology 4 Context 5 Competing Energy Technologies 5 Climate and Environment 6 Social, Economic and Demographic 7 Chapter 2 Scenario Examples and Their Use 11 Scenario 1: No Change of Course 11  Scenario components 11 Context 11 Climate and Environment 12 Socio-Economic 12 Everyday Life in 2030: Alex Palmer and his friends 13 Using the Scenario 14  Scenario 2: Bumping along the bottom 15  Scenario components 15 Context 15 Climate and Environment 15 Socio-Economic 15 Everyday Life in 2030: Mrs Palmer goes to work 16 Using the Scenario 17  Scenario 3 How Green is my Valley? 18  Scenario components 18 Context 18 Climate and Environment 18 Socio-Economic 18 Everyday Life in 2030: Mr Patel and the Village Hub 19 Using the Scenario 20  iv  Scenario 4 Riding along on the crest of a wave…? 21  Scenario components 21 Context 22 Climate and Environment 22 Socio-Economic 22 Everyday Life in 2030: The Rewards of Initiative 23 Using the Scenario 24 Working with Scenarios 25The Scenario approach 26Chapter 3 Technologies 27  Biomass Sources 27 Bioethanol/ETBE 28 Engineering the biomass 30 Engineering the Microbes 31 Biomethanol, MTBE and Biomethane 32 Biobutanol 32 Biohydrogen 33 Biodiesel (FAME and FAEE)/Microdiesel 34 Isoprenoids 35 Web Resources 35 Chapter 4 Contexts for Bioenergy 37  Context 37 Climate and Environment 38 Socio-Economic 39 Web resources 44 References 47
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