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  information about the three Gunas or mental states and the foods that are related to creating them! Satva is... Clarity, peace, happinessSattvic Foods Sattvic foods are those that are pure, fresh, clean and full of life force energy. Eating a sattvic diet keeps our minds pure, clear and content and is the basis for good health and enduring happiness. In order to experience a more sattvic way of being calm, clear, receptive, peaceful the ma ority of your diet would include fresh, wholesome and #living$as opposed to processed foods chosen from the list below. %d&uki beans%lfalfa sprouts%lmonds%maranth%pples%pricots%rtichokes%rugula small amounts%sparagus'ananas ripe'arley'asmati rice'ean sprouts all kinds'eets'lack beans'lackberries'lueberries'lack(eyed peas'ra&il )uts'road beans'roccoli'russels sprouts'uckwheat'uttermilk fresh*abbage red or green*antaloupe*arob*arrots*ashew nuts*auli+ower*elery*hard*herries sweet or sour*hestnuts*hinese cabbage*oconut*ollard greens*orn, fresh*ornmeal*ranberries*ucumbers*ream, sweetates freshEndiveEscarole-ava beans-igs fresh or dried-ilberts-lowers edible and sweet-ruit uices freshly madeGhee in moderationGrapefruitsGrapesGreen beansoney, rawoneydew melon/erusalem artichokes0ale0ohlrabi1entils black or brown1ettuce1ima beans small amounts1oganberries2acadamia nuts2angoes2aple syrup2ilk fresh, raw, and pure2illet2other3s milk2ung beans whole2ung dhal split2ustard greens)avy beans in moderation4ats steel cut or berries4ranges sweet5apayas5arsnips5eaches5ecans5ineapple sweet5ine nuts5into beans5lums sweet or sour5omegranates5otatoes all colors5runes5umpkins6uinoa7aisins7aspberries7ice7utabagaSesame seeds hulled orunhulledSoybeans Soymilk freshSpinachStrawberriesSugar cane rawSummer s8uashSun+ower seedsSweet potatoes9angerines sweet9eff 9urnips:alnuts English or black:atercress:atermelon:heat:ild rice:inter s8uash;acon;ams;ogurt freshly made<ucchini  Rajas is... Stimulation, activity, passion, creativityRajasic foods 7a asic foods are stimulating and energi&ing to the mind and body and tend to include pungent spicy, sour and salty tastes. % diet consisting of primarily ra asic foods can and can overexcite the circulatory and nervous systems and cause aggression, and competitiveness as well as physical and mental stress. 9he list below contains some examples of ra asic foods. %nd although there are lots of yummy foods on the list, ra asic foods should be eaten in moderation to avoid imbalance.%ged cheeses%vocado'uttermilk not freshly made*ottage cheese*hiliate sugarried datesEggsEggplant-ermented food all-ructose-ruit uices bottledGarban&o beansGarlicGuavaIce cream0idney beans0e=r, not freshly made1ime1emon7ed lentils2alt Syurp2ango, unripe2olasses4lives4nions all kinds5eanuts5eanut oil5epper5ickles5istachios, salted5umpkin seeds7adishes7hubarb7ice bran syurp7icotta *heeseSalt all kindsSour creamSoy milk boxed or bottledSugar all kinds9omatoes>inegar;ogurt not freshly made Tamas is... dullness, inertia, heaviness, darkness, attachment.Tamasic foods  9amasic foods are dulling to the mind and body. -oods that are old, dead, fro&en or highly processed, full of chemicals, or impure are included in this category. 9hese foods can leave a person feeling lethargic, dull, heavy, and complacent. 9hey offer little nourishment to the mind or the body and should be kept to the barest minimum in any healthy balancing diet! )otice that some foods can be rendered tamasic based on the way that they are prepared.%lcohol%nimal meat beef,chicken, =sh, fowl, goat,lamb, pork, rabbitshell=sh, turkey, venison-ried foods-ro&en foods1ard1eeks1eftovers2argarine2icrowaved food2ilk homogeni&ed, pasteuri&ed, powdered2ushrooms all kinds4nions, all kinds, raw or cookedShallots9exturi&ed >egetable 5rotein 9>5-ood with preservatives
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