MEETING HELD ON 20TH January 28, 2011 BUILDING DEPARTMENT MEMBERS PRESENT Mr. GITHAKA Mr. NDERITU Mr. NJOROGE Mr. NGATIA Mr. ORION Mr.WAICHINGA Mr. KIIRU Mr. MUTUA Mr.MUHIA MEMBERS ABSENT WITH APOLOGY Mr. MAINA Mr. KIRUI Mr. NGURE AGENDA The way forward for the building department as a centre of excellence PRELIMIRARIES The chairman called the meeting to order at 11.00am.MR NDERITU then opened the meeting with a word of prayer. The chairman briefed the members on the agenda. He requested the mem
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  MEETING HELD ON 20 TH January 28, 2011BUILDING DEPARTMENTMEMBERS PRESENT Mr. GITHAKA CHAIRMANMr. NDERITU SECRETARYMr. NJOROGE RESOURCE CENTREMr. NGATIA MEMBERMr. ORIONMr.WAICHINGAMr. KIIRUMr. MUTUAMr.MUHIA MEMBERS ABSENT WITH APOLOGY  Mr. MAINAMr. KIRUIMr. NGURE AGENDA  The way forward for the building department as a centre of excellence PRELIMIRARIES  The chairman called the meeting to order at 11.00am.MR NDERITU then opened themeeting with a word of prayer. The chairman briefed the members on the agenda.He requested the members to brainstorm and come up with recommendation onhow the department will play the role of being a centre of excellence. The emphasisbeing able to come up with a strategic plan. MR.Njoroge from the resource centrewas to the discussion. Min-01-01 -2011 DEFINATION OF A CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE  The members defined the excellence as a place whose level /degree of performanceacts as mode and reference point in terms of quality, reputation, competence,  service delivery, research and development innovation and technology transfer andconsultancy service. MIN -02-01 2011 VISION  To be a model of excellence in building and civil engineering in the region andbeyond. MIN-03-01 2011 MISSION  To produce qualified, competent and competitive graduates in building and civilengineering in the region and beyond. MIN 04-01-2011 OBJECTIVES  The members set the following as the main objectives of the centre of excellence:-  Produce qualified, competent and competitive graduates   To engage in innovation, research and development   To offer consultancy servicesTo be an incubator of choice MIN -05-01-2011 STRATEGIC PLAN Mr. Njoroge introduced the members to the basics of strategic planning. He startedby asking the three fundamental questions of strategic planning:-Where are we?Where do we want to go?How do we get there? This he said is termed as the STP ANNALYSIS.A. SITUATIONAL ANNALYSIS  The department has not initiated the process of becoming a centre of excellencebut the ministry is on course of making the department become a centre of excellence. The ministry has sponsored three members of the department for aschool based programmed as part of staff up grading. The members cited the following as the causes of the situation:-Lack of leadershipLack of sensitization of the members on the requirements  Lack of resources B.TARGET  This involves setting goals in line with vision. The members agreed to set a mediumterm goal of three years. This implies that the department should be a fullyequipped and functional centre of excellence. C.PATH  This involves listing all the requirements for the achievement of the set target.These were suggested as:I. Adequate qualified experience and specialized personnel  Architect  Quantity surveyor  Land surveyor  Civil Engineer II. Lab technicians in:  Soil mechanics  Concrete technology  Surveying  Fluid mechanics  III. Fully equipped laboratories in:-  Soil mechanics  Concrete technology  Surveying  Fluid mechanics IV. Fully equipped workshops:  Masonry   Plumbing  Carpentry/Joinery  Fabrication workshop V. Fully equipped resource centre  Internet services  Reference materials VI. Bench marking to the following institutions:  MERU TTI  RIFT VALLEY TTI  MOMBASA TTI VII.IMPLEMENTATION TEAM The following were proposed1. Mr. GITHAKA 2. Mr. NDERITU 3. Mr. NGATIA 4. Mr. NJOROGE 5. Mr. ORION Other proposals were:I. The administration to take the leading role by ensuring that the buildingdepartment is involved from the initial stage in all constructions with the institute.II. The department personnel to embrace the changes and be truly devouted toensuring the realization of the set target.


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