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  Sector Capability Overview INFRASTRUCTUREFOR LIFE Overhead LineTransmission  We are operating in challenging times;electricity demand is rising which,added to the growth in renewableenergy sources, will necessitate majorupgrades and reurbishments to existingnetworks. Championed by industryregulators, including Ogem, consumersare demanding signicant cost savingsand a more responsible and sustainableapproach to energy generation and transmission. As a result, investment in the grid inrastructure, in diverse globalmarkets, is reaching unprecedented levels.Innovation is changing the way in whichelectricity is generated and where it iscreated. ‘Smart grids’ that anticipate uturechanges and provide network operatorswith increased fexibility will deneinvestment strategies.The construction and maintenance ooverhead transmission lines is benettingrom Balour Beatty’s excellence inengineering innovation to radicallyimprove saety, reduce time spent on siteand minimise liecycle operating costs.Our role, as one o the world’s leadersin overhead line transmission design,construction and maintenance, is tohelp our clients make the right decisionsand deliver their investment plans to thehighest standard. We provide access to the specialist skills and resources that clients need on a global basis. Thisincludes an extensive captured supplychain o specialist manuacturers geared to the needs o local markets, and includesin-house abrication o transmission line towers.We are one o only a ew specialistproviders with the ability to operateacross the spectrum rom 132kV to 765kV,providing a portolio o services thatincludes a comprehensive design service to assess easibility and scope the detailedrequirements o a contract in advance oconstruction. In addition, we oer a provenreurbishment capability to extend the lieo existing network inrastructure.Our ocus is ully aligned with our clients’concerns in the areas o saety, customerservice, eciency, cost reduction,innovation and sustainability.We are building upon a proud heritageo innovative engineering excellence to leave behind a lasting legacy o sae,sustainable, high quality engineeredsolutions that provide value or money orour clients and their customers. Simon PankhurstDirector o Overhead Line Transmission Balour Beatty Utility Solutions Balour Beatty Utility Solutions is aspecialist business within the globalBalour Beatty Group, creating andmaintaining the vital utility inrastructureessential to modern lie.Major utility providers across theworld rely upon our capabilitiesin overhead line transmissionengineering, construction,reurbishment and maintenanceto deliver saer, more efcient andsustainable power networks.  A portolio o end-to-endservices that deliver innovativesolutions to global challenges. Programme Management Balour Beatty Utility Solutions can addvalue to clients’ strategic and regulatoryoutputs, delivering maximum return onresources and investment. We achieve this by providing high level programmemanagement expertise to manage budgetseectively, sequencing work to meet bothcash and regulatory requirements anddelivering projects on time. With access to specialist delivery teams rom across the Balour Beatty Group, we can delivercomplete inrastructure solutions.We provide a single interace between the client, stakeholders and serviceproviders, keeping lines o communicationstreamlined and removing duplication. Scoping Increasingly we are asked by clients tohelp them scope uture requirementslooking at the whole liecycle o a potentialproject. By ully understanding theircurrent issues and challenges and beingaware o new opportunities and desiredoutcomes, we are able to explore possiblescenarios, assess potential risks andconsider uture proong assets to cater orexpansion. Scoping is either undertakenas part o an ongoing inormal dialogue oras a dened process. Feasibility & Planning We carry out easibility studies in response to the basic specifcation presented, lookingat key drivers such as saety, environmentalimpact, aordability and sustainability to determine the basic engineeringrequirements o the proposed works. Weensure the ‘buildability’ o the design anddelivery o the programme through the earlyinput o our operational expertise. Design Throughout the design process we consider the whole lie saety and environmentalimpact o any solution during construction,maintenance, reurbishment anddeconstruction. To deliver a solution thatmeets requirements we take the highlevel easibility design platorm, detailedengineering specifcations and make thebest use o standard and non- standarddesign elements. We also examine theopportunities or o-site assembly to reduce time taken on site and reduce risk urther. Engineering & Procurement With our extensive knowledge o themarketplace, we can procure, manageand inspect specialist equipment, servicesand plant to ensure the works arecompleted eciently and eectively. Pre-abrication and assembly options reducerisk and programme duration. We workcollaboratively with the extended supplychain to ensure that technical, processand cultural innovation delivers tangibleresults across the whole contract. Pre-Construction The pre-construction phase involvesproactive management o the client’srequirements, ocusing on uprontcommunication and building relationships.Project constraints are addressed earlyincluding: local wildlie, archaeology,weather and altitude planning, access,wayleaves and local sporting rights. Construction During construction our ocus is onoperating saely, minimising disruption tolocal communities, maximising productivityand maintaining the programme schedule.We have ull in-house capabilities orall core activities, beneftting rom our training schools in Derby, Newton and the Philippines. Ongoing communicationwith local landowners, clear ownership oissues and proactive site appraisals ensurestandards are met and expectationsare realised. An integrated testing andcommissioning programme is conductedbeore fnal handover to the client. Reurbishment & Upgrade Towers, conductors, insulators and ttingswill need to be periodically reurbishedduring the lie o the network. Towers andoundations can be upgraded to cateror changes in legislation and codes opractice. Any outages are scheduled tominimise disruption using live line parallelworking techniques. Maintenance & Repair We provide maintenance services tomaximise the lie o assets within theclient’s investment strategy. We avoid thedisruption and cost o unplanned work through programmes o regular inspectionand pro-active maintenance. In addition,we provide a comprehensive out o hoursresponse and emergency cover capability to address damage resulting rom storms,re and vehicle collisions.  We operate across the spectrum, withspecifc expertise in EHV, deliveringinnovative, sustainable solutions. INNOvATIvEENgINEERINgExCELLENCE Balour Beatty has more than 100 yearsexperience in the electrical sector andhas installed in excess o 125,000km ooverhead lines in sixty countries, carryingvoltages up to 765kV.Our pursuit o innovation is driven by ourkey requirements: reducing the disruption to local communities caused by plannedand unplanned works, minimising thesaety risk associated with engineeringworks, reducing cost and nally deliveringhigh perormance, low carbon, sustainablesolutions that provide a lasting legacy.There is a pressing need to buildintelligence into our network inrastructureand to employ lean engineering andconstruction approaches so that, together, these improvements can help clientsmanage energy resources more saely,cost-eectively and sustainably.We deliver the technical, process andcultural innovation needed to delivervalue to our clients and their customers. Acollaborative approach sees our managersand engineers working closely with clientsand the wider supply chain, includingacademia, training institutions and techniums, to drive the right behaviours that will lead to new ways o thinking.Our dedicated, engineering-ledinnovation team has developed manyradical solutions in overhead lines,redening the whole approach taken to aparticular problem and delivering tangibleimprovements in saety, eciency andreliability. The earlier they are involvedin the process, the greater the benets that are delivered. Robust managementsystems and continuous improvementprocesses ensure there is a rigorousapproach to managing innovation.


Oct 9, 2017
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