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  Running Head: ASSIGNMENT 5: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION1 Part A: Case Incident – Why are they leaving so quickly?Que1. What errors have been ade in the current a!!roach to hiring and "hat is the overall i!act? There are several errors that are being made in this current approach of hiring as follows:All the HR management scans the resumes so quickly to see who has the technical skill for the  job and then they invite the candidates for interview. There interviews are not predesigned so they have to make up questions as they were conducting the interviews. The HR management has pressure of hiring the vacancies in the organiation so they give their decision to the candidates at the end of the interview weather he!she is selected or not. "or those candidates whoare offered the job are asked to show up the very ne#t day and start the work. $n this approach there are lots of consequences that affect the hiring process. The HR management% in this way% is not hiring the right people for right place because there interview arenot structured so they make a decision on the spot to select a candidate for a job even before checking the background or the references of the candidates. $n the end they ask the candidate who is offered the job to show up the ne#t day and start work% chances are that they might not even do the orientation for the employees. Too many hiring decisions are made out of desperation. As Angela e#plains due to the rapid growth of the company they have been feverishly rushing to fill vacancies. The consequence of this is that% in pure desperation% the HR may bring someone into an employment relationship only to find out later that they were not trustworthy or competent. $f the HR team was unable to conduct a thorough% timely hiring process% they should have hired a temporary or leased employee or borrowed an employee from another company. And not hired in haste&as the company may end up with waste. Que#. What are the !otential legal violations occurring "ithin the organi$ations hiring !ractices?  Running Head: ASSIGNMENT 5: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION2 The HR management is violating the human right legislation because they are cutting short the interview as they are only three people in HR department to interview the candidates. Therefore it's quite obvious that the HR department is not allocating the same amount of time for each of the candidates for the interview. All candidates should be treated equally. Human rights legislation is also being violated because the interview is not structured and they make up questions as the interview progresses. They have no systems and structures in place to help them identify the best people for the job. $t is mandatory by law that the focus should be on job description and job specification. Que%. &esides turnover' "hat other kinds o( issues ay occur as a result o( !oor hiring decisions? (esides turnover% there are many problems that might surface as a result of poor hiring decision as follows:)osts of Hiring the *rong +erson, -ew employees can fail at an organisation for any number of reasons. very so often it will be failures to work well with colleagues or establish good relationships with customers that are the biggest issues% and this tends to be associated to things like a poor attitude or inability to produce the e#pected standard of work on deadline./ne of the biggest direct implications of hiring such an unsuitable candidate is the immediate financial one 0 the costs of the first hire% in addition to the costs of severance and hiring a replacement a few months down the line. These costs can simply run into considerable huge sums of money% and will increase the longer the employee is left to do a bad job in the role. Also to be factored in is the cost of lost business and opportunities over this period. The 123 months squandered with a poor fit employee could have simply been time spent with a superstar in the role% making sales% constructing relationships and bringing new ideas to the table. /n top of the financial costs% there are also the potential for serious internal disruption and unrest amongst other employees in the company. These employees may be required to pick up e#tra work and responsibilities because of the inadequacies of their new colleague% the result will  Running Head: ASSIGNMENT 5: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION3  be that the employee's morale will fall and the company may have to e#pend further resources rewarding previously contented staff and keeping them from jumping ship."inally there is reputational damage. This is something that should not be undervalued% because all the employees% even if they only occupy a role for a few months% are a representative of the company% and as such any negative characteristics of theirs will reflect back onto the employers. This of course is particularly applicable if the employee is dealing directly with customers%  because they will be in a position to make or break relationships with e#isting and potential customers. Que). What advice "ould you o((er this organi$ation to i!rove its hiring !rocess? As per my view% the HR management should be given more time to get the job done of hiring theemployees because if they don't get sufficient time to hire then they would do their job in a hurry. $n that way they would hire wrong people which would not be beneficial for the company. Alternatively% if they did not want to endure the rigors of the hiring process% then they should contract someone else to do it for them. )onsider engaging the services of an e#ecutive recruiter or search firm. /r entrust this task to a trusted individual within your company.Test a +rospective mployee4s 5kills, 5kill testing is a must and must be reliable. very job has some form of measurable% ideal performance standard. $dentify it and test for it. 6nless you test an applicant4s skills% you are taking a chance that they can perform. $t4s a bet you just may well lose.Reliability means the degree to which the interview or test procedures yield comparable data over period of time. 5o there should be reliability in the decision of the interviewer or the HR management people. $t does not means that there is reliability in the decision of selecting the employee if they select one candidate today after interviewing him!her and then choose another candidate the ne#t day on the same basis.To enhance the validity of the hiring process% the company must have the selection process that should be valid. *ithout the proof of validity% there is no rational or legally permissible reason to  Running Head: ASSIGNMENT 5: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION4 continue using the technique to screen job application and use only interviews and tests on whichvalidation studies have been conducted.7astly% The HR department should always perform #tensive (ackground and Reference )hecks. 8ore often than not% if there investigation claims of harassment% theft% threatened violence% or another workplace misconduct. 9ou will find that the employee involved had little or no background information was obtained. Therefore the HR director and the representatives must take a methodical approach to their hiring practices and procedures and treat these processes as seriously as they would every other critical aspect of their business. Part &: *ecruitent The following is the plan used to recruit qualified staff accountants for the company4s accountingand audit division. The ability to recommend innovative solutions to customer problems at the  jobsite is essential.+osition Title: 5enior 5taff Accountants ; required<Training provided: The employer will provide successful candidates with training in professionalaccounting and auditing service. 5uccessful candidates must be willing to work closely with the e#perienced field auditors to learn proper methods of audit assurance.)ompensation: 5enior 5taff Accountants employees are compensated by a combination of a competitive base salary% and an annual performance2based bonus. A vehicle allowance is  provided. The position compels some overnight travel.Recruitment goals: To attract a minimum of = qualified accountant's applicants.>eadline for applications: -ovember =% ?@;1% =+8. *ecruitent +trategy and cost ;.5end notices to each company employee to solicit personal recommendations. 2 "ree?.+lace advertisements in college and university newspapers. 2  ;=@1.+lace display ads in the major city newspapers Hamilton 5pectator< for four days. 2 B@@C.Arrange for the company website to feature an online classified advertisement effective immediately. 2 "ree=.Arrange for online classified advertisements on two web2based job boards.2  ?@@3.+lace advertisements in professional's association's websites. 2 1@@D.Alert Human Resources department about accounting position needs. 2 "ree  Running Head: ASSIGNMENT 5: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION5 B.$nitial applicant screening to be done by telephone% and then followed by an in2person interview. 2 "reeE.6nsuccessful applicants need to be contacted by telephone and in writing. 2 =@ ,ob Advertiseent 5enior 5taff Accountant7apore )hartered Accountants 2 Hamilton! (urlington 8etro Area7apore )hartered Accountants A7*A95 looking for top talent and will consider 5TA"" through8A-AFR level candidates for employment in three Hamilton locations. +lease visit us online at http:!! -bective:  The position of 5enior 5taff Accountant is a technical professional< position% which functions is to carry out a variety of basic accounting tasks in accounting% auditing and Ta#. The 5enior 5taff Accountant acquires a sound working knowledge of fundamental auditing and ta#  procedures% their applications and accurate understanding in addition to the application of working papers and documentation. 5he!he is given more comple# accounting and ta# assignments than the entry level staff accountant. As she!he gains e#perience% she!he is given more difficult assignments and greater responsibility to progress to 5upervisor level. The 5enior 5taff accountants4 functions are designed to meet the strategic and operational objectives of the firm above the basic tactical level. *es!onsible (or:  6nder the direct supervision of a partner% manager or supervisor as designated% the 5enior 5taff Accountant applies accounting principles to analye financial information and  prepare accurate working papers for ta#% accounting and audit engagements. 5he!he is responsible for knowing and achieving the organiation's e#pectations for work quality and  professional development% and for learning and upholding the organiation's cultural and core values. 5he!he follows the progress of engagements and helps to identify and research accounting% ta# and auditing issues as assigned. 5he!he may mentor!coach staff level co2workers.5he!he is also accountable for e#pressing interest in% and attaining approval to focus on areas of
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