BC 182L

BC182L BC182L NPN General Purpose Amplifier ã This device is designed for general purpose amplifier application at collector currents to 100mA. ã Sourced from process 10. 1 TO-92 1. Emitter 2. Collector 3. Base Absolute Maximum Ratings TC=25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol VCEO VCBO VEBO IC TJ, TSTG Parameter Collector-Emitter Voltage Collector-Base Voltage Emitter-Base Voltage Collector Current - Continuous Storage Junction Temperature Range Value 50 60 6 100 - 55 ~ 150 Units V V V mA °C
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   ©2002 Fairchild Semiconductor CorporationRev. A, October 2002 B  C 1   8  2  L  Absolute Maximum Ratings T C =25 ° C   unless otherwise noted Electrical Characteristics T C =25 ° C unless otherwise noted Thermal Characteristics T A =25 ° C unless otherwise noted SymbolParameterValueUnits V CEO Collector-Emitter Voltage50VV CBO Collector-Base Voltage60VV EBO Emitter-Base Voltage6VI C Collector Current- Continuous100mAT J, T STG Storage Junction Temperature Range- 55 ~ 150 ° C SymbolParameterTest ConditionMin.Typ.Max.UnitsOff Characteristics V (BR)CEO Collector-Emitter Breakdown VoltageI C = 2mA, I B = 050VV (BR)CBO Collector-Base Breakdown VoltageI C = 10 µ A, I E = 060VV (BR)EBO Emitter-Base Breakdown VoltageI E = 100 µ A, I C = 06VI CBO Collector Cut-off CurrentV CB = 50V, V BE = 015nAI EBO Emitter-Base Leakage CurrentV EB = 4V, I E = 0 15nA On Characteristics h FE DC Current GainV CE = 5V, I C = 10 µ AV CE = 5V, I C = 2mAV CE = 5V, I C = 100mA4012080500V CE (sat)Collector-Emitter Saturation VoltageI C = 10mA, I B = 0.5mAI C = 100mA, I B = 5mA0.250.6VV BE (sat)Base-Emitter Saturation VoltageI C = 100mA, I B = 5mA 1.2VV BE (on)Base-Emitter On VoltageV CE = 5V, I C = 2mA0.550.7V Dynamic Characteristics f T Current Gain Bandwidth ProductV CE = 5V, I C = 10mA, f = 100MHz150MHzC ob Output CapacitanceV CE = 10V, I C = 0, f = 1MHz5pFh fe Small Signal Current GainV CE = 5V, I C = 2mA, f = 1KHz240500NFNoise FigureV CE = 5V, I C = 0.2mAR S = 2K Ω , f = 1KHz, BW = 200Hz10dB SymbolParameterMax.Units P D Total Device Dissipation @T A =25 ° CDerate above 25 ° C3502.8mWmW/  ° CR θ JA Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient357mW/  ° CR θ JC Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case125 ° C/W BC182L NPN General Purpose Amplifier ãThis device is designed for general purpose amplifier application atcollector currents to 100mA.ãSourced from process 10.1. Emitter 2. Collector 3. BaseTO-92 1  0.46 ± 0.10 1.27TYP(R2.29)    3 .   8   6   M   A   X [1.27 ± 0.20 ]1.27TYP[1.27 ± 0.20 ]3.60 ± 0.20    1   4 .   4   7         ±    0 .   4   0    1 .   0   2         ±    0 .   1   0    (   0 .   2   5   )   4 .   5   8         ±    0 .   2   0 4.58 +0.25 –0.15 0.38 +0.10 –0.05    0 .   3   8   +   0 .   1   0  –   0 .   0   5 TO-92 Package Dimensions B  C 1   8  2  L  Dimensions in Millimeters  ©2002 Fairchild Semiconductor CorporationRev. A, October 2002   ©2002 Fairchild Semiconductor CorporationRev. I1 TRADEMARKS The following are registered and unregistered trademarks Fairchild Semiconductor owns or is authorized to use and is notintended to be an exhaustive list of all such trademarks. DISCLAIMER FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE TO ANYPRODUCTS HEREIN TO IMPROVE RELIABILITY, FUNCTION OR DESIGN. FAIRCHILD DOES NOT ASSUME ANYLIABILITY ARISING OUT OF THE APPLICATION OR USE OF ANY PRODUCT OR CIRCUIT DESCRIBED HEREIN;NEITHER DOES IT CONVEY ANY LICENSE UNDER ITS PATENT RIGHTS, NOR THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS. LIFE SUPPORT POLICY FAIRCHILD’S PRODUCTS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED FOR USE AS CRITICAL COMPONENTS IN LIFE SUPPORTDEVICES OR SYSTEMS WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN APPROVAL OF FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTORCORPORATION.As used herein:1. Life support devices or systems are devices or systemswhich, (a) are intended for surgical implant into the body,or (b) support or sustain life, or (c) whose failure to performwhen properly used in accordance with instructions for useprovided in the labeling, can be reasonably expected toresult in significant injury to the user.2. A critical component is any component of a life supportdevice or system whose failure to perform can bereasonably expected to cause the failure of the life supportdevice or system, or to affect its safety or effectiveness. PRODUCT STATUS DEFINITIONSDefinition of Terms Datasheet IdentificationProduct StatusDefinition Advance InformationFormative or InDesignThis datasheet contains the design specifications forproduct development. Specifications may change inany manner without notice.PreliminaryFirst ProductionThis datasheet contains preliminary data, andsupplementary data will be published at a later date.Fairchild Semiconductor reserves the right to makechanges at any time without notice in order to improvedesign.No Identification NeededFull ProductionThis datasheet contains final specifications. FairchildSemiconductor reserves the right to make changes atany time without notice in order to improve design.ObsoleteNot In ProductionThis datasheet contains specifications on a productthat has been discontinued by Fairchild semiconductor.The datasheet is printed for reference information only. FACT™FACT Quiet series™FAST  ®  FASTr™FRFET™GlobalOptoisolator™GTO™HiSeC™I 2 C™ImpliedDisconnect™ISOPLANAR™LittleFET™MicroFET™MicroPak™MICROWIRE™MSX™MSXPro™OCX™OCXPro™OPTOLOGIC  ®  OPTOPLANAR™PACMAN™POP™Power247™PowerTrench  ®  QFET™QS™QT Optoelectronics™Quiet Series™RapidConfigure™RapidConnect™SILENT SWITCHER  ®  SMART START™SPM™Stealth™SuperSOT™-3SuperSOT™-6SuperSOT™-8SyncFET™TinyLogic™TruTranslation™UHC™UltraFET  ®  VCX™ACEx™ActiveArray™Bottomless™CoolFET™ CROSSVOLT  ™DOME™EcoSPARK™E 2 CMOS™EnSigna™Across the board. Around the world.™The Power Franchise™Programmable Active Droop™
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