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  Grade 12 THE GRAMMAR & EXERCISES OF PHRASAL VERBS 1. Do you want to stop in this town, or shall we _______?A. turn on B. turn offC. go onD. look after  2. Who will ________ the hildren while you go out to work?A. look forB. look upC. look afterD. look at 3. !lease ________ the light, it"s getting dark here.A. turn onB. turn offC. turn o#erD. turn into 4. $he nurse has to _________ at the %idnight. {take (sth) over: take control of or responsibility for} A. take are B. take onC. take o#erC. take off  5. $here is an inflation. $he pries __________.A. are going onB. are going downC. are going o#erD. are going up 6. &e%e%'er to _______ your shoes when you are in a (apanese house.A. take are B. take onC. take o#erC. take off  7. )ou an __________ the new words in the ditionary.A. look forB. look afterC. look upD. look at 8. *t"s old outside. __________ your oat. A. !ut on B. !ut downC. !ut offD. !ut into 9. +rank ne#er turns up  on ti%e for a %eeting.A. allsB. arri#esC. reportsD. prepares 10.  e#er  put off   until to%orrow what you an do today. {p ut off: postpone: delay} A. doB. letC. delayD. lea#e 11. -y father still hasn"t really recovered from  the death of %y %other.A. looked afterB. taken afterC. gone offD. got o#er  12. $he 'o%' exploded   with a loud 'ang whih ould 'e heard all o#er the town.A. went onB. went outC. went offD. went away 13. (ohn, ould you look after   %y hand'ag while * go out for a %inute.A. take part in B. take o#erC. take plaeD. take are of  14. Bill see%s unhappy in his o' 'eause he doesn"t get _______ his 'oss.A. up toB. on forC. on well withD. in with 15.  Why do they ______ talking a'out %oney all the ti%e?A. keep onB. gi#e upC. take afterD. stop 'y 16. -y father  gave up  s%oking two years ago. A. likedB. ontinuedC. stoppedD. enoyed 17. $he go#ern%ent hopes to _________ its plans for introduing a'le $/.A. turn outB. arry outC. arry onD. keep on 18. When the tenants failed to pay their 'ill, the authorities deided to _____ the gas supply to the flat.A. ut downB. ut outC. ut offD. ut up 19. 0ook out $here"s a ar o%ingA. $he ar is 'ehind you, so you should run. B. Don"t go away 'eause the ar is o%ing.C. urry up or you will 'e late for the ar. D. )ou should 'e areful 'eause the ar is o%ing. 20. * was 'orn in 3otland 'ut * ________ in orthern *reland.A. grew upB. raisedC. 'rought upD. rose 21. ow  do you start the computer? A. ow does the o%puter turn on?B. ow do you turn on the o%puter?C. ow do you turn the o%puter on?D. Both B and C are orret !age 1  Grade 12 THE GRAMMAR & EXERCISES OF PHRASAL VERBS 22.  I/ not accept/ offer/ turn don/ A. * ouldn"t aept his offer to a#oid turning down hi%.B. * ouldn"t aept his offer 'eause he was turned down.C. * ouldn"t aept his offer, so * turned it down.D. * ouldn"t aept his offer whether * was turned down. 23. Both Ann and   her sister look like  her %other.A. take after B. take plaeC. take awayD. take on 24. *"ll 'e back   in a %inute, (ane. * ust want to try out   %y new tape reorder.A. rese%'leB. testC. arri#eD. 'uy 25. !he  got angry when they started to 444. her pri#ate life.A. ask for B. en5uire after C. ask a'out D. en5uire with 26. !he  ran in a %arathon last week 'ut 444. after ten kilo%eters. 6 ithdra 7A. dropped out B. losed down C. 'roke up D. %ade up 27. "ertrude  takes 444. her %other8 she has 'lue eyes and fair hair too. A. in B. up C. after D. down 28. *t  took hi% a long ti%e to 444. the death of his wife. A. take away B. get o#er C. take off D. get through 29. $here   ere  so %any kinds of a%eras 444. , and * didn9t know whih to 'uy. A. to hoose B. hoosing fro% C. hosen D. to hoose fro% 30. Billy   hasn#t   'een working8 he won9t 444. his e:a%inations. A. get off B. get through C. keep up D. keep off 31. $hey   arrived  444. the airport 444. good ti%e for the plane. A. in ; on B. to ; in C. at ; in D. to ; for 32. Did -r. $an 444. the lass while -iss +iona was ill in hospital? A. take away B. take o#erC. take up D. take off 33. !aula  applied for the post 'ut she was 444. . A. turned down B. heked out C. kept under D. pushed ahead 34. *f orders  keep o%ing in like this, *9ll ha#e to 444. %ore staff. A. gi#e up B. add in C. gain on D. take on 35. Why do they 444. talking a'out %oney all the ti%e? A. keep on B. side with C. take after D. work off 36. *n addition  to -r. $ho%as and -iss White, the prinipal 444. attend the shool party. A. is likely B. is going to C. are likely D. are going to 37. We  were too tired to wash ________ after the %eal.A. o#erB. outC. upD. on 38. * don#t   know whether *9ll go out tonight. *t depends ________ how * feel.A. inB. atC. onD. o#er  39. $he  police  %ade an appeal ________ the pu'li to re%ain al%.A. 'yB. toC. atD. for  40. $hese poliies ________ in %any elderly and disa'led people suffering hardship.A. realledB. sueededC. resultedD. resigned 41.  $art   of the path had 'een ________ 'y the sea.<<A. washed o#erB. washed awayC. washed downD. %ade in 42. $he diesel =9di>@l=  engine was na%ed ________ its in#entor &udolf Diesel. A. alongB. toC. afterD. with !age 2  Grade 12 THE GRAMMAR & EXERCISES OF PHRASAL VERBS !age 
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