broken down lori making big broken down human noise Exclusive BDL band proile, feature interview, strange tales of methamorphosis, photos, bullshit and so much…
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broken down lori making big broken down human noise Exclusive BDL band proile, feature interview, strange tales of methamorphosis, photos, bullshit and so much more!!The FALL 2017 Issue Big Trouble On The Back NineNovember Issue #666“The Pork Council is in disarray!”A RAMBLING BROKEN NOTE FROM THE EDITOR Hi. How are you? Okay, enough bullshit. Angus Magazine recently reveived some type of funding for the Arts, which is ironic because nobody paints worth a damn around here. A stipulation for receiving the $25 was that we use some digital space to highlight local Canadian talent. The recipent had to be local, as in they could not be a Canadian living in Cuba or in a Turkish prison. Fortuntaly for Angus Magazine, we have Mississippi Gary who is a true music afficiando. He’s the in-house resident fact-checker here at Angus Magazine. Oddly, he has not been in to work for the lass nine months. We didn’t really notice because his office is in a small room that he shares with an old iron lung left behind by the previous tenants. Turns out Mississippi Gary is presently in a Turkish prison. Bastard never bothered telling us. So, we were stuck. Then Johnny Nicotine swaggered in and told a story about how he was at a bar in North Bay and saw a band that tore up the place. He pitched Broken Down Lori, a band of four humans. The thing with Johnny Nicotine is that he writes like shit and has a very short attention span. He also swears like a motherrfucker. He carries a comb that looks like a swithcblade though, which counts for a lot round Angus County so we dispoatched him in the company car — a wicked long stretch limo that was cool in 1986. It has a hot tub in the back but now it just houses a few racoons. It used to be banana yellow. So we filled the tank and set him loose down The King’s Highway 17 about three hours west from Angus County to the quaint little fishing hamlet of Mattawa where small town intrigue abounds. Broken Down Lori’s rehersal space is a condemmed funeral home and fish & tackle shop. His mission? To ask the tough hard hitting questions, like Lester Bangs with Lou Reed circa 1976. Since Mississippi Gary is the go-to guy for fact-checking and confirming sources, we had little choice but to bypass that whole process.2angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 20153“The Pork Council is in disarray!”BROKEN DOWN LORI Q&A KEVIN J PECORE IIIsomething I wish I could do. JN: I listened to Metamorphosis. You misspelled the word though. JN: Your name is Kevin. I Never occurred to you to know a guy named Kevin spellcheck? who could jump like a KJP: Jesus. No. It’s skipping rope for hours Methamorphosis. I added and hours without ever the ‘h’ to be clever. getting tired. He was JN: I don’t get it. also the singer of Quiet KJP Well, I got the title Riot. Is that you? from Kafka’s novella KJP: No. Not me, but I’ve ‘Metamorphosis’ but threw heard of him. an ‘h’ in there to make it all JN: There was also a seem a little more ominous. guy who used to be in Pretty clever, eh? a band and he had a JN: Like that Harry Potter? wicked perm. Is that KJP: What? Jesus Christ.Just you? ask me a music question I have jury duty KJP: Was he in REO Speedwagon? in ten minutes. JN: Yes. JN: Okay. Influences? KJP: No.That’s Kevin Cronin. Not me, but KJP: Nick Cave. Zappa. Nina Simone. SRV. I’ve heard of him. Brian Jonestown Massacre. JN:Jesus Christ.Who the fuck are you JN: Just three? then? KJP: Well, that’s actually four, but no. KJP: Well, I’m not Kevin Cronin or Kevin There’s a million more, but this whole DuBrow. You don’t know much about exercise seems futile. music, do you? JN: Ever meet the guy who boxed? JN: Hell yeah. I love Motorhead. Were you KJP: Rocky Balboa? in that group? JN:Yeah.Rock. KJP: Sure. What the hell. Yeah, I was the KJP: No. Never met Rocky. bass player in Motorhead.Kevin. JN: What about Kevin Balboa? JN: Are you shitting me? KJP: Nope, but I’ve heard about him. He KJP:Yeah. was the shitty boxer. Simon and Garfunkle JN: You play guitar? wrote a song about him in 1966 called KJP: Yeah. I play guitar. The Shitty Boxer. Are we fucking done JN: You play those keyboards that are here? supposed to look like you’re playing JN: Who is your favourite hypnotist? a guitar because people who play KJP: Wayne the Marvellous keyboards all want to play keyboards? KJP: No. But playing keyboards is 4angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 20155“The Pork Council is in disarray!”BROKEN DOWN LORI Q&A BRENT OGLETREEAce Frehley. If you don’t agree, you’re JN: I knew a guy named Brent. Are you fucking him? I went to highschool with him stupid!! Print and he was a dick. In gym, while I was that last part changing he ppointed at me and made a too, about joke about my underwear. He was one of being stupid those alpha male jocks that could throw JN: Can you a football really far but when they got fix a riding home they cried in their room from all lawnmower? If their insecurities. so, can you fix BO:I am that guy! a riding lawnJN: Are you the drummer for Heart? mower while BO:Not for Heart. Not even for Tiffany! playing a 45 JN: Ever been punched really hard in the minute drum nuts? Like a ferocious nutshut? solo that bores BO: Yes.It’s not as enjoyable as the the shit out of everyone but at the end Eunuchs said it would be. you bang a really big fucking gong and JN: Eunuchs are known for be loose with the lawnmower is fixed because other the truth. For drummer ‘gear heads’ out than it being out of gas, there was noththere, what’s the difference between a ing wrong with it in the first place. really expensive snare and a shitty 1996 BO: I can’t fix, but I can run over the dick Honda Accord? playing a boring drum solo with it! BO: About 3 bucks and a place too sleep JN: Last book read? JN: Coolest venue ever played in? BO: Lemmy. The Definitive Biography BO: In reality, Massey Hall. For the JN: Das Boot is a great fucking movie. purpose of this question, in ‘Yo Face!’ Yes? JN: Jesus. Okay, ever do that thing when BO: Yes, Das Boot, das true! you take a 45 minute drum solo and bore the shit out of people, then at the end you bang a really big fucking gong? BO: No.I would just go straight to the gong. Fuck it. JN: Okay, what’s the fasted you’ve ever run away from some dude that wanted to beat the shit out of you? BO: I would not run! I would curl up in a ball, anti bear style. In a ball. JN: Okay, so your top 300 drummers in your opinion. BO: The answer is and always will be: 6angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 20157“The Pork Council is in disarray!â€?8angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 20159“The Pork Council is in disarray!”BROKEN DOWN LORI Q&A WHITNEY JODOUIN Q: As one of the founding members of rocking four-piece combo, Broken Down Lori, have you ever pushed anyone down in a parking lot and then stolen a few of those little square things of Ramen instant noodles that they were carrying home from the grocery store? The reason I ask is that years ago I formed a band called the Snow Plowers and the first thing I did after forming the band was push someone down and steal their Raman noodles. Q: Someone told me you took vocal lessons. Is that just small town gossip or is there any truth to it? Q: Are there any particular artists that really appreciate? Your singing voice is reminiscent of woman vocalists from days gone by, like Janis Joplin, Nina Simone, Dusty Springfield and Shia LeBoeuf. Q: Have you ever crossed a train bridge on foot, then climbed up a really steep mountain to see what all the fuss was about, and then when you get up there, you look around in the most dramatic fashion at the majesty, magnificence and wonder of it all and then thought to yourself “What the fuck is all the fuss about?” before climbing back down the mountain, walking pack on foot across the train bridge to watch Netflix for the rest of the day? Q: You sound particularly pissed off at the beginning of Hollow Man. What’s the deal with that? Q: Some musicians wear capes and go-go boots. I have a cape that I bought at a yard sale. I have no go-go boots but I did buy a bowling ball for 6 bucks. It’s the kind with holes bored into them like the ones on the Big Lebowski. What is your take on capes and go-go boots? Q: Do you own a shank? Q: You have a definite presence on stage. Are you nervous at all when it comes to playing live? Q: I read somewhere that you’re middle name is Marmalade. Fact or fiction? Q: You play piano which is weird because my Uncle Wallace plays the piano but he sucks at it. Everyone tells him how good he is but that’s because when he’s not playing piano he’s waving around a shank. So, I guess my question is: Have you ever tripped and fell down in public? Once I was crossing the street at a crosswalk and there was a little snow on the pave and I wiped right out and ending up flinging my keys while I was trying to catch my balance and the keys fell down into a 10angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 201511“The Pork Council is in disarray!â€?12angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 201513“The Pork Council is in disarray!”BROKEN DOWN LORI Q&A MASON ‘MANSON’ KEALL BASS GUITAR JN: I know a guy called Manson but he’s in prison for being an awful person. Is that you? MK: Perhaps, who wants to know? JN: What’s the difference between a bass guitar and bass the fish? MK: Mostly the guy touching the string. JN: How the fuck did you end up playing bass for Broken Down Lori when no one ever wants to play the bass in any band? MK: Whomever doesn’t like to play bass needs a lesson in funk. I’m also not proficient in any instrument so I took what I could get. JN: Ever been in a fistfight and then when it started it occurred to you that you should have never committed to being in a fist fight? MK: I’m too sneaky to be in a fist fight. JN: Most people can fly a plane. You? MK: Small planes… Took a pilot course. JN: Musical influences? MK: I have an eclectic taste in music. I love the classics, not too into the 80s hair metal though. JN: Last book read? MK: Book 2 of the Dark Tower Series. Currently on book 3. JN: I can lift really heavy shit over my head, like railroad ties. What’s the heaviest thing you can lift over your head? MK: A 2002 Fender Cyber Twin JN: I built a birdhouse that looks more like a crack house. The birds love it. It’s where they go to smoke bird crack. Can you build shit? MK: I’m more of a bridge burner. JN:Pick a number between 1 and 26 MK: 27 JN: Some people like long walks on the beach. I think people who say this are full of shit. That’s not really a question. I read 14somewhere that when you’re not playing with BDL you enjoy launching missiles from a nuclear submarine. Fact? MK: I mean, that could be a good time with friends. JN: Ever been attacked by a bear, buffalo, yak or sheep or all? MK: Goats JN: How come you never see a rhino in a petting zoo? MK: Because they’re all dead. JN: You’re from Corbeil. What’s up with that? MK: It’s a town, I’m sure you’ve heard of them. JN: I bought an inflatable pool and am charging women to use it for home water births. I don’t hang around as that would be inappropriate but I do provide Margeritas. What was your last brilliant idea but when you told someone about it they said that’s the dumbest fucking idea they’ve ever heard? MK: Today my friend got an email from a random person who thought was a family member (they have the same last name). I wrote her back a silly email about the fall of the German economy and my lost kitten mittens. My GF did not share the hilarity. JN: You own a banana hammock? MK: Yes, its gold and in the morgue. JN: Ever play Carnegie Hall? I hear it’s a great place to gig. MK:You know I haven’t, dick. JN: So, if you were born in April that means your sign is the crabs, right? MK: I’m not born in April. JN: Can you eat a 98 oz steak? MK: Only if it’s cut in eighths. JN: You’re a pretty active dude. I read that. You do shit like ski or jump off mountains with those weird flying squirrel suits? MK: Skiing is a great time. JN: You live in a house or a Toyota Camry? MK: Corolla JN: Favourite movie? MK: Jurassic Park JN: Why are lobsters so fucking pretentious? MK: The Lobster is the worst movie I’ve ever watched the whole way through. JN: Ever write shit on your hand to remind you of something pretty important but then you go to the can and wash your hands because you forgot that you wrote something on your hand as a reminder of something pretty important and because you did you missed some type of important surgery? Be honest. MK: I don’t write on my hand because I’m not a 15 year old girl. JN: Hey – you’re a hardcore gamer. I read that. Favourite game? MK: This is true. Too many to choose, right now its Rocket League.angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 201515“The Pork Council is in disarray!â€?16angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 201517“The Pork Council is in disarray!â€?18angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 201519“The Pork Council is in disarray!â€?20angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 201521“The Pork Council is in disarray!â€?22angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 201523“The Pork Council is in disarray!â€?24angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 201525“The Pork Council is in disarray!â€?26angus magazine“The Pork Council is in disarray!”summer 201527“The Pork Council is in disarray!â€?28angus magazine


Nov 10, 2017
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