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Bdm 110 Activity 1 & 2

question about project management
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  NAME  MR. DARWIN M. JUGUILON BMS 110 Project Management DAILY 5:00PM-7:00PM ACTIVITY 1 1.   Define project 2.   List some examples of resources that are used on a project. 3.   What role does a customer have during the project life cycle? Why is it important to satisfy the customer? 4.   List and describe the main phases of the project life cycle. 5.   Describe how a global project can be more complex than a project performed within just one country. How might these elements affect the successful outcome of the global project? ANSWERS: 1.   A project  is an endeavor to accomplish a specific objective through a unique set of interrelated tasks and the effective utilization of resources. 2.   List of Project Resources:    Labor     Tools    Equipment    Materials    Supplies    Office supplies    Marketing materials    Measuring devices 3.   ACTIVITY 2 1.   Describe a situation in your life in which you performed needs identification. 2.   Why is it important to select the right project before you begin working?  NAME  MR. DARWIN M. JUGUILON BMS 110 Project Management DAILY 5:00PM-7:00PM 3.   Describe how a business selects which projects to work on when there are numerous projects that could be done. 4.   What is meant by customer requirements? Why must they be precise? 5.   Why would a customer give contractors instructions in the RFP to submit their proposals according to a standard format? ANSWERS:
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