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It’s never too late to refresh your mind, body and spirit and you don’t have Audreys Books Top to do it alone. Seller in AprilMany Baby Boomer women have spent…
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It’s never too late to refresh your mind, body and spirit and you don’t have Audreys Books Top to do it alone. Seller in AprilMany Baby Boomer women have spent decades suppressing their own wants and desires, and losing themselves in the expectations and demands of culture, parents, partners, and children, working hard to please and care for almost everyone but themselves. They’ve been misunderstood by marketers, politicians, millenials, most men, and last but not least, themselves.illness, financial disaster, or the crushing loneliness after the kids have grown and gone, if you are asking yourself, “Now what?” and fearing that it might be too late for you and your dreams, this book is for you.The time has come for these strong, beautiful, and fabulous women to discover, reveal, and honor their true selves. The time has come for them to re-experience life as they’ve known it, and to celebrate life as it can be.From Dianna Bowes, visionary foundress of Fabulous@50, The Fabulous @50 Re-Experience is a living, breathing, sweet and sassy guide to remind you that you’re not alone, and it’s not to late for you to thrive.If you are a Boomer woman in personal crisis--needing to reinvent your life, facing divorce, life-threateningIn these pages, you’ll find a wealth of reassurance, inspiration, companionship, and practical guidance to refresh your mind, body, and spirit.ORDER A BOOK TODAY! 2 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I August • 2017Fabulous at 50 Lifestyle with Dianna BowesFertilizing your Relationships I love to garden! Even though I don’t have a big garden, I have a few pots with tomatoes and flowers. I love when I see the little yellow flowers bloom and the fruit begin to grow. I water them, talk to them and make sure they get fertilized every few weeks. Much like your garden your relationships also need nurturing and fertilizing. It is easy to just do what you need to by letting nature take its course. But sometimes it does not rain enough or a storm comes and we need to take extra care. We cover them up so the hail or wind does not damage the tender leaves. But if you fertilize them, pinch the unneeded greenery and make sure to have them in the sun, you will be blessed with a wonderful bounty of delicious tomatoes. This is what happens in relationships too, we get complacent and forget to do the extras. In a relationship or in friendships, we also need to to nurture and fertilize. Fertilize may mean to go out of your way to help out. Helping with a move like my husband did last week or just having a ear when they need to talk. Last week I met up with a group of friends from high school. Over 40 years ago we spent many evenings and weekendstogether at basketball games and parties. They were all cheerleaders and I was a tag along. Breakup to BreakdownsOur evening went from laughter to tears, talking about everything from family, loses, health issues and grand babies. We talked about aging, travel, the breakups and breakdowns. So many changes, yet here we sat, just like the girls in the hallway at Victoria Composite. And when it was time to order dessert, we all salivated with the memory of the delicious cinnamon buns at the school cafeteria that we would stand in line for. I could almost smell them. I know I have changed over these 40 plus years, yet I know I am still so much the same. Take the time to look around, and see when the last time you fertilized your precious relationships, it will be worth it. Make your garden even more beautiful than it is, with just a little more care and love. Dianna Bowes is the creative director of Fabulous@50 and editor of Be Fabulous! CLICK HERE to read more blogs.CLICK ON ADS OR LINKS • Interactive eMagazine • 3Creative Director • Dianna Bowes Editor, Creative Director Dianna Bowes FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION Thank you to our Contributors: Dianna Bowes, Laurel Vespi, Sue Paulson, Pam Robertson, Roberta Scott and to all who made this issue possibleour storyPhotography: Ealanta Photography www.IStock.comMission: To INSPIRE, EDUCATE and EMPOWER the baby boomer woman! Be Fabulous! was designed specifically to be an event magazine to be presented to our guests at the Annual Fabulous@50 Experience and Martini Party. But something magical happened! Dianna Bowes took a look around and realized there was nothing in our community that was discussing the needs of the seasoned woman. Be Fabulous!, much like the Fabulous@50 tradeshows, seminars, the meetup group and the Fabulous@50 on-line membership, filled a gap. Since 2010, Be Fabulous! has spotlighted inspirational women on it’s cover and covered topics that mid-age women want to read about.On the Cover: Jennifer Rees Be Fabulous! is published by Creative On The Move.Be The articles represent the views and opinions of the individual authors and not necessarily the publisher. No material should be reprinted in whole or in part without the expressed written permission of the publisher/authors. The contents of Be Fabulous! should not be used as advice of any kind. Please consult the appropriate professionals for any advice. Be Fabulous! does not constitute endorsements of, or assumption for, liability for any claims made in the advertisements and or advertising information.The vision of creative director, Dianna Bowes, was to publish a magazine that would be written by baby boomer women for baby boomer women. Fabulous@50 and Be Fabulous! is more than a magazine, more than a tradeshow, more than a membership, it is a community! Find out more by going to our website. www.fabulousat50.com4 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I August • 2017be social with us! twitter@Fabat50 pinterest/DiannaBowesCONTRIBUTORSPAM ROBERTSON Writer Pam Robertson, Ph.D, is the chef in The Ladybirds’ Kitchen. or call 780-232-0083.BONNIE JEAN MCALLISTER Photographer Photographer at Ealanta art wear and Ealanta Photographer. SCOTT. Writer Director and Community Leader for Fabulous@50 Toronto. roberta@ fabulousat50.comSUE PAULSON Writer Speaker and author, Sue Paulson inspires others to claim and love their magnificence. www.suepaulson.comLAUREL VESPI Writer Certified life coach, author and motivational speaker who helps women live more mindfully. www. stonecirclecoaching. comDIANNA BOWES Writer Founder of Fabulous@50 and Creative Director of Be Fabulous! Emagazine. dianna@ fabulousat50.comTo become a Be Fabulous! contributor send an email to We are always looking for great articles written for women 40 and over. CLICK ON ADS OR LINKS • Interactive eMagazine • 5The Ladybird’s Kitchen by Pam RobertsonNO Garden? NO Problem! I love the thrill of seeing little sprouts poke out of the dirt, but I don’t have much space, time, or a green thumb, so I’ve had to get creative at getting fresh produce. This is where the farmer’s markets are very helpful, along with the rising popularity of delivery options. Back when I was a kid there were still some groceries being delivered, including milk and bread. Nowadays there are farmer’s markets in accessible places and there are wonderful subscription based plans where you pay a set monthly amount and you receive a box of farm fresh produce at your door (or office). Another way to get your produce is to join a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm in your area. With a CSA you purchase a share inthe farm in the spring, then commit to work a few days each season on the farm. In return you receive a steady supply of fresh food during the growing season, and it’s food you helped grow. U-picks are another great way to get out to a farm with your friends or family and have some fun outdoors enjoying the sights and smells while being in touch with some dirt. This is never a bad thing, and I encourage you to take the kids and grandkids along since most of them think that carrots come from a bag at the grocery store. I know, I get it: paying for a box of veggies delivered to your door or shelling out $700 for a CSA is a lot of money, but isn’t one of the reasons we work so darned hard so that we can afford a little luxury?6 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I August • 2017There are plenty of ways for you to get involved in growing or at least benefitting from locally grown, seasonal food, not just because you know it’s good for you, but because it tastes so darned good. If you go fruit picking, then your menu is simple. Serve fresh fruit with some creamy yogurt or a good vanilla ice cream for a flavour wallop. If you are out harvesting vegetables, make sure you try something new like a yellow zucchini along with green, or try some beet tops in your next salad or stir fry. Right now, kale is extremely popular and plentiful (personally I prefer it as a garnish, but maybe that’s just me). Garlic infused butterThe picture here shows a handful of garlic scapes from the farmer’s market. A scape is the flower stalk off a garlic bulb. Slice them into small pieces (2.5 cm or 1 inch long) and sauté them in butter until the stalks soften and you can smell the garlic throughout the kitchen. Pour your garlic infused butter over new potatoes, or drizzle it over fresh steamed broccoli for a summer flavour sensation that can’t be beat. Pam Robertson, Ph.D. is the food lover behind The Ladybirds’ Kitchen, and she’s on a mission to help people with food issues like diabetes, heart disease, and allergies to #EatInspired. In addition to all kinds of education about food, kitchens, and cooking, she’s a best-selling author, speaker, and a coach with Fabulous@50. You can reach her at 1-780-232-0083 and FEEDBACK Question? What most feeds your soul? Sue Paulson: Nature feeds my soul - on a golf course or in a park. I was at Emily Murphy Park late yesterday afternoon. I’d forgotten how it is to be in the park! Juanita: Time alone, walking and talking with God. Norma Jean: MUSIC Bonnie-Jean: A visit with a good friend is just the best :) No matter how long it is between the chats, minutes, days, months or years, it is always great to have a real connection, with a true friend. Rosalyn: Inspiring and empowering other people to become the best version of themselves. Charlotte: Deep conversations, time spent with someone whose friendship you value. Soul food right there! Lynn: Silence, beauty, gratitude, love, and Self. Pam: Being around the ocean replenishes my soul like no other body of water can. Second to that, walking in nature where there are rivers and streams keep me feeling connected. Loretta: Nature, Music. Ingrid: Sitting on a beach with the sound of water, my feet in the sand and a book, journal and my bible. Darlene: Helping, creating, learning Deborah: Love, nature, music and gratitude. Lori: Time with God, truly connecting with my husband, music. CLICK ON ADS OR LINKS • Interactive eMagazine • 7Tea with Sue PaulsonConfessions of a Growth Junkie©I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone else, but growth for me is as vital as breathing. Whether it’s me, someone else, or something – like my plants, I revel in growth. As I ponder this topic of growth, I realize that different things help us learn and grow. 1. Growth by Wandering Around Kids are naturally curious about everything - I was no exception. I’m sure I drove my parents crazy with “why”, and I certainly wanted to know “how” things worked. Under age five, we’re like little sponges, soaking up everything around us as we play and wander from place to place. I remember my brother and I exploring the neighborhood and making up games as we went along. He was six and I was four. When we moved to the country, we wandered all over the farm and learned about nature in all its seasonal glory. 2. Growth Through Education Once my formal schooling was done andI entered the working world, part of my focus was to improve and make something of myself so I could climb the corporate ladder. While I worked at my entry level jobs, I took all kinds of courses and workshops and grew from each one. My passion for personal growth kickstarted in the ‘70s. I wanted to know what made me tick and what made others tick. Human behavior has always held a unique fascination for me. When I became an educator, it gave me a thrill to watch others light up with their own “aha” moments. 3. Growth Through Observation and Experience As a kid on the farm, weeding the garden was a nasty chore, but as an adult, I took a perverse pleasure out of clearing out what didn’t belong. As I dug and pulled, I noticed the tenacity of weeds. Their determination to thrive despite my attempts to destroy them was a fascinating lesson for my own life.8 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I August • 2017Role models, particularly the older and wiser folks that I’ve been privileged to know demonstrated time and again how to handle life’s twists and turns with grace and dignity. Whenever I didn’t get what I wanted, I knew that at the very least I gained experience. 4. Growth Through Adversity Unexpected and unwanted, adversity has knocked me on my butt more times than I can count. I have found it so fascinating that those blows also delivered my strongest growth opportunities. Perhaps that’s when knowledge turns into wisdom. For example, over the years I had learned about giving and receiving, but the “bad” things in life pushed me to surrendermy need to be tough and in control and receive support that would help me not only survive but thrive. What is the growth gift I value the most? My appreciation for my life and all it still has to offer, combined with ultimate gratitude for all who contribute to me leading a richer and fuller life. Now that’s growth through Joy! Speaker and author, Sue Paulson inspires others to claim and love their magnificence. Her third book, “Magnificent Misery – From Adversity to Ecstasy” is available at Audrey’s and Ascendant Books in Edmonton or through Amazon. To book Sue for your next event, email her at or check out her website: www.suepaulson.comPETLOVERS GRATITUDE JOURNAL The perfect gift for the pet lover in your life Order your copies today. CLICK ON ADS OR LINKS • Interactive eMagazine • 9Fabulous@50 Featured MemberFeeding the soulJennifer Rees and many volunteers like her, work at the Green and Gold Gardens at the University Farms in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada growing fruit and vegetables to raise funds for Rwanda’s women. WITH JENNIFER REES - Volunteer at Green and Gold Gardens, Edm. What are you looking forward to doing/creating in this next half of your life? I am looking forward to continuing to learn new things and challenge myself, physically, mentally and intellectually. I also am enjoying mentoring others as asked. In what ways do you prefer to give back or pay it forward? I prefer to give back or pay it forward thorough personal contact and connec-tion with hands on work. There is more opportunity in that way of learning and being in awe of what people can do and can survive. If you were to share one thing that made a difference in your life, what would it be? The biggest aha moment for me was when in my 30’s I finally took the time to understand who I was and what I stood for. This allowed me to figure out what made me happy and fulfilled. Life changing .10 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I August • 2017When life knocks you down, what lifts you up? Tomorrow is a new day, and to be grateful for what I still have . What would you like to share with younger women about “being beautiful”? At the end of the day physical beauty is such a small piece of what makes a person beautiful. While it sounds cliché, it is about who the person is, what they stand for and how they treat other people, themselves and nature that makes them beautiful in my eyes. What is it in nature that feeds your soul? Just being able to witness the power and beauty that exists on this earth. The splendor of our mountains, a lightening storm at night on our prairies. Each holds it own amazement and Awe. Mankind is a tiny piece of that awe .I volunteer my time and energy to the Green and gold garden because the garden itself feeds my need for nature with its beauty and bounty. I get uplifted in spirit by the other volunteers who work alongside in the garden because of who they are as people and their amazing abilities. We are a family there. I feel proud because as a charitable organization we all embrace the philosophy of giving back and every dollar we bring in we give to the women of Rwanda. It is a great place to be. Jennifer ReesCLICK ON ADS OR LINKS • Interactive eMagazine • 11ARE YOU STUCK IN THE 80’S? Win a complete makeover. Hair, makeup, outfit, photos and more. Over $1,000 worth of products & services. Do you know someone that has spent a little too much time helping others? Or maybe it’s you who has put your family or career ahead of your well-being and have forgotten about yourself? We want to give you or that fabulously helpful woman in your life, an Inside Out Makeover for FREE! Send is a 250-word story on why you or the woman you are nominating should receive this fabulous makeover! If you are applying on behalf of the fabulous woman in your life, please ensure the woman is a good candidate and is in agreement to the contest rules. You will not be judged on writing ability, but authenticity. Our qualified judge’s panel will pick the winner based on story and genuineness. CONTEST STARTS: August 30th, 2017 ENTRY DEADLINE: September 30, 2017 MAKEOVER DAY: OCT 18TH, 2018 (To be confirmed) You MUST agree to the contest rules, please read, print out and sign AND must be available for interviews and to appear on November 4th, for the Fabulous@50 Experience Tradeshow. Open to Edmonton and Area women only - Age - 40 PlusCLICK HERE FOR THE MAKEOVER RULES AND REGULATIONSPlease read thoroughly and submit with your story and full body picture (jpg format) to makeover@fabulousat50.com12 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I August • 2017Join before August 30 and get entered in a draw for a Fabulous@50 Dream Bag.4 Great Reasons to become a Cosmo Club Member #1 - Welcome Package - (over $200 value) & Fabulous@50 Re-Experience EBook by Dianna Bowes #2 - “Inspire Me Calls” with amazing guests #3 - Coaching Program: Value $1000+. #4 - Boomerluxe Giftboxes Discover new products in this cute box delivered to your home every 2 months (next box is Sept)Canada 150 SpecialClick here today..Sign up today and get your CC membership for only $35.00 a month and get entered into a draw for a Fabulous@50 Dream Bag. What is the Fabulous@50 Cosmo Club, you ask? It is an exclusive club for fabulous, seasoned women who love to discover new ideas and products. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? It is for the lady in small town Alberta or big city USA. CLICK ON ADS OR LINKS • Interactive eMagazine • 13Life is just a Phase by Laurel VespiGROWING YOURSELF Everything seems to be growing in the summer – flowers in the garden or veggies in the backyard patch. Nature always sets a good example for us. Maybe it’s time to put a little focus and attention on growing yourself. If you haven’t been successful with some of your goals, focusing on personal growth might just be what you need. Many people set goals without a lot of prior thought. They end up being “should” goals rather than ones that are a good reflection of who they are. That’s one of the reasons why people set the same goals over and over again. Personal growth is about developing self awareness so you can make more conscious and intentional choices. It’s not about searching for a fix to something you think is wrong with you. Trust me – you are just fine. What you might need is a better understanding of who you are and what you truly want and how to align y
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