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Campaign 6 4 December 2017 - 1 January 2018anti-ageing skin careBo-Serum 30ml Minimises wrinkles and deep expression lines. To all our Annique friends! Go for Gold…
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Campaign 6 4 December 2017 - 1 January 2018anti-ageing skin careBo-Serum 30ml Minimises wrinkles and deep expression lines. To all our Annique friends! Go for Gold was the call and wow, did you ever deliver. Believe it or not we are in the last month of 2017 and at Annique we are celebrating Summer Madness in preparation for the holidays that await you. Get your outstanding Christmas gifts from Annique with our precious pearl earrings or fabulous fragrance offers. Spoil yourself or that special lady in your life with the fantastic Forever Young Gift Set and don’t forget the NEW, hot Hydrafine range for your friends with Normal/ Combination skins for the perfect balance. Make sure that December is your most fabulous and fun Annique month ever and create a Christmas celebration to remember! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!R74o8ff!With our warmest wishesYOUbestSELLERErnest and AngeliqueEye Therapy 15ml Ampsyncol III promotes collagen type III, the ‘juvenile collagen’, to plump up skin and reduce wrinkles.VALUE R419 2VALUE R569Revitalising Cream 50ml Contains VNA10+, an ultra effective youth-promoting extract from the Mexican ‘Skin Tree’ and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.VALUE R559from me toForever Young Perfection Gift SetR799 SAVE R748VALUE R1547AA/00095/17WHILE STOCKS LAST 3treatment skin careMoisture Serum 30ml Restores the skin’s barrier function and keeps skin hydrated.ONLY R349 AA/00134/15Skin Detox 30ml Enriched with tiger’s herb that enhances skin elasticity and promotes wound healing. Leaves a light velvety, protective barrier and helps purify and regenerate skin.ONLY R339 AA/00123/16bestSELLERBrightening Treatment 30mlDerma Protect SPF 20 30mlHelps minimise the appearance of pigmentation, dark spots and age spots. Provides a skinrejuvenating effect as it promotes collagen production to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.Contains a broad-spectrum of UVA and UVB protection whilst, balancing the moisture in dry and irritated skin.ONLY R349Assists the skin to recover its elasticity and firmness to promote a smoother looking complexion.ONLY R269 AA/00391/10Pearl EarringsAA/00372/14Spoil yourself or one of the special ladies in your life with Annique’s real cultured pearl and diamante earrings. Packed in a beautiful white presentation gift carton, it makes a very special gift.VALUE R159Standard-priced Essense or Forever Young product from pages 4–7 and get the Pearl EarringsessenseAA/01562/16Lifting Essence Neck & Bust Cream 75mlONLY R199buy anyFREE!free!Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil 100ml Creates a barrier on the skin that locks in moisture and improves appearance of scars and blemishes.ONLY R339 AA/00243/094WHILE STOCKS LAST 5treatment skin careholsiedntaiayl eswerecommend bestSELLERfree!ideaelltrav ion n compaMoisture Masque 50mlCrème Exfoliator 50ml A soothing, Improves ultra- skin elasticitynourishing masque.ONLY R219 AA/00322/16and skin-tone.ONLY R169 AA/00063/16Antioxidant Radiance Masque 50mlidealNon-irritating, hypo-allergenic skin treatment product.Improves uneven skintone, problem ONLY R179 skin, enlarged AA/00181/13 pores and dehydration.ONLY R209after sun treatment Energising Eye Gel 15ml Assists in eliminating dark circles under eyes.Liquid Skin Nutrition 100ml Helps eliminate skin impurities that may cause spots, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads.delights AA/00361/12pearly 6Sensi Crème 50mlONLY R299AA/00251/12ONLY R179 AA/00285/16Revitalising Cream 30ml ONLY R339 AA/00089/17Q10 Therapy 30ml Co-enzyme Q10 energises tired skin, while Revive+, Evening Primrose Oil and VNA10+ provide potent anti-ageing properties.ONLY R289 AA/00155/14See page 5 for details.Anti-Ageing Serum 30ml Revitalises and protects skin’s stem cells for more beautiful skin.ONLY R559 AA/00600/14Youth Boost 30ml ECM+ peptide boosts collagen type I to firm skin.ONLY R559 AA/00301/14Crème De Nuit 50ml Helps nourish, repair and visibly restore skin, improving its elasticity, cell turnover and ability to retain moisture.ONLY R339 AA/00051/14The qu se pagPear alify for thees l Ear Offer rings on p age 5!Pearl Earrings Spoil yourself or one of the special ladies in your life with Annique’s real cultured pearl and diamante earrings. Packed in a beautiful white presentation gift carton, it makes a very special gift.VALUE R159 WHILE STOCKS LAST 7treatment skin & body carehappy holidaysResque Camphor Cream 500mlR99 SAVE R30Intense nd na protectiosation moisturiR259Intense Repair Serum 30mlVALUE R129AA/01195/17Resque Mist 100mlR149SAVE R90Rejuvenates and renews skin VALUE R349 while it helps improve skin- AA/00255/15 tone, scarring, blemishes.SAVE R60VALUE R209AA/01171/13Soothes: Allergiesr Hayfeve AsthmaR249Anti-Redness SAVE R90 Serum 30ml VALUE R3398A natural AA/00132/15 vasoconstrictor that can help with visible skin redness.Eff herb ective from al relief and aches pain s.ZeroAche+ 75ml“The Annique products have really helped us. The ZeroAche+, Resque Mist and the Resque Circulation Gel are an absolute blessing! My sister suffers from pain and inflammation in her joints. These products work wonders to help get feeling back into her legs and improve her walking. Thank you for your wonderful range of Rooibos products.” Thora ZietsmanR119 SAVE R60VALUE R179AA/01172/13WHILE STOCKS LAST 9dry, dehydrated and mature skinCalming Cleansing Crème 150ml A gentle nonirritating crème cleanser.Optimal Night Renewal 50mlONLY R229A night cream enriched with macadamia nut oil, lanolin and olive extract, to help improve skin hydration levels at night.AA/00041/12HydraRestore Freshener 100ml An innovative, hydrating antioxidant freshener for dry skin, enriched with anti-ageing inca omega oil and AquaVital.ONLY R199 AA/00280/12ONLY R309 AA/00202/12Rooibos Bouquet Gift Bag Non-discountable 200mm(w) x 80mm(g) x 280mm(h)bestSELLERUltimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin 50ml Provides a deep moisturising action, causing the skin to achieve a new degree of moisture and suppleness. AquaVital provides moisturisation for up to 72 hours.ONLY R19 AI/19386/17ONLY R389summerAA/00141/12Hydrating Moisture Lotion 50ml Moisture+ maintains moisture and hydration levels for up to 24 hours. Ideal to relieve skin tightness.glowONLY R389 10AA/00191/12WHILE STOCKS LAST 11normal combination skin caresummer freshSkin Refining Freshener 100ml Cools, calms and soothes skin while controlling dryness and oiliness. Aids in the optimal absorption of other products.ONLY R199 AA/00288/17 Gentle Cleanser 150mlnew!A gentle milk cleanser infused with Green Rooibos extract, MoistBalance and Marinematt. Removes impurities, without disturbing the skin’s delicate balance, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean. Rooibos Bouquet Gift Bag Non-discountable 200mm(w) x 80mm(g) x 280mm(h)ONLY R19 AI/19386/17new!ONLY R239 AA/00022/17new! Hydrafine Perfect Balance with Moistbalance, Marinematt and Green Rooibos extract. Ideal for normal combination skin types and also suitable for sensitive skin types.Replenishing Night Cream 50ml Rich in antioxidant vitamins A, E and B5 to help nourish skin at night. Skin feels dewy, moist and smooth the next morning.ONLY R279 AA/00222/17 Balancing Moisturiser 50ml A perfectly balanced moisturiser to help soothe, condition and soften normal combination skin, while providing a mattifying!ONLY R289 AA/00163/1712WHILE STOCKS LAST 13Clearly Even Night Crème 50ml sensitive & oily and problem skinAntibacterial tea tree oil, oilcontrolling witch hazel and skinbrightening vitamin C nurture skin at night.ONLY R179 AA/00270/14Even Skin Moisturiser 50ml A special blend of antibacterial tea tree oil, skin-calming witch hazel and vitamin C to even skin-tone and promote collagen formation.ONLY R239 AA/00171/13Cleansing Soap Bar 125g Removes excess oil and rinses clean without leaving any residue that may clog pores. Ideal as a body cleansing bar.R39 SAVE R20 VALUE R59AA/00032/13Rooibos Bouquet Gift Bag Non-discountable 200mm(w) x 80mm(g) x 280mm(h)ONLY R19 AI/19386/17summer CLEANSE Clear Complexion Freshener 100mlSoothing Moisturiser 50ml A caring formula with Rooibos extract for its soothing, antiallergic, antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties.ONLY R389Helps to clarify problem and oily skin, refine pores and prevent future breakouts.ONLY R159 AA/00287/13Oil Control Cleanser 150ml Antibacterial tea tree oil and skin-calming witch hazel help to cleanse your skin of oil and other impurities.ONLY R189 AA/00031/13AA/10000/1614WHILE STOCKS LAST 15men's skin care & younger and problem skinFOR MEN bothselfie readyR79SAVE R37R99VALUE R1162120015SAVE R50VALUE R149free!AB/02203/07Spotless Pimple Treatment 10mlre no mo ! s t spo180째 Gentle Shaving Foam 250ml Contains glycerine to condition your skin while you shave and cooling menthol to invigorate your skin.VALUE R109 180째 3-in-1 Face, Hair & Body Wash 250ml Moisturising provitamin B5 leaves your skin and hair feeling soft, clean and smooth. 16ONLY R159 AC/07006/16Contains ingredients such as myrrh, cinnamon extract and tea tree oil that calms irritated skin and accelerates the healing process.180째 Moisture Balm Sample 3ml VALUE R7 180째 Moisture Balm with SPF 15 and Q10 50ml Contains vitamin E, grapeseed oil and green Rooibos extract for their antioxidant and nourishing properties.ONLY R179Crystal Clear 100ml Contains ActiveScent that eliminates and prevents skin impurities which can lead to acne formation.ONLY R179 AB/02200/07Moisture Shield SPF 8 50ml A daily moisturiser that contains lanolin to keep skin hydrated, retain moisture, prevent dry skin and soothe skin irritation.ONLY R159 AB/02204/07AC/07002/12WHILE STOCKS LAST 17treatment body careholiday check listInsect Repellent 100mlR129 SAVE R20VALUE R149AA/01194/17Foot Repair Balm 100mlR149 SAVE R30VALUE R179AA/01198/17rds s Wa sect y in ll off atura nbestSELLER, Repairs dryd cracked an flaky feetResque Body Repair Lotion 150ml Rooibos Bouquet Gift Bag Non-discountable 200mm(w) x 80mm(g) x 280mm(h)ONLY R19 AI/19386/17Contains Rooibos, macadamia nut and sweet almond oils that soften, moisturise and nourish skin.ONLY R149 AA/01179/15Impr oves : d cir cula tion Swe llin Stiffn g essBlooResque Crème 30ml Ideal for insect bites, eczema, chafing and sunburn, skin abrasions and slight burns.ONLY R169 AA/01159/13Hair Nutrition+ 100ml Improves hair growth and oily roots.ONLY R149 AA/01174/13Resque Circulation 75mlR129 SAVE R30VALUE R15918AA/01196/17WHILE STOCKS LAST 19rooibos and herbs & nutritional supplementStressAE/08326/08Night Rest Tea 50g VALUE R552 x Chocolate Lifestyle Shakes 500gR519AE/08328/08Simply Rooibos Tea 50g VALUE R55Green Rooibos Tea 50g VALUE R55 AE/08327/08SAVE R279holidayVALUE R7982620013AE/08359/17Organ ica grown llyShake Ca feCbuy any selected tea`*R39 each SAVE R16ia somnVALUE R55For Ins in ist ring l s s A we ero lo lest o ch20double UP!ReliefRelax Tea 50g VALUE R55Annique’s Lifestyle Shake is a delicious supplement drink with essential vitamins and minerals to boost energy, curb cravings and ensure a safe and healthy way to lose weight!remeCMFlavourLabel.pdf12016/06/273:23PMYCMMYCYCMYKAE/09020/02AE/09000/04AE/09081/16Lifestyle Shake 500g ONLY R399 Each*This offer only includes Green Rooibos Tea 50g, Night Rest Tea 50g, Simply Rooibos Tea 50g and Relax Tea 50g.WHILE STOCKS LAST 21tasteT & health and wellbeingcheers to healthOptiFlora 30 Vegicaps ONLY R239A s a Chrisutm m st-! haveAE/08235/15Rooibos Bouquet Gift BagTasteT is the new Rooibos tea range from Annique. Delicious and refreshing, TasteT teas are packed with healthy Rooibos complemented with a fruity flavour. Perfect to drink hot but absolutely Strawberry divine when Flavoured Rooibos Tea served cold as a fruity iced tea.  50g ONLY R55Non-discountable 200mm(w) x 80mm(g) x 280mm(h)ONLY R19 AI/19386/17Peach Flavoured Rooibos Tea 50g ONLY R55OptiVite 60 softgel capsules ONLY R209 AE/08213/12s: Improve c a m to S mpsh cra Food allergies une Immte sys m IBSDet Han ox an go d aid ver OptiClear 30 hardgel capsulesR199 SAVE R100 VALUE R299AE/08364/17AE/08228/12AE/08363/17tes mo nd Proalth a ty he vitali22WHILE STOCKS LAST 23flowerpowersun care & female fragranceSun Safety Aerosol SPF 30 125ml A water resistant sun protection aerosol for the whole family.ONLY R239 AA/00507/06Rooibos Bouquet Gift Bag Non-discountable 200mm(w) x 80mm(g) x 280mm(h)ONLY R19 AI/19386/17Delight Luxury Perfumed Hand Cream 50ml A nourishing and moisturising hand cream with a beautiful Delight fragrance. Quick and easy absorption for multiple use throughout the day.VALUE R65R89Delight EDP 50ml A hypnotic blend of exotic fruits and flowers, green leaves and grapefruit. It is a fresh fragrance that will make you feel even more gorgeous than you already are.VALUE R569 Delight Indulgent Body Lotion 150ml Provides a feather-light experience in body care. Enjoy the exotic pleasures of our Delight fragrance in this beautiful moisturising lotion enriched with macadamia nut and softening almond oils, combined with soothing Annique Rooibos extract and coconut oil for a beautiful, fragrant body experience.VALUE R129 Safe in the Sun SPF 30 with DNAge 75mlSAVE R40VALUE R129AA/01302/10Contains Green Rooibos, a powerful natural antioxidant that is anti-allergic and prevents premature ageing and SPF 30 which provides 30 times the skins own natural defense against sunburn.Injoi Body Lotion 150ml Nourish your skin with enriching macadamia nut and sweet almond oils, enhanced with Annique's extract of Rooibos and our injoi fragrance.All 3R319free!SAVE R444 VALUE R7632920078ONLY R299 AA/00503/05full of 24WHILE STOCKS LAST 25female fragranceBeyond Beauty EDP 30mlEnchanted EDP 30mlSpellbinding fruity top notes floating over luscious jasmine and lily, swirling A sensual blend with a dreamy whisper of of orange and spice. Bottom notes are cinnamon top reminiscent of an impulsive notes, soft tip-toe through warm woods floral middle and rich vanilla will magically notes of rose, enhance your irresistible jasmine, lily of uniqueness. the valley and orange blossom. VALUE R159 Warm bottom AF/10900/17 notes of amber, sandalwood and sensual musk.Intoxicate EDP 30ml A haute couture floral explosion. Addictive floral notes captivate the imagination. Intoxicate is your antidote to reality, leaving behind a breathtaking trail of fantasy and illusion.VALUE R159 AF/10308/17Red Passion EDP 30ml The epitome of glamour and opulence, with a deep, spicy, oriental, floral fragrance. Intensely feminine and totally irresistible, she relishes in red.senseVALUE R159 AF/10400/17chooseVALUE R159 AF/10700/16holidaypre Chyoral lfFlorienFlorientaltalANY TWO* R189 SAVE R129 VALUE R318*Fragrances included in this offer are: Red Passion EDP 30ml, Intoxicate EDP 30ml, Be Amazing EDP 30ml, Beyond Beauty EDP 30ml and Enchanted EDP 30ml.WoodyBe Amazing EDP 30ml A lush and memorable fragrance for the independent, modern, sexy woman who knows how to have fun and who chooses her own destiny.VALUE R159 AF/10502/1626Oriental WHILE STOCKS LAST 27fragrancesfor that guylady inredAnniqueDiary 2018 AI/19216/18R75Non-discountableTenacity EDP 50mlR99 AF/50500/17That Guy EDT 30ml That Guy! epitomizes self-confidence and style. This aromatic, woody fragrance offers fresh top notes of apple, orange, bergamot and neroli, followed by middle notes of patchouli and teakwood. Vanilla and musk form the base of this sexy, adventurous fragrance. 28Scented with citrusy, fruity top notes of blood orange, complimented with middle notes of rose and jasmine and bottom notes of vanilla and honey. Tenacity is the ultimate accessory to complement the confidence that defines the woman who wears it.BIGsaveR259 SAVE R310 VALUE R569AF/10600/14WHILE STOCKS LAST 29daily body carefillersstockingR129Fresh Bouquet Shower Cream 400ml SAVE R20Gently cleanse your skin while enjoying a refreshing shower. Rooibos VALUE R149 extract is complemented by baobab and marula oils, to leave skin soft, supple and healthy. AA/01410/17Rooibos Bouquet Gift Bag Non-discountable 200mm(w) x 80mm(g) x 280mm(h)ONLY R19 AI/19386/17R159Cooling Foot Set SAVE R30 2 x 100ml VALUE R189An invigorating AA/01404/17 peppermint foot scrub and a soothing Rooibos foot balm duo is exactly what your feet need this! Refreshing Hand Wash 200mlMoisturising Soap Bar 125g Ideal for holiday travels, this creamy Rooibos enriched formulation is a wonderful rich balance of cleansing and moisturising benefits. 30R59 SAVE R10 VALUE R69AA/01405/17A must-have hand wash! Contains Rooibos extract to protect your skin against free radical damage and sandalwood to cleanse and moisturise the skin.bothR119 SAVE R39VALUE R1581820055Petite Hand Cream 30ml VALUE R39VALUE R119 WHILE STOCKS LAST 31daily body careR99 SAVE R40R119VALUE R139AA/01388/16SAVE R20Deluxe Body Lotion 400mlVALUE R139Contains vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and Rooibos to help retain moisture and protect your skin from dryness.AA/01409/17In-Shower Body Lotion 250ml A unique water-activated formula that is quickly absorbed by wet skin. Use after your shower, before towel-drying for a quick, moisturising body lotion.S for afe d ski ry nPretty Hand Cream 30ml ONLY R39 AA/01407/17Petite Hand Cream 30ml ONLY R39 AA/01412/17R55G ifts last minute SAVE R10 VALUE R65AA/01387/16Nourishing Hand Cream 50mlR149 SAVE R20VALUE R169AA/01408/17Blooming Spray on Body Oil 200ml32Infused with Rooibos extract, macadamia, almond and vitamin E oils, this intensely moisturising oil will leave your skin soft, nourished and cared for.Made with Rooibos extract and Rooibos infused oil, for its natural antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits.WHILE STOCKS LAST 33Contains Bulgarian Rosewater known for its mildness and refreshing properties. Assists in moisturising and rejuvenating the skin whilst gently removing make-up. Fragrance free.Rooibos Bouquet Gift Bag Non-discountable 200mm(w) x 80mm(g) x 280mm(h)ONLY R19 AI/19386/17ONLY R16934Red 4/17 o 2/17Dai sy 274 1/17Nud AG/ e 127 43/1 7274VinAG/ 1ONLY R179AG/ 1A rich, colour intense lipstick that offers long lasting moisturisation. Enriched with Moisture+ Complex for long lasting moisturisation.274Moisture+ Complex LipstickAG/ 1Mag ent AG/ a 127 45/1 7AG/12401/16under the mistletoecolour caressGentle MakeUp Remover 65mlGinger 2422073Summer 2422075Beige 2422076choose your foundation and get the BB CreamFREE!Feels Like Silk Foundation SPF 15 30ml Offers luxurious, even coverage for a flawless and younger-looking complexion.VALUE R269 eachCream 2422074bothR269 SAVE R269 VALUE R538free! BB Cream SPF 30 30ml Provides superior coverage whilst evening out skin imperfections and adding nourishment and moisturisation to the skin.VALUE R269 WHILE STOCKS LAST 35nicerooibos babynaughty orShake & Colour Bath Sand 250g Make bath time a magical and colourful experience for the kids, just shake the ‘sand’ into the bath water and watch as it transforms it into a pool of sunshine. AA/01802/17R75 Gironky & Friends Bubble Bath 500ml Introduce your little ones to fun bath time with Gironky. This delightful bubble bath contains Rooibos extract, cranberry and vitamin E to gently soothe and cleanse their skin.36R119AA/01800/16Baby Body Lotion 200ml Prevents dryness, itching and restlessness caused by the chafing and scratching of clothes and blankets.VALUE R139 Baby 2-in-1 Gentle Cleansing Lotion 200ml A gentle, convenient and versatile wash with a soothing, creamy formula to leave baby’s hair and skin soft and clean.bothR149 SAVE R119 VALUE R2682220051VALUE R129 WHILE STOCKS LAST 37christmasMiracle Tissue Oil Lip Therapy 5g Softens and relieves dry lips with a combination of nourishing oils and shea butter.treatment body careR119 SAVE R30VALUE R149bothAA/00259/17miraclesR169new!SAVE R109 VALUE R2781120174Rooibos Bouquet Gift Bag Non-discountable 200mm(w) x 80mm(g) x 280mm(h)free!ONLY R19 AI/19386/17Miracle Tissue Oil Body Wash 400ml Indulge your skin. Leaves skin feeling pampered, clean and soft whilst Rooibos-infused oil soothes
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