Beforemidnight Screenplay

September1, 2012 Before Midnight Screenplay by Richard Linklater Ethan Hawke Julie Delpy FADE IN: INT. AIRPORT - AFTERNOON Jesse and 14-year-old Hank are walking through an airport in Greece. JESSE So you got everything? HANK Mmm-hmmh. JESSE You going to play video games the whole flight, or do you think you might actually crack a book? HANK Probably read some. JESSE If I write you an email, don't be scared to write me back, okay? It won't kill you to let your old man know wha
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    September1, 2012Before Midnight   Screenplay by   Richard Linklater   Ethan Hawke   Julie Delpy  FADE IN:INT. AIRPORT - AFTERNOONJesse and 14-year-old Hank are walking through an airport inGreece.JESSE So you got everything?HANKMmm-hmmh.JESSEYou going to play video games the whole flight, or do you think youmight actually crack a book?HANKProbably read some.JESSEIf I write you an email, don't bescared to write me back, okay? It won't kill you to let your old manknow what you're thinking about and what's going on, you know? HANKYeah.JESSEIf we want, we could try Skypingonce a week or something.HANKAll right...JESSEYou got the drawings for your sciencedeal?HANKYeah, think so.JESSEAlright, well they turned out greatby the way. Like, really great.HANKThanks.They've arrived at the concession stand. Hank grabs a coupleof snacks.  2.JESSEIs your computer charged?HANKYeah.JESSEWhat do you think's the first thingyou're gonna do when you get home?HANKI dunno.JESSEI really cherish this communication we have. You know, it's just - youranswers are so...HANK(interrupting)What?Jesse is paying.JESSEJust keep practicing the piano, okay? You're really good and they spend somuch time at that school of yours...just remember that music is actuallysomething you will use in your life. Right, and don't forget to - you want those sesame things, right? They're really good.HANKYeah.JESSERight. (to cashier)Yassou . Here you go. Thank you. Okay.He gets the change and they head to the gate.JESSE (CONT'D)I'll probably make it over there inOctober, you know? Try to see youin that first recital and thenhopefully catch a soccer game whileI'm there. (to cashier)  Efharisto.  3.HANKI might not even play soccer thisyear.JESSEOh, that'd be a big mistake. Trustme.HANKI'm not that good.JESSEOh, no, you're pretty good. Youare.HANKI mean, I missed summer trainingcamp, so the chances of me startingare minuscule. JESSEYeah, well, just tell the coach thesituation - your dad lives in Europe,you really wanted to be there, blahblah blah. Blame me. My parentsstink, but I'm really serious.HANKBut I'm not serious, Dad. I don'tcare that much.JESSEWell, you don't have to decide rightnow. You know, just think about it. All I'm saying is that team sportsare important, you know? They've arrived at the security line.JESSE (CONT'D)Here we are. I love this airport,don't you? HANKIt's awesome.JESSEI know, it's cool, right? You excitedabout seeing your mom? HANKYeah, and all my friends.
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