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Global Mobility at Accenture Before You Go Version 710/750/44ss Congratulations! You have made an important decision to work in another country. This is a major step in your career journey. By working in another country, you will build new skills and experiences, immerse yourself in a new culture, meet new colleagues and perform interesting work. You also will support Accenture’s future growth by bringing your skills and capabilities to a country where they are needed. Your home and host cou
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   Version 710/750/44ss Global Mobility at Accenture Before You Go  Congratulations!  You have made an important decision to work in anothercountry. This is a major step in your career journey. Byworking in another country, you will build new skills andexperiences, immerse yourself in a new culture, meet newcolleagues and perform interesting work. You also willsupport Accenture’s future growth by bringing your skillsand capabilities to a country where they are needed. What You Can Expect From Accenture Moving to a new country location is an exciting time—but itcan also seem daunting and at times stressful for all thoseinvolved, including family members who may be travelingwith you or remaining at home. Accenture understands thisand we are committed to ensuring you have the support youneed to successfully—and smoothly—make your transitionto your new location.Our team of Relocation Management Solutionsprofessionals will direct you to information and the stepsneeded to move to your new location—such as your cross-border agreement, visa and immigration requirements—andinformation to help you get established once you arrive. Youmay contact Relocation Management Solutions at any timeusingmyRequests.Also, we provide a suite of internal and external websitesand other resources to help you prepare for your assignmentand educate yourself about working in another country(see next page). What to Do Before You Go The following are some of the important actionsyou need to take before you leave: Review  Policy 0710—Cross-border Assignments and Intermittent Business and Training Travelto gainan understanding of the assignment provisions andallowances you may receive during your assignment.Read the addendums for both your home and hostcountry. Learn about the immigration requirements of yourhost country . ReviewPolicy 0043—Immigrationand thecountry addendums for both your home and the hostcountry to understand the immigration laws and anyactions required from you. Set objectives for your upcoming role using the Cross-Border Objective Setting Worksheet. Consult with yourassignment sponsors and supervisor (or career counselorif applicable) when filling this out. Your objectives needto reflect not only your job responsibilities, which relateto the role you will perform, but also the contribution youwill make to your host country.  Your objectives must bedocumented in myPerformance before you depart . Your home and host country performance reviewerswill both play a part in defining your final contributionrating. Salary, bonuses and any promotion considerationwill continue to be managed by your home country HRrepresentative and career counselor. Become familiar with the tax implications of yourassignment . ReadPolicy 0820—Global Tax Equalization and ask Relocation Management Solutions for moreinformation if required. Learn about accompanied assignments . Family member(s)may accompany you on a cross-border assignment of less than six months and it must be at your own expense(airfare, accommodation, etc.). If your assignment isextended to six months or more, you may request to beaccompanied by dependent family member(s) at companyexpense by submitting a business case to RelocationManagement Solutions. Approvals will be coordinatedon your behalf. All approvals must be received beforeany family member may join you at company expense. Save important phone numbers to your mobile phone .Global Asset Protection and International SOS provideemergency assistance to global travelers. Support isavailable in case of natural disasters, political emergenciesand medical emergencies, or if your laptop is stolen. Toreach either of these services, contact the AccentureSecurity Operations Center Hotline 24 hours a day,seven days a week:For urgent matters: +1 202 728 0645Non-urgent: +1 202 533 1161 Find out about  housing arrangementsavailablefor people on cross-border assignments. Check your medical insurance coverage . Make sure yourhome country medical insurance will cover you during theassignment prior to departure for thehost country by contacting your benefits provider. Learn how to record your time correctly . You willneed to represent your location of physical presenceaccurately for each day in each pay period usingmyTimeandExpenses. More details may be foundinPolicy 0063—Time and Expense Reporting. Understand how transfers are managed . Occasionally,it might make business sense to consider a transfer to ahost country for an extended period of time. You may beapproached by your business sponsor to consider sucha move, or you may initiate a conversation yourself. All headcount transfers must be approved by thebusiness sponsor, an entity or country leader, and theindividual. If you are willing to consider a transfer,contact your business sponsor and then RelocationManagement Solutions for support with the process.   You can learn more by reading the following policies concerningtemporary and permanent transfers:Policy 0751—Cross-border Temporary Transfers:ExecutivesPolicy 0044—Cross-border and Within-countryPermanent Transfers Start thinking about repatriation early in your assignment .Arrangements to return you to your home country will beginbefore your role ends. We encourage you to participate in thisprocess actively and to connect with your home country careercounselor and HR representative before you return. They willassist you in finding your next role. Resources for Accenture People The following resources are available from Accentureto help you prepare for your assignment: Global Mobility and Relocation Navigator This website is the first place you should visit forspecific information related to working in your host country.It includes actions for you to consider before and during yourstay, as well as a wealth of transition resources and articlesto support you. Also, it is a good idea to download thetop 10 suggestionsand thepre-departure checkliston the website to help you prepare for this move. Accenture Mobility Family Support Share this external website with your spouse, life partner orfamily members to help them to find essential resources andinformation on living and working in another country—whetherthey are accompanying you or remaining at home. Ask them toclick on “Request access to this site” from the login screen sothey may receive a User ID and password. You may access thesite by clicking on “Access the Login Page” under “AccentureEmployees” at the bottom of the login Accenture Careers Marketplace Learn about making a successful career transition at Accenture,whether it is to a new country or a new part of the organization.Watch videos of Accenture employees who have made successfultransitions. Social Networking Online social networks present a unique opportunityto learn and share with others in similar circumstances.Internally, you may consider joining the existing Accentureexpatriate community on Accenture Groups, or start yourown group. You also may connect with non-Accentureassignees through one of several external social networkswe have identified. following external websites also provide useful supportas you plan for your departure: GlobeSmart Access this web-based tool for tips and strategies on howto conduct business effectively with people from countriesaround the world. You must use your Accenture e-mailaddress to register. Living Abroad International Relocation Center Use this website to learn about relocating or doing businessin most parts of the world.  Copyright © 2011 AccentureAll rights reserved.Accenture, its logo, andHigh Performance Deliveredare trademarks of Accenture.
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