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Welcome to our Overview for Learning English with 7 part lesson series. Learning English for Beginners as ESL program. Support videos on Youtube. I hope you enjoy learning English with me.
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  • 1. Express yourself confidently! แสดงตัวเองได้อย่างมั่นใจ English for Beginners Course Overview Presented by Sarah Mitchell ©
  • 2. Subjects we will cover •Nouns •Adjectives •Verbs •Pronouns •Adverbs •Articles
  • 3. Nouns with Confidence • Naming words - what to call objects, things, items and people, places • Example things- Cat, dog, table, chair • Example people - Bill, Joe, Lucy • Example places - Thailand, Australia, England, Tower of London, Sydney Opera House
  • 4. Adjectives with Confidence • Describing word – what the noun looks like • Example -Big, small, round, flat • Example - Beautiful, ugly, delicious, old, new • Feelings – sad, happy, tired • Used to form pictures in our mind
  • 5. Verbs with Confidence • Doing words – describes actions • Example - run, play, jump, study • Example - eat, wash, drink, sleep • What we are doing and activity
  • 6. Articles with Confidence • Qualifiers – how many and what type • A, An, The most common • Together with noun in a sentence or conversation • Tells us is a single item not many
  • 7. Pronouns with Confidence • To do with people and ownership • Example - He, she, me, you • The person we are talking about or the item that belongs to the person • Example - His, hers, mine • Example - Himself, herself, myself
  • 8. Adverbs with Confidence • Special verb – time or how many times an activity is done and how it is done. • Example - Sometimes, often, never • Example - Quickly, slowly, faster, loudly • Works together with nouns and verbs
  • 9. Summary • Nouns - naming words • Adjectives – describing words • Verbs – doing words • Articles – qualifiers • Pronouns – person ownership • Adverb – time and frequency
  • 10. Thank You Thank you for listening Please direct any inquiries to At
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