vikuiti™ Brightness enhancement Film—Reflective Polarizer (BeFRP) 90/24 HandHeld devices a family of products that offer both light angle and polarization management in a single, thin film Typical Construction Vikuiti BEFRP 90/24 Film offers the latest innovation in ™ light efficiency. It’s the first product to combine the two technologies of light angle and polarization management into a single, thin film. This provides the equivalent brightness and functionality of two separate prism film
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  Typical construction of Vikuiti BEFRP film showing theprismatic structure overlaid onto the reflective polarizer (VikuitiDBEF film) substrate, effectively combining the functions oftwo films (Vikuiti DBEF and BEF films) into a single film.  Vikuiti ™ BEFRP 90/24 Film Product configuration  Acrylic resin Vikuiti ™ DBEF Film layer24 µ m90˚ HandHeld devices  vkut ™ Brght ehmt Fm—Rt Porzr (BeFRP) 90/24  a my o prouttht or both ghtg  porztomgmt  g, th fm Tpc Ctct  Vikuiti ™ BEFRP 90/24 Film offers the latest innovation inlight efficiency. It’s the first product to combine the twotechnologies of light angle and polarization management intoa single, thin film. This provides the equivalent brightnessand functionality of two separate prism films. It can alsoimprove the viewing angle. Vikuiti BEFRP 90/24 film deliversmany other benefits such as having to use fewer films in thedisplay and reflective moiré is reduced. Displays can be madethinner; and assembly costs can be cut because only onefilm is handled, rather than two. Vikuiti BEFRP 90/24 film isthinner than two separate films, and so is easier to integrateinto design and manufacturing processes.  For ordering information, please call: 1-800-553-9215 For more information, visit us at: www.vkut.om Important Notice to Purchaser Th oowg  m  u o  wrrt, xpr or mp,ug y mp wrrt o mrhtbty or ft or prtur purpo. 3M warrants that, at the time of shipment, product will meet 3M’s publishedspecification or that specification agreed in writing between 3M and purchaser.Should product not meet specifications at time of shipment, 3M will replace orrefund the purchase price of such quantity of the product found not to meetspecifications. Purchaser shall determine the suitability of the 3M product forpurchaser’s application. 3M shall not be liable under any legal theory, includingin contract or in tort, for any injury, loss, or damage, whether direct, indirect,incidental, special or consequential, arising out of the use of or the inability touse the product. Th wrrt  rm t orth hr r purhr’ o xu wrrt  rm.  VerTiCal Viewing angle Cross-seCTion This graph shows how Vikuiti BEFRP film can replaceone sheet of Vikuiti TBEF film and one sheet of VikuitiDBEF film and still have very comparable viewing angleand axial luminance. ToTal sysTem CosT reduCed wiTh VikuiTi BeFrP Film When considering all costs, including procurement,inventorying, administrative, and assembly, VikuitiBEFRP film, in either the “economy” or “performance”configurations, will generally cost less than separatelayers of Vikuiti DBEF and TBEF film, or two layers of Vikuiti TBEF film, and will be significantly thinner withpractically the same or better optical performance. enVironmenTal TesTing  All versions have been tested at low temperature (-40˚Cfor 1000 hours), high temperature (85˚C for 1000 hours),and high humidity/high temperature (65˚C at 95% RH for1000 hours) without any appreciable change in physicalappearance or optical performance.   - F Tf F F   0102030405060708090-100-80-60-40-20020406080100  vikuiti ™  esR + TBeF + TBeF + dBeF-P Film vikuiti ™  esR + TBeF + BeFRP 90/24 Film   F Tf F F Film desCriPTion  Vt ™ BeFrP F The srcinal version for the highest gain in thisfamily of products.  Vt ™ BeFrP2 F Uses improved DBEF substrate for 35 µmthinner version, and better color rendition. Gain is not appreciablydifferent than BEFRP.  Vt ™ BeFrP2-rC F Has a modified prism pattern for reducedmoiré and better defect hiding. Also has a special coating for betterimprint resistance and surface durability. Slightly less gain. ProViding Thinner soluTions Vikuiti  ™  BEFRP2-RC +TBEF + ESR Film Vikuiti  ™  ESR DiffuserVikuiti  ™  TBEF2-T-i FilmLight GuideVikuiti  ™  BEFRP2-RC Film – 0.115 mm LCD 86 µ m thinner Vikuiti  ™  DBEF-P2 HC +X-TBEF + ESR Film Vikuiti  ™  ESR DiffuserVikuiti  ™  TBEF2-T-i FilmLight GuideVikuiti  ™  TBEF2-T-i Film – 0.062 mm    Vikuiti  ™  DBEF-P2 HC Film – 0.139 mm  High PerformanceConfiguration LCD Vikuiti  ™  TBEF +TBEF + ESR Film DiffuserVikuiti  ™  TBEF2-T-i Film – 0.062 mm 0.062 mmLight GuideVikuiti  ™  TBEF2-T-i Film – 0.062 mm Vikuiti  ™  BEFRP2 +ESR Film   EconomyConfiguration LCDLCDVikuiti  ™  BEFRP2 Film – 0.115 mmDiffuserLight Guide 10 µ m thinner   Vikuiti  ™  ESR Vikuiti  ™  ESR  seleCTion guide*  Vikuiti ™  BEFRP Film Vikuiti ™ BEFRP2 Film Vikuiti ™ BEFRP2-RC FilmThickness (µm)150115115Prism PatternStraightStraightRandomMOF Surface Durability——ImprovedBacklight Defect Hiding——ImprovedReflective Moiré (single use)NoneNoneNoneReflective Moiré (w/prism film)——ImprovedWhite Point Color—ImprovedImprovedBrightness**2~3% higher2~3% higher—*Vikuiti BEFRP film used as baseline, except in the case of brightness.**Vikuiti BEFRP2-RC film used as baseline.  vkut ™ Brght ehmt Fm—Rt Porzr (BeFRP) 90/24 3 Optical Systems Division 3M Center, Building 235-1E-54St. Paul, MN  Please Recycle.  Vikuiti and the Vikuiti “Eye” symbol aretrademarks of 3M.Printed in U.S.A.© 3M 200875-0500-5218-4 HandHeld devices
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