Beg, Borrow and Steal: A Professional Development Working Session

1. Beg,  Borrow  and  Steal  …a  professional  development  working  session  Virtual  Schooling  Symposium  2012  New  Orleans,  LA  Jay  Bennett,…
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  • 1. Beg,  Borrow  and  Steal  …a  professional  development  working  session  Virtual  Schooling  Symposium  2012  New  Orleans,  LA  Jay  Bennett,  Michigan  Virtual  University  Jeff  Simmons,  Idaho  Digital  Learning  Academy  Jason  Neiffer,  Montana  Digital  Academy  Michele  Nickels,  Wisconsin  Virtual  School  Amanda  Williamson,  Georgia  Virtual  School  
  • 2. Paperless Handouts
  • 3. Format  
  • 4. Content    -­‐  Michele  
  • 5. Legislation  Related  to  Professional  Development  ¤  Example:    Wisconsin  Act  222,   enacted  in  April  of  2008,  states   that,  "Beginning  July  1,  2010,  no   person  may  teach  an  online   course  in  a  public  school,   including  a  charter  school,   unless  he  or  she  has  completed   at  least  30  hours  of  professional   development  designed  to   prepare  a  teacher  for  online   teaching.”  [Wisconsin  State   Statute  118.19(13)  
  • 6. Foundational  Course  ¤  Orientation  to  Online  Learning:  Standards  ¤  Technology,  Tools  &  Online  Activities  ¤  Online  Facilitation:  Supporting  Meaningful  Interaction  ¤  Assessing  &  Evaluating  Online  Student  Performance  ¤  Managing  Online  Learning  Environments  ¤  Social,  Ethical,  and  Legal  Issues  in  Online  Teaching  &  Learning  
  • 7. Example  from  Wisconsin  
  • 8. Specific  Training  
  • 9. Example  from  Wisconsin  
  • 10. Mentor  Training  
  • 11. Evaluation:  Teachers  ¤  iNACOL  National  Standards  for   Quality  Online  Teaching    (    ¤  State  Evaluation  Systems  or   Requirements  
  • 12. Evaluation:  Content  ¤  iNACOL  National  Standards  for   Quality  Online  Courses     (    
  • 13. Program  and  PD  itself  ¤  Example  course  for   ¤  iNACOL  National  Standards  for   administrators:  Example of Quality  Online  Programs     Course for Administrators   (       (
  • 14. Ongoing  PD   •  Best Practices   SVSLA   •  Hot Topics/Tech Summer   Tools and Tips •  New Initiatives:   Online  Wiki:   Common Core •  Trends svslasummer      
  • 15. Delivery  -­‐  Jeff  
  • 16. Multiple  Modalities  
  • 17. Multiple  Perspectives  
  • 18. Ongoing  Opportunities  
  • 19. Policy  and  Procedure  -­‐  Amanda  
  • 20. Important because
  • 21. We encourage
  • 22. Points us in the right direction
  • 23. Professional Learning Opportunities •  Face  to  face   •  Online   •  Learning  management  system   •  Technology   •  New  tools  
  • 24. Preparation and continuous support
  • 25. Moving in the same direction
  • 26. Expectations  of  Professional  Development  Instructors  and  Participants  -­‐  Jason  
  • 27. Partnership  for  High  Expectations  
  • 28. Mind  the  Time  
  • 29. Expectations  of  Workshop  Instructors  
  • 30. Expectations  of  Participants  
  • 31. Topics  and  Trends  -­‐  Jay  
  • 32. Blended/Flipped   Common  Core   Common   Classroom   Assessment   Assessments  Full  Time  Online   Supplementary   Build  Your  Own   Online  
  • 33. SVSLA  Panalists  ¤  Jay Bennett, Michigan Virtual School,¤  Jason Neiffer, Montana Digital Academy,¤  Michele Nickels, Wisconsin Virtual School,¤  Jeff Simmons, Idaho Digital Learning Academy,¤  Amanda Williamson, Georgia Virtual Learning,
  • 34. Other  SVSLA  Members  ¤  Virginia Padilla, Innovative Digital Education and Learning – New Mexico,,¤  Cindy Hamblin, Illinois Virtual School,¤  John Brim, North Carolina Virtual Public School,¤  Debbie Kenny, The Virtual High School Consortium,
  • 35. Paperless Handouts
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