Beg Buy Borrow and Steal: Ethnographies of Exchange

Beg Buy Borrow and Steal: Ethnographies of Exchange
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  Professor Lily Chumley chumley@nyu.edu411 Lafayette, Third Floor, Oce 339Oce ours! Friday "#4 Beg, Buy, Borrow, and Steal: Ethnographies of Exchange $CC#%& 1"''#''(! )enior $edia )eminar 1 *hen +e thin of e-chane, +e thin of money, and the /urchases made +ith it. 0ut there are many forms of e-chane that cant 2e descri2ed as 2uyin and sellin! iin ifts, sharin meals, tradin faors, 2orro+in and lendin tools. ndeed, much of +hat +e 2uy +ith money +e ie a+ay, or share. )ometimes e-chane 2uilds relationshi/s 5ifts, sharin, lendin and 2orro+in67 other times it destroys them 5theft, un/aid de2ts6. This class +ill e-/lore /ro2lems of e-chane across time and s/ace! from the oriins of money to credit and de2t, from ifts to faors, from consum/tion to addiction, from /restie marets to hih 8nance. *e +ill read a selection of outstandin ethnora/hies of e-chane 5old and ne+6 and conduct ouro+n ualitatie research on the economic life around us. The class +ill /roide students +ith a stron roundin in socio#cultural theories of economic life and a solid trainin in ethnora/hic research methods.1 htt/!::+++.smm.or:anthro/oloy:cuneiform:shee/  Course Goals: 1) Our first goal is to examine forms of exchange—begging, buying, borrowing, stealing,as well as trading, sharing, and giving—through a selection of classic and novel analytical models and research methodologies. We will build an understanding of economic life out of a critical history and an informed analysis of experience. 2) Our second goal is to practice ethnographic research methods. y collecting research materials, engaging in participant observation, and conducting interviews, students will develop a strong foundation in ethnographic s!ills that are highly valued in "ournalism, media, and academic and corporate research.#) Our third goal is to present our wor! to a broader audience through research essays and presentations. The books we are going to read: 5the follo+in 2oos are on sale in2oostores and on ama;on, and on 4#hour resere in the li2rary, +herethey can 2e scanned or /hotoco/ied or read directly.60oureois, P. and )chon2er, <. "''9. Righteous Dopefend. %C Press (Week 7) =rae2er, >. "'1'. Debt: The First 5000 Years. $elille  (Week 3) =uyer, <ane. "''4. argina! "ains: onetar# Transa$tions in %t!anti$  %&ri$a. Chicao (Week ') o, ?aren. "''9. iuidated: %n *thnograph# o& Wa!! +treet. >ue  (Week ,3) $aurer, 0. "''. utua! i&e- iited: /s!ai$ anking and atera! 1urren$ies. Princeton  (Week ,3) $auss, $. The "i&t: The For and Reason &or *2$hange in %r$hai$ +o$ieties (Week ) $unn, Aancy. 19B(. The Fae o& "a4a >ue (Week ,,) )chull, A. "'1".  %ddi$tion b# Design Princeton (Week ) Some books you might consider reading in the future: $ar-, ?. 1apita! . 5aaila2le free at +++.mar-ists.or6   Patnai, Pra2hat. "''9 The 6a!ue o& one#   Colum2iaPolanyi, ?. The "reat Trans&oration: The o!iti$a! and *$onoi$ 8rigins o& 8ur Tie )mith, dam.  %n /nuir# into the 9ature and 1auses o& the Wea!th o& 9ations 5aaila2le free at +++.utten2er.or6)immel, =. 199' D19'E The hi!osoph# o& one#  . Goutlede*e2er, $a-. &conomy and )ociety Assignments: 1.Geadin Ges/onse Huestions! +rite !e "#sentence reading response $uestions oer the course of the semester. >ue in +ritin in class. 51' /ts6".Field+or e-ercises! there are se!en problem sets% For the 8rstone, you +ill 2rin a /icture, ideo or 2oo to the class7 for the  remainin si-, you +ill tae 8eldnotes, /hotora/hs, and:or recordins, then +rite comments or analysis. &ach 8eld re/ort should 2e 1#" /aes lon. )eeral of these e-ercises should 2e conducted in lined /laces or +ith related su2Iects, so that they can 2e used to deelo/ a 2roader arument for the 8nal /a/er. )hare on class +e2site 2y *ednesday 1"am, and 2rin /a/er co/y to class. 54' /ts63.$idterm essay! one two#page essay  in res/onse to a readin, +hich +ill also sere as a framin uestion for the 8nal essay. >ue in /rint in oce mail2o- 51' /ts64. &'#page nal essay ! %se course readins to analy;e your ethnora/hy and deelo/ an arument a2out the social life of some form of e-chane. 9ote that this fna! essa# shou!d in$orporate the 'page idter and ateria! &ro #our fe!dnotes. >ue in /rint in oce mail2o- 5"' /ts6.. (articipate in class ! 2e /resent in s/irit as +ell as 2ody 5"' /ts6 )eadings: 1. *hat is $oneyJ*ee 1 51:316! Geadin 5handouts! selections from 1apita!- intro to one# and the ora!it# o& *2$hange 6 $ethodoloy )ession! Partici/ant O2seration 1*ee " 5":E6! Geadin 5=uyer Cha/ters 1#6Pro2lem )et 5O2sere and record an eent of someone usin some form of money7 2rin imae:ideo to class alon +ith 2rief notes:descri/tion6". Credit:>e2t*ee 3 5":146! Geadin 5=rae2er ntro, 1, ", 3, 6$ethodoloy )ession! nterie+in*ee 4 5":"16! Pro2lem )et 5interie+s +ith friends and family mem2ers a2out their e-/eriences +ith credit and:or de2t7 this could 2e /ersonal de2t, small 2usiness de2t, the e-/erience of lendin money to others, etc7 2rin 8eldnotes and /hoto:audio:multi#media to class.63. )ocial Aet+ors and &conomic Knterest*ee  5":"B6! Geadin! $auss 5all67 /df $. Man 5KThe rt in =uan-i-ue6$ethodoloy )ession! )no+2all )am/lin*ee ( 53:E6! Pro2lem )et 5interie+s +ith ift#iers and reci/ients7 note that you hae to interie+ 2oth /arties to the ift, and to Ksno+2all out to someone you dont no+. 0e sure  to address the /ro2lem of return7 2rin 8eldnotes and /hoto:audio:multi#media to class.64. 0ein, 0uyin, )tealin, *orin, and )harin*ee E 53:146! Geadin! 0oureois 5ntro, 1, ", 3, , (, E6$ethodoloy )ession! Partici/ant O2seration "*ee B 5)/rin 0rea:Ao Class6! Pro2lem )et 5o2sere a form of e-chane in /rocess and descri2e it in 1#" /aes7 2rin 8eldnotes and /hoto:audio:multi#media to class6 problem set and midterm essay due *onday "+ th  in box . $aretin *ants and >esinin Aeeds*ee 9 53:"B6! Geadin! )chull 5ntro, ", 3, 4, E6$ethodoloy )ession! )/aces*ee 1' 54:46! Pro2lem )et 5o2sere:conduct interie+s on an eent or ty/e of consum/tion, /ayin attention to the orani;ation of the consum/tion s/ace7 turn in 1#" /aes of notes7 2rin /hoto:multi#media to class6 (. The )ocial Lies of Prestie =oods*ee 11 54:116! Geadin! $unn 51, ", , (, E6 /df N. Man 5KFetishism and its an-iety!  /oetic 2iora/hy of fantastic rocs6$ethodoloy )ession! Te-t#o2Iects*ee 1" 54:1B6! Pro2lem )et 5o2sere:conduct interie+s on the e-chane of /restie oods7 turn in 1#" /aes of notes7 2rin /hoto:multi#media to class6E. Finance and technoloies of &-chane*ee 13 54:"6! Geadin! o 5ntro 1, 3, 4, (6*ee 14 5:"6! Pro2lem )et 58eld+or a2out 2anin, +hether in the form of interie+s +ith /eo/le a2out /ersonal or /rofessional2anin, or de/endin on access 8eld+or at 2an 2ranch, creditunion, lendin serice, or inestment 2an. Turn in 1#" /ae re/orts6B. $oney and the $orality of &-chane*ee 1 5:96! Geadin! $aurer 51, 3, 46 nal essay due *onday &' th  in box  mplicit $uestions-themes: 1.*ae#la2or, >e2t#la2or, )laery and human tracin".ccountin and transaction technoloies3.KThe commodity 4.)ain, )/endin, nestin
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