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Beginning Drama Disclosure Document Drama Class Website: School Website: Teacher: Ms. Jennings Room: F130 Email: Office Hours: By appointment Class Overview: Beginning Drama will introduce students to the stage environment, performance techniques for vocal and movement based performances, theater ettiquette, rehearsal techniques, ensemble performance work, audition techniques, and self-assessmen
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  Beginning Drama Disclosure Document Drama Class Website: School Website: Ms. Jennings Room: F130 Email: kjennings@alpine.k12.ut.usOffice Hours: By appointment Class Overview: Beginning Drama will introduce students to the stage environment, performancetechniques for vocal and movement based performances, theater ettiquette, rehearsal techniques,ensemble performance work, audition techniques, and self-assessment and critique for dramatic performances or readings. Parents are welcome to visit our classroom at any time!! Homework/Assignments:1) Students are required to complete 2 play evaluations throughout the semester. Students must see 1 live performance and read 1 full-length play and fill out the corresponding evaluation form. They can dothe evaluations in either order. One play evaluation will be due the last week before each term ends.Play evaluation forms can be found on the drama class website. They can be submitted to Ms.Jennings at any time during the term and may be submitted via email if necessary. Performances for local productions will be posted on the drama class website and in class. Scripts can be found in theschool library as well as at your local library. Other dramatic resources will also be posted on the classwebsite. Play evaluations are worth 100 points. 2) Students will be required to do a variety of performance and written based assignments in class. Tokeep on top of the homework assignments, students can expect to have approximately 20 minutes of homework per night. 3) Theater, by nature, is something you have to participate in to learn. Students will receive 10 participation points per class period. Students may lose participation points for misbehavior, lack of  participation (ex: not practicing scenes when given time, sleeping, etc.), unexcused absences, lack of  preparation, and tardiness. Participation points can be made up. A list of approved make-up activitiescan be found posted in the classroom as well as on the drama class website. Late work: Late work may be submitted until 1 week  before the term ends. Specific dates for thisdeadline will be posted on the class website as well as in class. Late work will be accepted for 50% of thesrcinal value of the assignment. Tests/Quizzes: The majority of tests and quizzes will be performance based. Ms. Jennings will use thefollowing rubric to grade the elements of performance based tests and quizzes:   5 4 3 2 1 work is excellent,enthusiastic effort,srcinal thinking,presented clearlyand convincingly,passionate,aestheticallypleasingwork is good,genuine effort,sound thinking butnot striking, slightlyimprecise orunpolished,work is competentor average,minimum effort,standard thinking,lacks srcinality,invention, andcreativitywork is inadequate,poor effort, weak,careless, reeks ofindifferencework is failed work,no effort, incomplete Students are given a minimum of 1 weeks notice for any test. Pop quizzes may hap pen at randomthroughout the semester. What to do if you are absent/Makeup work/Extra Credit: First and foremost, check the drama classwebsite! Daily lesson plans will be posted there. Please click on the link to find out what you havemissed for your class period. Please check the website before coming to talk to Ms. Jennings. See above  for making up participation points. Makeup work can be submitted for one week after the absence for fullcredit. After that, it may be submitted for 50% of the srcinal value of the assignment.Ms. Jennings will also provide a list of what you may do to receive extra credit. She will post a list on thewebsite as well as in the classroom. All make-up work and extra credit is due one week before the termends . Due dates will be posted on the website and in the classroom. Walkaways: Students will be required to pass all the walkaways to receive their letter grade. If a studentdoes not pass a walkaway they will be given an “I” for “In progress”. They have until the week beforethe term ends to pass the walkway. If a student fails to pass the walkaway before the term ends, the gradewill change to an F. If a student passes all walkaways, the minimum grade they will receive is a C-. Grades: 94-100% A 80-82% B- 67-69% D+90-93% A- 77-79% C+ 63-66% D87-89% B+ 73-76% C 60-62% D-83-86% B 70-72% C- 59 and Below F Class Rules & Discipline: Students are expected to follow all school rules as well as the rules set for theclassroom. These include: 1.The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. 2.The Boy Scout Rule: Be prepared. 3.The Yellowstone Rule: Don’t feel the animals. 4.The Pollyanna Rule: Participate and maintain a positive attitude. 5.The Star Trek Rule: Boldly go where not man has gone before. Be willing to explore and gooutside your comfort zone. Take risks and see what you can discover.Ms. Jennings will adhere to the following steps for discipline problems. Please keep in mind that some or all of the steps may be skipped depending on the severity of the situation. 1st time: Verbal warning 2nd time: Verbal warning and phone call/letter/email home 3rd time: Citizenship grade affected. Conference with parents, student, and Ms. Jennings 4th time: Conference with parent, student, Ms. Jennings, and administrator  5th time: Possible removal from classAttendance Policy/Citizenship: Ms. Jennings will follow the attendance policy as outlined by theschool. However, your attendance in class may also affect your citizenship grade:4 tardies: a phone call home. A conference with me.5 tardies: A phone call home. An “N” in citizenship. Lunch detention6+ tardies: A phone call home. A “U” in citizenship. Conference with theadministration. Lunch detention.Tardies can be made up by coming in to help me for 1/2 hour before or after school.Citizenship will be given as follows:  Outstanding: Goes above and beyond doing what I ask them to do in class. Goes outof their way to treat everyone with respect and is always looking for ways to help. Isnot disruptive.  Satisfactory : Does only what I ask them to do in class. Is respectful, but doesn’t goout of their way to help others feel respected. Is not disruptive.  Needs Improvement: Has a little trouble doing what I ask them to do in class. Isrespectful sometimes, but needs a few reminders. Is sometimes disruptive and off task.  Unsatisfactory: Doesn’t do what I ask them to do in class. Is disrespectful to self and others. Needs constant reminders not to disrupt or to stay on task.  Please print out, sign, and return via email or paper copy to Ms. Jennings nolater than_________________. I/we have read and understand the Beginning Drama disclosure document.Student Name: (print)________________________________________________________ Student Signature: __________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name:______________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature:___________________________________________________ Date:_______________________________ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Parents,I am always looking for extra help with our drama program. If you feel you would like to beinvolved in one of the areas below, please fill this bottom portion out and return it to me.Thanks! ___Props ___Painting ___Providing tools/materials for productions ___Costumes ___Lighting ___Backstage help during performances ___Set Construction ___Sound ___Vocal/Music Direction/Accompaniment ___Photography ___Choreography ___Choreography ___Graphic Design ___Potluck dinners ___Other (please explain below)on opening night ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________ Your name:______________________________________Email:_________________________ Phone:________________________________Best time to contact:_______________________ 
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