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    Noreen Jamil 1023 Seemab Yousaf Butt 1028 Nimra Shafiq 1021 Suman Saleem 1029 Tania Shoukat 1031 Talha Ch 1108 Syed Aqib Ali 1105   Profession, Poverty & Begging Submitted to: Ayesha Aslam  Begging Word meaning: Begging is a word came from the verb "BEG" which means " to ask for something ”  , typically food or money, as charity, the one who begs called beggar.    The synonyms of beg are implore , entreat , appeal to , pray to    The antonym of beg is undesirous   So basically, begging is the practice of imploring others to grant a favor. Beggars may be found in public places such as transport routes, urban parks, and near busy markets. Besides money, they may also ask for food, drink, or other small items. Why People beg? The people which suffer from poverty and have no money to buy some food for their own, no resources to get their lives going satisfactory so they think begging as the simplest way to getting money or food for the survival of their lives and thus they start begging For instance, Ali is an old man, having no job, no strong financial background, no home, he is old enough and can't do labor at his own so probably he would decide to beg first. The main reason of begging is poverty, if there's no poverty then no one would like to spread hands in front of others because of shame and self-respect. Hence if we want to control on begging then we must have a good control on poverty.  Begging in Pakistan: In densely populated country like Pakistan, one can easily observe the presence of street beggars hanging around in pitiable conditions. We see many beggars around our society, near mosques, at traffic signals etc. Although people began begging due to multiple reasons such as poverty, illiteracy and unemployment, yet beggars are a blot on humanity. Begging is as easy as falling of a log; therefore it is a shortcut for earning normal livelihood. This is the reason why most of the physically fit youngsters in Pakistan opt for such pathetic job. Causes of begging:- Famine:  It is a common factor which effects developmental growth of a country or an area, it has a straight effect on the economical state of the people living in a town. If there’s no food for them to eat then they have only choice to beg from other people which are living in other area. It seems very common that when famine occurs in an area the amount of people begging for money and food has been increased due to lack of food and basic necessities. Rural-Urban Migration: It is also a big reason that why people start begging. When some poor people which have low resources start migrating from village to well- developed city, as they haven’t enough resources to maintain their lives according to fast and luxury life of city so they start begging and find their survival of lives in begging. Unemployment and poverty:  People who suffer from unemployment and poverty, no job to earn money, no way of surviving their lives, hence they left only one option to spread their hands in front of other people and start begging. Unemployment is a very common reason of begging in many countries.  Is begging HALAL in Islam? Our religion commands and encourages working and views it as a high virtue; it forbids and disapproves laziness and begging. It is the duty of a Muslim to give food to the poor and to offer the one who asks for something. However, begging, which impairs human honor and virtue, shatters personality and leads to the exploitation of benevolent people’s pure feelings, is regarded as an ugly act . The Prophet, peace and blessings upon him, regarded begging which is taken as an occupation as disgrace and said: “Some among you do not ever abandon begging. Finally, on the Day of Resurrection, that dishonorable person will meet Allah with no flesh left on his face.” (Muslim, Zakat, 103) By Imam Muslim, translation by Abdul Hamid Siddiqui , Volume: The Book of Zakat (Kitab Al-Zakat) Effect of begging in our society: As begging is the poor and easiest way to get money, so people which have no interest in earning money with a job although they have good resources but they feel begging as a simple and easy way to earn money from people. They see beggars in our society and feel the begging is effortless job for earning money so they eventually start begging, not just enough for them they force their family i.e. brother, son, and daughter; to beg and make them used of it and teach them that begging is a way of earning money, stop working or laboring and start begging. This is how begging as curse affecting our society and produces beggars every day. We see small children, old people and even youngsters which are in the disease of curse. We should remove begging from our society and teach our people which are illiterate enough to find begging a curse. This is also a shame for our country that when tourist come to visit Pakistan and they have felt already that this is a beautiful and wonderful country but this all spoils when they are crowded by the beggars on a road signal. Then they feel that they were wrong about the purity of Pakistan just because of some beggars.  Profession Word Meaning: A paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification, is called profession. For example teaching, nursing, employment etc. In simple words we can define profession as a type of job which requires special education, training or skill.    Synonyms are career, occupation, and role    Anonyms are avocation entertainment and unemployment Why people adopt profession? Profession is a respectable way to earn money, a professional skilled person gives his skill, time and efficiency to related job he has applied for. A special knowledge of job, or training is required to get a job as profession. A man with self-respect would rather prefer profession on begging. A man which is suffering from poverty has two options for his survival, If he has some ability or skill he can apply for a  job as a profession and spend his time and skill on his job, on the other hand If he is so lazy to work hard he would probably like to beg in front of other people and will collect money in disrespectable manner In Poverty, you can either decide to earn money (Profession) or collect money (Begging)
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