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  Stephen Scheidell | 75629 | CPO W143Dr. BensonPH! 2 #Word co$nt% 1#34Heide&&er | Bein& 'nd (i)e*(o the thin&s the)sel+es,* -5  so$nds Heide&&er/s )'0i) or ontolo&ic'l or )ore speciic'll pheno)enolo&ic'l rese'rch. He presents ' )ethodolo& to $nderst'nd the orld ro) 'n 'n&le not holl dependent on the tr'nscendent'l e&o re'in& ro) the er)'n de'lis) o prior &ener'tions. * Only as phenomenology is ontology possible * -6#. 8o h't )'es this cl'i) so si&niic'nt :eep in )ind l'st ee/s re'din& in ;ichte. ;or ;ichte o$r $nderst'ndin& o the orld *c')e to $s* 's entirel o$r constr$ction to it o$r needs. Heide&&er re<oins ith his deinition o pheno)enon = the oc$s o his 'n'lsis% *th't hich shos itsel * -51. (he si&niic'nce here lies in th't  pheno)en' irst 'ppe'r in themselves  'p'rt ro) 'n or)'l conceptions ro$&ht $pon the)  the percei+er. n other ords Heide&&er 'sserts 'n e0tern'l orld det'ched ro)the tr'nscendent'l e&o. (his )'ne$+er 'llos hi) to e0')ine the *Bein& o entities* 's so)ethin& other th'n )ere constr$ctions o the percei+in& )ind. >s e sh'll see l'ter hoe+er this h'rdl )e'ns th't pheno)en' 'ppe'r re'd to e $nderstood in their entiret? si)ple perception h'rdl constit$tes $nderst'ndin&. *When e )erel st're 't so)ethin& o$r <$st@h'+in&@it@eore@$s lies eore $s as a failure to understand it any more * -19#. (hereore $nderst'ndin& lies 't th't tension eteen percei+in& pheno)en''s the)sel+es in the)sel+es 'nd o$r interpret'tion thro$&h logos  o these pheno)en'. (o  etter cl'ri Heide&&er/s position e )$st cl'ri h't he s's on pheno)en' logos  'nd interpret'tion.  */  Phenomenon / si&niies that which shows itself in itself   the )'niestA. 8o 'n entit c'n sho itsel ro) itsel in )'n 's* -51. ntities c'n  seem  -'s so)ethin& else appear   -*'nno$ncin&* so)ethin& else or si)pl sho itsel. n this second )'nner o *'ppe'r'nce* is ' pi+ot'l consider'tion on pheno)en'% *Wh't th$s shos itselA is 't the s')e ti)e 'n /'ppe'r'nce/ 's 'n e)'n'tion o so)ethin& hich hides  itsel* -54. ;or e0')ple hen ' dise'se *shos itsel* in s)pto)s e do not see the dise'se 's s$ch  $t e see the s)pto)s. t th$s shos itsel  s)pto)s $t it at the same time  hides *$nderne'th* the s)pto)s. (his re+e'ls or $s 'n e+en $rther i)plic'tion% ' *reerence@rel'tionship* -54 eteen the dise'se 'nd the s)pto)s th't )'e the dise'se )'niest. Heide&&er 'sserts this reerence@rel'tionship in 'n entit th't shos itsel in itsel 's s$ch 'n *'ppe'r'nce.* While pheno)en' sho the)sel+es logos  lets the) e percei+ed.;or Heide&&er logos  est tr'nsl'tes 's *disco$rse*% /to )'e )'niest h't one is t'lin& 'o$t/ or /to let so)ethin& e seen in the str$ct$re o  synthesis'   -55. (his snthesis h'rs 'c to so)ethin& else -57 'nd reers speciic'll to the reerenti'l n't$re o lo&os. >s ' pheno)enon c'n h'+e ' reerence@rel'tionship to so)ethin& logos  'l's reers to so)ethin& else.  Logos  then oth re+e'ls 'nd conce'ls  onl re+e'lin& explicitly  h't reers to so)ethin& else. (hereore it $lills its $nction o lettin& so)ethin& e seen -5 . n the snthesis str$ct$re o logos  'nd the reerence@rel'tionship o pheno)en' e ind one o the pi+ot'l intersections eteen Heide&&er/s pheno)enon'nd logos . Since pheno)en' sho the)sel+es in the)sel+es 'nd the $nction o logos  is to let so)ethin& e seen *pheno)enolo&* or Heide&&er reers to the )ethodolo& o in$ir. (he ne0t step in $nderst'ndin& co)es 's e0plic'tion o the pheno)en' in the her)ene$tic hich c'n reer to% the &ener'l $siness o interpretin& orin& o$t the  conditions o ontolo& or 'n 'n'ltic o the e0istenti'lit o e0istence i.e. the orin& o$t o ontolo& hich is philosophic'll pri)'r -6#.n ¶ 32 Understanding and nterpretation  interpret'tion leshes o$t the rel'tionship eteen pheno)en' 'nd logos . ;or Heide&&er interpret'tion is the orin& o$t o possiilities o oth the pheno)en' 'nd D'sein itsel pro<ected in the $nderst'ndin&* -1 9. When e interpret e *t'e 'p'rt* h't is e0plicitl $nderstood toconcern o$rsel+es ith the 'ssi&n)ent@rel'tions o the pheno)en' 'nd in h't ' thesecontri$te to the possiilities o D'sein hich then &et >rtic$l'ted. (his )e'ns th't $pon perception o or e0')ple ' pen e interpret its 'ssi&n)ent@rel'tions -h't possile *'ssi&n)ents* the pen )i&ht e $sed or to decide th't the pen possil ser+es 's ' tool or ritin& or possil 's ' tool or )$rder. 8o ein& presented to possiilities or the$nderst'ndin& o the pen D'sein no pro<ects its Bein& $pon possiilities -1 . ;or D'sein to pro<ect its Bein& is or D'sein to percei+e the pen 's ' )$rder tool or ' ritin& tool 'nd to *pro<ect* th't  $sin& this tool it c'n eco)e ' )$rderer or ' poet. D'sein hope$ll decides to e ' poet r'ther th'n )$rderer 'nd 'ccordin&l interprets the pen 's ' tool or the s'e o to eco)e ' poet. Heide&&er repl'ces 'ritr'r constr$ction ith improvisation . Here e in'll co)e to the $ll circle interpret'tion o pheno)en'. One )i&ht s$))'rie the st'rt@to@inish process in the olloin& '. 1 (he pheno)en' sho itsel in itsel. 2 We neither percei+e the (hin&@in@itsel nor preconcei+ed or)'l constr$cts $t the pheno)en' 's pheno)en'. 3 (his perception res$lts in '  preliminary  $nderst'ndin& o pheno)en'. 4 We interpret the pheno)en' 'ter orin& o$t its  possile 'ssi&n)ent@rel'tions. 6 D'sein sees its on possiilities li)ited to $t 'lso )'de possile  these 'ssi&n)ent@rel'tions. 7 D'sein chooses ro) its possiilities 'ndinterprets pheno)en' 'ccordin&l  (his interpret'tion res$lts in ' )odiied 'nd reined  $nderst'ndin& 9 hich in t$rn &ets >rtic$l'ted thro$&h the +ehicle o logos  's *disco$rse*. Once the 'ssi&n)ent@rel'tion &ets 'rtic$l'ted +i' disco$rse the '$thentic Bein& o ' &i+en pheno)en' eco)es unhidden . B th$s steerin& eteen one e0tre)e o 'ld cl'i)s o $n)edi'ted noled&e 'nd the other e0tre)e o tot'l s$<ecti+e constr$ction Heide&&er presents )ore o 'n oser+'tion. His 'cco$nt does not propose ' *etter* ' o thinin& 'o$t the orld $t' pr'ctic'l this@is@ho@e@rel'te to the orld. >n o+er@conser+'ti+e Christi'n )i&ht o<ect to the -'pp'rent contin&enc o interpret'tion 'sed o the choosin& o D'sein/s  possiilities $t in doin& so o$ld )iss Heide&&er/s 'r&$)ent. ;or Heide&&er 'tte)pts 't )ore *o<ecti+e* $nderst'ndin& o thin&s res$lted in red$ctionistic st'te)ents o )'teri'l co)position 'nd )ech'nis). He o<ected to this in s'in& th't this 'cco$nt  pro+es l'cin&. n o$r $nderst'ndin& o thin&s there lies ' rel'tedness to the pheno)en' which we supply . Since e n't$r'll rel'te to pheno)en' 'ro$nd $s how  the sel does so c'n onl e s$pplied  the sel.

Kurien Nitin

Jul 23, 2017
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