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Being Apostolic

The Apostolic Society is a religious organization for people who want to live a meaningful life. It is a meeting place where we inspire others and ourselves in finding personal answers to life's challenges. People are all unique.
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  Being Apostolic  The Apostolic Society is a religious organization for people who want to live a meaningful life. It is a meeting place where we inspire others and ourselves in nding personal answers to life’s challenges. People are all unique. e !elieve that we are all connected to each other. e can learn from one another and together nd answers to life’s questions. e meet one another to cele!rate unity" form communities and o#er support in all stages of life"  $oyful or sad. e life in the present" without strict moral rules or dogma’s. And though we have our own opinions and culture" we respect other points of view and welcome every fair dialogue.%ost communities of the Apostolic Society are in &olland" where the society has its srcin. There are also communities elsewhere" with local 'air and 'avour( )nglish spea*ing communities in Perth +Australia," San -rancisco +SA, and Powell /iver +0anada, and a mostly 1erman spea*ing community in 2uerich +Switzerland,. In addition" there is an +online, community The orld" for everyone without a community near!y. Why do people choose to be apostolic? People sometimes re'ect on questions that go !eyond the day to day living( 3what’s life’s meaning4’" 3what is happiness4’ or 3am I truly relia!le4’ These and other thoughtful questions inspire our mem!ers. In our view the art of living e5ists in dialogue and meeting other people. These develop our thin*ing and help us in matters of wisdom and happiness. ee*ly meetings on Sunday mornings +services, or other moments +thematic meetings or lectures, support this. e !elieve that people can truly mean something for each other.e aim to give meaning to our life and re'ect on what ma*es us happy. e see that as a human goal" shaping our life and giving itcontent. e try to achieve this through universal values( love" compassion" equality and forgiveness. -or us" these are vital values in our personal development and sense of happiness.  6ur meetings are in7depth discussions. e want to inspire each other in !eing a loving human !eing. 6ur drive to !uild a humane world is a shared e#ort.)very human !eing ever has questions he cannot $ust answer. -or e5ample" a!out who you are or want to !e" how you can strengthen your relationship" how you deal with loss or whatever you want to give your children. The Apostolic Society organizes themed meetings for people who want to give their life more meaning and content. ith varied e5ercises and conversations can inspire each other to nd their own answers to life. 8ecause what your question is" you often ndthe answer yourself. There are meetings around four themes( • valua!le parenting • Self7awareness • Invest in your relationship • 9iving with 9oss The meetings are !ased on religious and humanist vision of the society. The religious is the !elief that all life comes from the same srcin. Thus" you as a human !eing connected to others. The humanist is in the realization that the man has a responsi!ility. And that every person has potential to develop. Liturgy   An important activity within the Apostolic Society:s meeting on Sunday morning worship. The wee*ly rhythm" the rela5ed atmosphere" the su!stantial depth" encountering each other and ma*e the rituals of worship insepara!le for many Apostolic their apostolic7!eing. The service is led !y one of the chaplains. They ma*e their preparation using the ee*ly 9etter" a topical sermon written !y the apostle. The worship pastor spea*s from personal life e5perience and insights. &e ; she tries to connect to what is happening in the community and in society. <espite the solid formthere is much room for improvisation and variation !etween spo*en word" meditation" song and music. The service can appealto a religious sentiment" helping to process emotions and inspire people to new insights and intentions. This creates a safe place where everyone can feel at home. )veryone is welcome at these meetings. See a list of all the locations . <uring each worship  service" there are two moments +the circumam!ulation and prayer, where we connect religious feeling with our humanist vision. These rituals help to many attendees at the inspiration to wor* with a loving attitude. /egular 3*indererediensten’ tal*s are organized for the children. Walkabout 8y the end of the service" after a common prayer" the pastor invited the attendees for the =tour.= The tour is open to anyone who feels connected at that time with the community and require a personal decision from love. )ach participant will receive a put on the !ac* of the hand dipped in wine communion. hile the spiritual counsellor spea*s the te5t( =>our soul o#er has !een accepted and is thus conrmed"= and the receiver responds with traditional( =Amen.= <uring the tour is usually sung or listened to music. Prayer )ach service is twice a prayer( for the tour and at the end of worship. The pastor e5presses his or her feelings in prayer. There are no prescri!ed sentences so every pastor puts prayer in their own way. ith the prayer for the tour tries predecessor to connectus with the source of !eing and the wonder of creation in which we are part of. Prayer tal*s a!out feelings of reconciliation" wonder" courage and condence. This allows us to accept ourselves as we are and give space to new plans. The concluding prayer is an e5pression of gratitude for the meeting. It calls to enter everyday life with powerful intentions and a loving attitude.  Children's Worship /egular worship services do not always equally well to the world of children. /egularly therefore held *indererediensten in our communities" for young people !etween ? and @ years. <uring the children:s worship is the tal* focused on understanding and discuss the theme of that wee*. This *indererediensten usually ta*e place on the third Sunday of the month and are held in parallel with the =normal= worship. Rituals /ituals play an important role in everyone:s life. In addition to the wee*ly rituals in worship there are also rituals to mar* the life7changing moments. A !irth" a life choice" a relationship cele!ration or loss of a loved one. %oments to ponder" alone or with others. A sym!olic act can help. ithin the Apostolic Society called salvation acts these rituals derived :healing: of the ver! +quite ma*e,. The time" the ritual itself" the attention in the community and the intentions with which it is e5ecuted" can generate a special feeling. Therefore" the act of salvation is also astarting point with new resolutions and promises. e have four good actions that are lin*ed to the most important passages of life( • 8aptism • conrmation • wedding 0onrmation • 0losing the !oo* of life  Closing the book of life A death is a profound e5perience. >ou encounter the mystery of life. >ou can hardly comprehend it that someone suddenly gone. e !elieve that every human !eing has wor*ed to power in love and that we have held for that reason of the deceased" as he or she had. That ts with great gratitude for what someone has done in love" remains signicant" even if the person is deceased.  ltimately" we have to say good!ye to a loved one" primarily during the cremation or !urial. Then there is also a farewell in the community. <uring a worship service 7 usually the Sunday after the funeral 7 the pastor spea*s a re'ection on the deceased and also e5presses the feelings of the community( what we thin* whenwe get the deceased to mind4 &ow do we place our own grief4 8y naming it" is given space for reconciliation and peace. Particularly in an intense situation li*e death" a redemptive act may indeed give wholeness.e call this ritual with =closing the !oo* of life.= The life of the deceased is compared with a !oo*" a page to which each day wasadded. This !oo* is closed" no more pages can !e added. e can *eep it in leaves. After pronouncing !irth and death data follows amoment of silence in which every man for himself can say good!ye to the deceased. Holidays e cele!rate include )aster " Pentecost and 0hristmas . e feel therefore interconnected and with a large" age7old story. They are eminently cele!rations to get away from the hectic B7hour rhythm. It gives peace and quiet to re'ect us again of who we want to !e as human !eings. The 1ree* philosopher <emocritus once said the following( =A life without cele!ration is li*e a long road with no inn.ould you li*e to visit one of the cele!rations4 >ou:re welcome. -ind a meeting in your area and chec* show times. Thismay vary !y community. Easter )aster is for many people synonymous with spring. The innovation that we see in nature" we can also detect in ourselves. ithin the Apostolic Society )aster is releasing a feast
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