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Being Born in a Chinese Family

Zaoshang hao! Well, it means Good morning in English. Being born in a Chinese family was never easy. There are a lot of customs, and traditions that I need to obey without complaint. My parents are both Chinese. My father, who is a Half-Chinese, is
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   Being Born in a Chinese Family  Mary Ann Co Tan Zaoshang hao! Well, it means Good morning in English. Being born in a Chinese familywas never easy. There are a lot of customs, and traditions that  need to obey without comlaint."y arents are both Chinese. "y father, who is a #alf$Chinese, is very strict and veryhardwor%ing. #e wanted a son, but got us instead. t&s o%ay for him, though sometimes he stillwished for one. #e loved us still and rovided us everything more than we deserve. But, thereare a lot of things that we cannot do because we are female. "y arents forbid us to go outsidewithout them. We are not allowed to lay with other %ids for they are afraid that we will ic% badhabits from them. That&s why the only laymates  had bac% then were my sisters. 'nli%e other children,  only e(erienced laying ‘Langit lupa’   and ‘Mata-mataya’   when  was in Grade ).*side from reading, and writing, my "om taught me how to act li%e a lady because she believed that women should be rim and roer. +he also taught me "andarin and #o%ian (pronounced as Fukien) during snac% time since she&s the ure Chinese in the family. or us, rocrastination is intolerable because it will attract bad luc%.-ur house is made based from the advice of a eng +hui E(ert. The underground servesus the sanctuary of our Chinese Guardian ions *./.*. oo 0ogs. These dogs rotect our houseagainst evil sirits li%e what the  Bagua  do. Calligrahies, and some ortraits of nature, and of our ancestors are also there. Whenever there is a celebration, we lit hyums or Chinese incense for our ancestors, and oo 0ogs. This serves as a mode of communication between us. We also burnsome %im, the money used by the souls in the afterlife.The Chinese 1ew 2ear or the +ring estival is the most imortant holiday in our family.Every year, our house is filled with different decorations li%e the u Characters that symboli3esfortune, and colors red for hainess, and rotection against the beast called 41i5n6 that devourssouls, and yellow for intelligence, and ower. "y arents also give *ng 7ao and reare foodsli%e dim sum dishes, sweet and sicy foods, fruits, and ti%oy in different flavors.We also believe in recognition. or iliinos, they visit the fortune tellers to redict their future, we, on the other hand, have eng +hui E(ert that uses numerology, the oldest way of  redicting one&s future through the use of numbers and stars. When  was a %id, my arents brought me to an e(ert to %now my future and birth card. *nd guess what8  have the card of 0eath.  %now that 40eath6 has a negative connotation to eole, but death also symboli3es new beginning. *side from the fact that my name was derived from "ama "ary, it also meansrebellion, sea of bitterness, and hysic ower. Thus,  was named "ary *nn. &m also inclined innature that&s why my arents do not anic when  get along with animals as well as our e(otic ets before, the iguana, sna%e, and crocodile.7eole see me as a erfectionist and too serious as  grow u.  don&t mind because &malready used to it.  %now that some eole, are annoyed about it, but  have my reason. 7eoleare aware of Chinese being involved in arrange marriage right8 Well,  need meet my arents&e(ectations so that, they won&t consider arranging me to someone  don&t %now and  don&t love.But if there comes a time that they&ll arrange me to someone for the sa%e of everyone, then would accet it wholeheartedly because it is one of my duties.  Being born in a Chinese family is a blessing and a curse at the same time. t is a blessing because our culture is rich in customs, traditions and beliefs li%e iliino culture. t is also acurse because there are things that  cannot do even if  want to.  need to e(cel in everything because failure is never an otion. There are also times that  feel lonely because my arents donot understand my side so do the other eole around me.  also want to e(erience the normalthings my classmates do. To e(lore and learn from reality not 9ust on boo%s that  read and willread in the future. Well, that&s how my life goes. :ie (ie. #ave a nice day!
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