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Bellevue Police Department Case No. 13-54055

Nov. 5, 2013 hash oil lab explosion at Hampton Green Apartments
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  Bellevue Police Department 450110th  ve NE   P.O. Box 90012   Bellevue, W 98009   425 452.6917   fax  425 452.6110 September 4 2014 Seattle PI Attn:Lynsi Burton  E-Mail Request Re: Public Records Request 13-54055 Attachedisinformation responsive tothepublicrecordyou requested.Pursuant tothePublicRecords Act it mayberedactedorexemptaccordingtothefollowing: RCW 42 56 050 Invasion of privacy when. RCW 42.56.240 2) Investigative, law enforcement, andcrime victims. RCW 70.02.005 4)Medical records. RCW 46.20.118 DOL Negative File RCW 68.50.105 Autopsies, postmortems.RCW 42.56.230 5) PersonalInformation. 18 USCCh.123 § 2721,2725Prohibition onreleaseand use of certain personal inform tion from st temotor vehiclerecords Five hundred eighty seven pages released by T205 on 09/04/14 via six separate e-mail attachments. If you require this record on paper, the fee is  88.05. If youwould like this record on aCD the feeis  5. The explanation for all noted redactionsor exemptions applied tothis record is included ontheexemption log  next page). Ifyoubelieve the informationfurnished has been incorrectly redacted orisincomplete you may filea written appeal. Theappealmust includeyour name and address a copy of theredacteddocument and acopyofthisletter together withabrief statement identifying thebasis oftheappeal. Please mail your appeal to: BellevuePolice Department Attn: Records Supervisor P.O.Box 9 2 Bellevue WA 98009-9012 Sincerely ã Kf i\ vsm_ Melissa Johnson / T2 5 BellevuePolice Department RecordsSection RESPECT   INTEGRITY   ACCOUNTABILITY   SERVICE  RCP InadvertentDisclosure Notification: CR 26 b 6 Claw Back Provision   le sere dthisnoticec refully   Dear legal practitioner: Pleasetake notice thatwetakereasonableprecautionsto prevent thedisclosureof privileged or confidential materials including those protected bythe attorney-client privilege and/or work product doctrine when responding torequestforrecords.Theseprecautions include butarenot limited to, carefullylocating andassemblingresponsiverecords, performing an intra-departmental review ofthe records for purposes of determining whether they contain any privileged or confi dentialmaterials forwarding therecordstothe County Prosecuting Attorney s Office forindependent legalreview meeting and conferring with theProsecuting Attorney s Office tocompareand reconcile any conflicting resultsofourseparateindependent reviews and,ifnecessary,creatinga withholding log.Despiteour having takentheseprecautions,occasionallyamistakeismadeand privileged orconfidentialdocumentsareinadvertentlyproduced.Tothatend,wewantedto notify youthatthereisapossibi lity thattherecordsbeingproducedmaycontainprivilegedorconfidentialmaterials.Theinadvertentorunintentionalproductionofprivilegedorconfidentialdocuments,withoutaprivilegedorconfidentialitydesignationshouldnotbeconsideredawaiverinwholeorinpartofanyclaimofprivilegedorconfidentialtreatment,andanydocumentthat initially isproducedwithoutbearinga privilegedorconfidentialitydesignationmaylaterbesodesignated.Intheeventthatyoubelieveyouhavereceivedprivilegedorconfidentialmaterials,wewouldaskthatyoupromptly notify usofthisfactandtakeaction  s necessarytocomplywiththeobliga tions s t forthinRuleofProfessionalConduct4.4and/or Civil Rule26 b 6 .  City of Bellevue Police Department P.O. Box 90012 Bellevue,WA 98009-9012   ã i: i= »li]=kfrffl Exemption / Redaction Log Date Printed: M flty t0l^ Case Number: 13-54055 Prepared By:T205  ocument Type  ated  uthor  xemption  xplanation Number of Pages   State Dept of Licensing Operator LicensePhotos 11/19/2013 W State Dept of Licensing R W 46.20.118Negative File   pictures taken by the department of licensing as authorized by this chapter shall not be availablefor publicinspection and copying under chapter 42.56 RCW OL Photos ofthree named suspectsrequested to aid investigation  r not available for public inspection or copying. 3 pages withheld King County Medical Examiner Autopsy Report 01/08/2014 KCME Yarid RCW 68.50.105 Autopsies, postmortems   Reports and records confidential   Exceptions. Reports and records of autopsiesor postmortems shall be confidential. Autopsy reportsare confidential and exempt from disclosure. 6 pages withheld HarborviewMedical Center Printed 02/04/14 Huynh Minn RCW 70.02.005 4 Persons other than healthcareproviders obtain, use, and disclosehealth record information in many different contexts and for many different purposes. Itis the publicpolicy of this statethat a patient s interest inthe proper use and disclosure of the patient s health careinformation survives even when the information is held by persons other than health care providers. Medical records are confidential and private. One hundred fifty pages withheld. Various case documents VariousVarious RCW 42.56.240 2) Investigative, law enforcement, and crime victims. If at the time a complaint is filed the complainant. victim,orwitness indicates a desire for disclosureor nondisclosure, such desireshall govern. Identifying information for 5 named victims and witnesses has been redacted from this case copy astheyrequested non disclosure at the time of report: this desire is upheld. No whole pages, redactionsare noted on the following pages:1 3.4. 13. 77. 81. 86. 92. 118-  Bellevueand Kirkland Fire Department Medic Incident Reports Riverstone Residential Lease Agreement. ADR Vehicledocuments receivedfromthe WA State Dept. of Licensing Riverstone Residential Lease AgreementCheckCopy 11/05/2013 03/09/2013 Received 12/19/2013 Dated 09/03/2013 Various Riverstone LeasingAgent WA State Dept. of Licensing Chase Bank for KAPLAN RCW70.02.005(4)Personsotherthan health careproviders obtain use. and disclosehealthrecord information in many different contextsand for manydifferent purposes. It is the publicpolicy of this state that a patient s interest in theproper useanddisclosure of thepatient shealth careinformation survivesevenwhen the information is held by persons otherthan health care providers. RCW 42 56 5 Invasion of privacy when. 18 USC Ch. 123 § 2721. 2725Prohibitiononreleaseanduseof certain personal informationfromstate motorvehicle records. RCW42.56.230(5) Personal Information. Creditcard numbers. debitcard numbers. electronic check numbers card expiration dates or bankorother financialaccount numbers exceptwhen disclosureis expressly requiredby orgovernedby other law are exemptfrom public inspectionand copying. Medical recordsand healthinformation is private and confidential. Soda security number redactedon noted pages as the information is not of legitimate concernto the  ub c and would be ighlyoffensive to   reasonableperson   rele sed Privateand personal informationfrom bankingcheckhas beenredacted. 119. 120- 124.134-135.144. 230-231. 255. 286- 291.324- 328. 332- 339. 344.346. 423- 430. 433. 438. 446.455.456. 458.583 No whole pages. redactions occur on the following pages: 45- 46.105-106. 108- 109. 111. 118-119. 123. 125 No whole pages.redactions occuron the following pages: 10 11.493 501 No whole pages. redactions occur   the following pages: 507. 509- 510 No whole pages. redactions occur   the following pages: 503


Jul 25, 2017
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