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  Benchmarking PerspectvePerformance Market Analysis 43.33%Risk Profle53.33%Project Cost52.92%n!estment5 . %Per#ormance44.44% Total Performance49.12%Scorecard includes 5 categories, 14 indicators Help $o& can change the !al&es in '(eight' col&mn) the !al&e m&st *e *et(een + an, + -'+ ' !al&e means that the ersec/!e or goal is the most !al&a*le$o& can change the !al&es in '0al&e' col&mn- Sraegy ree and scorecard deails : PerspectveIndicaorDescriptonValue Market Analysis 343.33%Market share1Market share es/mate+.2 %3Market ,eman, gro(th #orecast++ . %otal Per#ormance in gro& Marke Analysis 4! isk Pro!le 353.33%0al&e$at$Riskhe maim&m loss o!er a month horion3 +6 7neecte, loss2 Metric is not a aila#le in trial ersion 1otal Per#ormance in gro& #isk Pro$le%! Pro$ect ost  252.92%22 8o(n/me cost+Cost o# + ho&rs ,o(n/me o# e:&iment+.5Cost o# ,e#ect Metric is not a aila#le in trial ersion 6otal Per#ormance in gro& Pro&ec 'os%(!)( &n estment  25 . %2++ . % . 5+ Metric is not a aila#le in trial ersion + 5. %otal Per#ormance in gro& Invesmen%*!**  the  +eig,-. of /*0 Market ,eman, gro(th=ecte, =os&rehe eecte, mean !al&e o# the ro*a*ility ,istri*&/on #or relacement cost at a secife, oint in the #&t&re. A!g. Monthly >a*or Costotal la*or cost er month ,i!i,e, *y the n&m*er o# sta< Ret&rn on in!estmentRet&rn ?n n!estment ,i!i,e, *y the cost o# the in!estment) m&l/lie, *y + n!estment e@ciencyotal n&m*er o# &nits ,i!i,e, *y in!estment amo&ntn!estment gro(th  Performance +44.44%Pro,&c/!ity+otal n&m*er o# &nits ro,&ce, ,aily9 ime to market+A!erage /me to reach the market+68e#ect ,etec/on+ Metric is not a aila#le in trial ersion 65. %otal Per#ormance in gro& Performance44!44 otal Per#ormance in 1enc,marking 49.+2%Po(ere, *y BC 8esigner PR?  =0A>7A? 0=R? and 2eig, values 2ill no a3ec any c,anges of perspectveperformance-progress0 and oal performance-progress0 valueso purc,ase a full version5 please visi h;DD(((.strategy2act.comDor,eringEmetrics.htm %+.5 %+. %%++5. %+ 5. %78F+ 253578F+ 1 + 78F+ 4+ 78F+ +6.5+ 78F+ +.++ core593%+3 . %9 . %78 .  . 3%++ . %+ . % MeasureuniargeValue  core92 66 8ays+12 %95. %6 . %


Dec 15, 2018


Dec 15, 2018
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